I have come across the above quote from the teachings of Abraham (channelled by Esther Hicks).

It does seem to me that if we give words of advice to others or give them a book to follow principles from, usually from a place of having more general life experience than them, they tend not to follow those words of advice or the principles in the book.

But then, when an event happens in their life that has a big enough impact on them, they change all their ways and might even start to follow the advice you once gave them.

This has led me to the conclusion that we cannot really teach others anything as they will never really listen and the only way we all learn is through our own life experiences.

What are your thoughts?

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Pink Diamond

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Your conclusion is faulty.

If your premise is that people don't follow [what you consider to be good] advice unless a life experience compels them to, all that means is they don't think they need to learn from that advice [today]. It doesn't mean they're not teachable in other areas, or that they can't learn from a book.


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As the saying goes " when the student is ready the teacher will appear " or the words can be " the finger pointing at the moon". In other words we can use the words as pointers. Or one of my favourite quotes by Euripides " The wisest follow their own direction". The areas that I need to learn and grow may not be the areas that you need to learn and grow so we each have to determine what works for us and our life experience constantly offers us those areas for growth. Some teachers and words may resonate with where I am right Now but they may not necessarily resonate with you at the moment because you're at a different point on your journey to me. Doesn't mean I am right and you are wrong, we're just at different pit stops on our journey. The life experience might just steer us to the words we need to hear right Now.


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Well many of us think that we are responsible FOR other people. We are responsible FOR their safety, FOR their upbringing, FOR Tthe choices they do in life. Depending on the role we give ourselves (teacher, parent, spouse) we feel the pressure to sacrifice OUR life goes to benefit other people and make them happy.

Well the truth is you are responsible TO other people not FOR them. YOU are responsible only for your OWN actions, not others. What it means is that you can't make anyone change, no one EVER changes because you want them to. It's THEIR choice, like it's your choice to be sometimes responsible FOR them not TO them.

So what should you do? Your ONLY responsobility in life is to BE the best possible versoin of yourself you can. That is your ONLY resposobility, no matter what anybnody else says. I know their might be a lot of controversy on this "So I'm not responsible for my chilldren?" No, you are not. You are responsible TO them to give them the best possible view of the world you can. It means that MAKING them to do anything that they don't want to, even if for YOU it seems like the best way. What works for you might not necessary work for anyone else. We are unique beings and that's why we can choose our experience in any way we want.

The problem is for thousands of years we have been thaught what to believe. If you for example you didn't quite agree we the church doctrines it didn't make a diffrence. You were forced to attend mass and go their either by your family, who said that you have to believe in something, or maybe something entirely diffrent. It doesn;t matter. Any part of your life in which you feel constricted you may say that you are not who you truly are. Deep inside, in our core, we are ALL immortal beings, made of light and our birth right is to live our life to the fullest of our capacities. For centuries this light was dimmed more and more until it almost dissapeared.

But fortuantly we are starting to awaken to uor true nature, our true purpose. It IS to live our highest joy and highest excitement. Is to explode with joy, with creativity.

All he things that were helding you back, like fear and insecurity are illusions. They are the product of your mind and society, people who want to control our race. But more and more people aren't buying what they are selling and they are spreading the word around. This forum, as many athers, is a perfect example for this.

So what cab YOU do, what can I do? We can speak our truths that are deep inside OUR heasrts with impecability and without expectations. If it feels right you should ACT as the person you are or won;t to become. You may feel that other people think your crazy, but it doesn;t matter. If you follow the song of your heart that;s enough. I give answers to those questions posted here because that's the thing that EXCITES me the most. I wuld do it even if nobody was listening. I have no agenda, no goal to fullfill. And when you go in with that mindset to ANY situation, the doors start to open. Poeple start seeing something doffrent about you, the calm or harmony light shining from you. And sooner or later someone might come to you and say. "I saw you doing this and this and this. Could you tell me how you do it?" And then you can say "Well.."


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You should consider running your post through a spell checker.

(08 Nov '09, 21:41) Vesuvius

Knowledge can be taught and learned but Wisdom can not be taught but only learned. Knowledge is from outside of you for example you can be told as a baby don't play with fire hot it burns, that may be good enough and you don't play with fire because you were told it is hot. You may however think what is hot? Why not play with fire? and you touch a candle flame and cry out and then you realize I better not play with that it hurts! Now instead of that being knowledge it is wisdom you know this from personal experience not to play with fire! Wisdom comes from inside of you it is learned through experience and observation, some times wisdom comes from a deeper spiritual connection that you have no idea where that answer came from but it is what was needed and it is what worked at the time.

Avatar EPC calls this world lessons and word lessons, in other words word lessons are all indoctrinated, maybe taught by school, your parents, your friends, your television. your newspaper, your books you read etc. but world lessons are learned through observations and self conclusions, the problem comes when the self conclusions are based in the word lessons, as is often the case.

We need to get to that empty space of no meaning to find the real meaning, the real lessons. An exercise to get to here is pick something and describe it without labels, every time you use a label to describe it you must describe the labels without labels, every time you describe a label with another label you must describe that label without labels, keep going you will find that place if you keep going.

example: This is a table opps that is a label, this is a thing with a top and four legs, more labels, it is made of metal, more labels, metallic rock shaped into a top and legs, darn still labels! You see keep it going and going.


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