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An example of this is a question that was brought up regarding an individual who cut themselves. Everyone here was very receptive, kind, and helpful. Furthermore it is my assumption that most of the practitioners here do not harm others, at least without a good justification for doing so.

So my question is this: "What about your opposites?" Do you believe there is a bad equivalent of "you"? "You" being a phrase to describe everyone reading this other than myself. If so, have you ever encountered one either physically / spiritually? Did you "win"?

I suppose the question could be asked in a much simpler way: Some believe there is a war going on right now. Not a war between countries or against 'terrorists', or any political agendas of that nature, but a war between "Good" and "Evil". Taking place both here in the physical world and in the spiritual world. Do you believe this is true?

Edit: To clarify a point: When I say "opposites" of you I mean an association of "bad" people, who abuse the LOA for selfish gain or to attack others, not necessarily a twin or clone of you, or even someone who is in any way 'similar' to you, in fact they could be completely different in every possible way. A common ability that 'good' people have is the ability to heal. (Only the most adamant of non-believers try to deny that healing can be aided with positivity.) And so, would 'evil' have the ability to 'harm' directly?

For a comical simile simply for purpose of relatability, in "Star Wars" the Jedi cannot use the Force to create "Lightning", because its only purpose is to harm and that is not the way of the Jedi. Instead they choose to either reject this negative power or redirect it, but never use it themselves.

In this case of course using the LOA for positivity representing Jedi and negativity representing Sith, or "Good" and "Evil", or "God" and "Satan", or whatever comparisons you feel appropriate.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

black dragon, the opposite is also yourself. the one learned to be kept in check when one is considered acceptable; otherwise seen as an outlaw

(22 Dec '11, 00:18) fred

An interesting perception, but I can assure you that I have not personally ever participated in a 'profane ritual' with the intention of 'cursing' anyone. I have, in simple words, wished ill of others, and at times (much to my surprise and more importantly my dismay) my wishes came true. I do believe this accidental events (which I have always worked to correct) are similar in nature to actually committing "evil", however lesser in "degree" or "magnitude". It is my position that the people here represent a very 'strong' positive energy, and so I believe that their 'opposing force' [...

(22 Dec '11, 00:31) Snow

...] must be equally powerful, otherwise they would not be balanced. If people here use positive rituals and actions to reinforce their intentions, then logic would dictate that the "others" would use negative rituals and actions to reinforce their intentions. Do you understand why I distinguish separate people between "here" and "there"? I do not believe the individuals here would be capable of the degree of negativity necessary to qualify as "being their own opposite".

(22 Dec '11, 00:32) Snow
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My answer is going to revolve around a brilliant observation that Snow made in the comments section, and in a way it also partially deals with the question itself.

Snow made the following comment (this is a portion of it) "It is my position that the people here represent a very 'strong' positive energy, and so I believe that their 'opposing force' must be equally powerful, otherwise they would not be balanced."

This is a brilliant statement as well as a powerful secret for those who seek power. But this knowledge is a Pandora’s Box of power.

So parts of this answer are only hints towards what must be kept a secret.

The entire secret to power lies in understanding the balance of power.

To be powerful, or to be powerfully good/evil one must master the technique of being completely calm within in any situation.

Our inner center is constantly shifted by external energy, and in trying to recover our balance, we react, often with predictable habitual rituals.

All our emotions are an expression of such habitual rituals.

Every display of emotion, releases the shift until an inner balance is re-gained.

But what if you don't react with an outburst of emotion?

Where does that energy go?

If your mind is in the matrix the energy is harvested from you without you knowing about it.

However, if you are free from the matrix (of consciousness) and you are able to contain the energy from a shift that has been imposed upon you by staying completely still and calm, you become something that is either charismatic and powerful or extremely dangerous (to yourself and others).

Many a leader has emerged within humanity to reach great heights of leadership and power, only to fall due to the intoxication of the availability of power.

It's often not their fault.

There are many things beyond the veil that are waiting for a suitable host.

Once power is understood it is very very easy to abuse it.

Everyone here possesses far more power than they are consciously aware of. And the fact that they are not consciously aware of it keeps them safe.

There are many things on the "other side" that are interested in awakening the power that we possess within us, because we are not aware of what we have, and we don't know what to do with it once we have it.

Conscious attention is extremely powerful. More powerful than you may realize. Fortunately much of the control mechanisms keep us from completely abusing this power.

Thought is one such control mechanism. Emotion is another.

These two alone is more than enough to contain someone from going dangerously crazy with un-directed power.

Imagine giving a child a loaded automatic machine gun?

Well that's what we would do if "thinking" and "feeling" were not in place to contain us.

You can do evil things just as easily as you can do good things.

There is a reason that the church doesn't teach you that.

It's the same power.

But the consequences are also the same. You reap what you sow.

For some that warning is not enough incentive to keep them in place.

That's why we need "Thinking" and "Feeling" to keep them in place.


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The Traveller

I really like what you had to say here, especially the sentence "To be powerful, or to be powerfully good/evil one must master the technique of being completely calm within in any situation."

My first exposure to what I cumulatively describe as the LoA was from someone with a lot of Buddhist influence. They taught me that to be able to manifest anything I have to be completely [and truly] willing to accept any outcome of a situation, and THEN to exert my energy towards the option I prefer. [...

(04 Feb '12, 14:10) Snow

A Bible quote that this person often quoted, "He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.""

I was taught that the amount of energy necessary to accomplish [well, anything] advanced tasks is very small once one is able to remove the restrictions we are putting on ourselves. Though this lesson also often branched-

(04 Feb '12, 14:13) Snow

...branched into: 'Yes, you could move the mountain, but once you have the faith to do it you will also be wise enough to realize that it was you who put the mountain there in the first place.'

But there are a huge amount of contradicting points of view on the LOA that date back thousands of years. It's very hard to say if one should just focus only on positivity, or perhaps learn to control our emotions and mind and accept potentially negative outcomes, or otherwise. Tiz why I'm still learning

(04 Feb '12, 14:15) Snow

Brilliant observation and analysis. Your comment "It's very hard to say if one should just focus only on positivity" is a great clue. In analyzing that, you have to endlessly discuss positivity and negativity. Your Buddhist friends already let you in on the secret. You have to study the power center, not the analysis of the analysis. Positivity is an analysis of power (negativity is the opposite of it). The power center is focus. Study focus.

(04 Feb '12, 15:49) The Traveller
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This is a very interesting question to ponder. Do we have opposite counterparts? I have studied about Twin Souls each soul splits into two parts as it comes to earth male and female but your question seems to be going into the doppelganger zone here.

I remember a movie where there was a person that had a doppelganger it was her exact opposite if she was a type of person that saved lives this being took lives. Then we think of the Christ and how Holy and mighty he is but the Bible speaks of also a coming Anti-Christ so it would seem this being opposite of Christ in every way so even Christ it talks about having an opposite so it stands to reason maybe we all do.

I remember reading the Magic Story that story was about that doppelganger but in a way that we can be taken over by it but we can get ourselves back if we want. So there are as well people that can seem to carry these bad opposite parts with them without knowing it.


answered 20 Dec '11, 16:41

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Wade Casaldi

I don't mean dopplegangers specifically, nor that your opposites would actually physically resemble you in any way shape or form. The question is more-so that do you believe there are "bad" people who use negativity when they practice the LOA, and use the LOA to attract negativity to their enemies (or even their 'friends')? For example, if YOU are capable of healing someone with intention, do you believe there is an OTHER out there who is capable of harming someone with intention, and do you believe they 'practice', or 'train' new recruits, as you do?

(21 Dec '11, 16:32) Snow

Yes I see what you mean now. Yes there are those that knowingly or unknowingly practice the "Black Magick." People that intentionally or even not purposely intending but through jealousy or envy do intend harm of others. I know a book that teaches a "zap" technique that is extremely powerful. A women was being treated very lousy from her boss that strongly believed in the inferiority of women. until one day she "Zaped" him. He nearly had an accident that cost him his life, when he saw her next time he said he was treating her lousy and gave her a raise including retribution for past skips.

(23 Dec '11, 13:04) Wade Casaldi

The thing is as Jesus said "As we sow so shall we reap." So that "zap" she did on him comes back on her or her loved ones three fold. It would be better to do good and be rewarded three fold than to do harm and be rewarded three fold.The good returns three fold or the bad returns three fold.

(23 Dec '11, 13:08) Wade Casaldi
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I appreciate what you are trying to get at with your question. However, if you do understand the Law of Attraction, then you should know that everything that happens to you is your own creation, whether "good" or "evil".

So, from that point of view, nobody can be "evil" to you or "good" to you unless you have allowed this to happen yourself.

It is never about others, but always about ourself.


answered 23 Dec '11, 12:35

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Pink Diamond

I do understand the "Law of Attraction", but I don't believe in any "Laws". If the "Law of Gravity" isn't even a true "law", because it is relative, then how could anything (even the LOA) be an "absolute" law?

So in response to your statement regarding my understanding (or what it sounds more like, which is a less than subtle implication of a lack of understanding): That is not what I believe to be true, because my experiences in life have lead me to believe that it is not. I don't believe in any absolutes until someone proves that there is NO scenario wherein it can be any other way.

(23 Dec '11, 12:41) Snow

And as for your last statement, the one I dislike the most: "It is never about others, but always about ourself." I live my life serving others, because that is what makes me happy. I clean up trash on the side of the road simply because I can, I protect those in harms way even if it means harm may come to myself. And so, that statement to me is the greatest affront to everything that I stand for and everything that I believe in. You may live your life focusing on yourself, but that is NOT how I will live mine.

(23 Dec '11, 12:44) Snow

Generally I apply moral logic from Jesus's teachings to everything, including the LOA. Biblical versus such as "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." or "Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind." And so my focus is more on the "brotherly love" and the "interests of others" first.

(23 Dec '11, 12:51) Snow

Also, that quote is a direct contradiction to many of the teachers here. TReb for example always explains that when one exists in a higher dimension they do not have any interest in abusing the LOA for themselves, and so they do not.

(23 Dec '11, 13:01) Snow
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Both "good" and "bad" aspects of ourselves are necessary ... this creates an inner tension that enables change ... the list of tarot cards in this "game" ;

are very useful for this ... the preferred card corresponds to "good" and the card most disliked corresponds to "bad" ... it's based on feelings ... how about the card 12-hanged man

happy hunting


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blubird two

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Well that's a very, very interesting website and thought process. What if I like them all and dislike them all for their own reasons? Perhaps that'd make me a fool.. lol. =)

(20 Dec '11, 12:51) Snow

Ok, serious question... I keep reading over all of these options and thinking about the benefits and costs of each one.. and I genuinely cannot pick one that I like the most. Can I be a greedy bastard and pick them all? Or does that leave me as the fool again.. =P

(20 Dec '11, 12:54) Snow

I have very severe "feeling" issues. It is very hard to turn off my 'thinking' side, and often when I do bad things happen.

(20 Dec '11, 20:39) Snow

Hmm. An interesting thought. I suppose my inability to decide would hold some valid representation in the idea of a man whose mind was "hung" on a decision. What I intend to do is later tonight when I begin meditating I am going to take a list of the cards you listed with me and I will see if anything comes to mind. My plan is to not "focus" on trying to figure one out, just keeping the options in my mind and seeing if anything "jumps out at me". ^_^ I will let you know how it turns out if there is anything worth reporting. =)

(21 Dec '11, 04:48) Snow
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well you see their his a duality in nature and both part are needed. the problem is that people get caught in duality. so they try to be very good or very bad. they go in extremes and extremes never solve annything. people should try to find the right balence the harmony and the truth that is the war that is going on. experience and enjoy.


answered 21 Dec '11, 02:41

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white tiger

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