In order to understand my question, I will give some background information about how my life is doing so far, in retrospect, for you to really know where I am coming from.

The past 2-3 months, life has been pretty good. At a macro-sense, everything is going great with my state of physical life. I have money coming in, I have romance coming in, I am at a peak physical condition and am making very satisfying progress at sports, I am learning new things all the time, and I am enjoying a new philosophy of trying out new things in my life and being a 'yes man' to new experiences.

This is where there is a moment of "that doesn't make sense..."- Because in spite of how amazing my life is at the moment, there is an undeniable, underlying feeling (specifically in my stomach, head and heart) that I WANT to do something really, really epic and huge. I just want to create something unthinkable and extraordinary in my life.

This feeling has been lingering on in me for a few weeks now. Never before in my life have I stumbled upon this style of feeling- usually I am just feeling bad about things and want to feel better, or fix my life cirumstances or whatever...I still have desires streaming in, I am matching up with them smoothly....Yet this bugging feeling in me of "not enough, I need something 100 times bigger" keeps haunting my head.

I spoke to a friend about this, and he said he experiences a familiar style of feeling about a year ago. What solved it was moving jobs, when he had previously been at his old job for 5 years.

I have recently began a new job. I had a holiday a few weeks ago and am back into a new routine of university. Everything is cool, but I want so, so, so much more...I don't want something to 'come to me.' I want to go out into the world, with my own bare hands, and do something dramatic. I want to create something unthinkable, something my imgaination would freak out about.

If anyone has seen the film Taxi Driver, with Robert DeNiro, there is a scene where Travis is talking to an older colleage, where he is confused with his life. He described the same feeling in me, of wanting to do something huge. If you haven't seen the movie, this is the "ephiphany scene" where the main character voices his thoughts on being bored with life, which preludes his quest of the movie into buying guns and deciding to go and rescue a child prostitute.

Now while I dont feel I want to do something dark, or illegal, or kill people, the idea of LSD did cross my mind, as referenced in my other question (again, thankyou for your answers).

Can anyone help me out with discovering what it is I need to do, either physically or otherwise to feel better??

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I wish you to find it by some miracle.

(23 Mar '14, 10:43) PERFECT GOOD

Great to hear you are doing well, @Nikulas !

(24 Mar '14, 12:21) kakaboo
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I came across this the other day and your question reminded me of it.

You may (or may not) find it useful information :)

Taking Action in Incremental Steps

9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - March 2014

Greetings, dears. At this time many of you are feeling called to action, but what action to take feels elusive. Now more than any other time, you are being asked to trust in taking steps in new directions. The steps need not be monumental, but rather will be incremental, building one on top of another as you move forward in creating new patterns and modes of working, collectively and individually, as you move into creating a brand new paradigm. These new creations on the surface look nothing like that which currently exists in your reality. You are creating the new model as you take these incremental steps so that those who follow after will have a new foundation, a new blueprint, upon which to build.

This is an excellent time to release your worries and attachments to the results of your efforts as often they can not fully be seen in the moment. It is only in hindsight (or through inner-sight in the moment) that you will be able to see the multifaceted effects of each experience and how without it, no subsequent experience would be able to exist in the same way.

When in doubt take a step, even a small one, for indecision is the fastest way to shut down your energy flow. By making a conscious choice in any direction, you allow energy to flow, and from that space you are capable of making course corrections.

The journey need not be a difficult one. Remember that the difficulty appears as you align with your fears rather than the divine creative power that may effortlessly flow from you.

You have boundless support on this side, dear ones. You need only ask. Heart center yourselves and listen. Trust what you get. Uses your discernment and take the bits and pieces that resonate with you. If you need confirmation, ask and we will be sure to help place it in your physical reality. And remember, if you wonder if something is a sign, take it as such as it is! Otherwise, the thought would not even cross your mind.

Until you call...we are watching, waiting, sending much love and many well wishes.


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@Stingray- so is the answer to really just not hesitate with decision making? That being indesicive during this period is going to lead to lifelessness?

Just make a desicion, trust it, and go with it fully.

(22 Mar '14, 20:55) Nikulas

@All- Sorry to burst your bubble, but I have found my 'niche' for the time being that I was desperatly looking for. It has resulted in some somewhat different routine changes and most certainly has started as baby steps, yet I believe in a few weeks I will be nothing unlike the old me. Thankyou for your contribution all. Thankyou for going to the effort to post this @Stingray.

(23 Mar '14, 04:26) Nikulas

In his book, Resonance - Manifesting Your Heart's Desire, Seth calls what you are looking for the Heart's Desire.

Your Heart's Desire is usually something you came into your current life to learn, but are not doing so currently. The reasons people do not know their Heart's Desire are because they are denying or intellectualizing material in their consciousness that is trying to guide them to a realization of their Heart's Desire. You are quite right, the ego is happy and satisfied with the gifts of the physical world. But the heart and the soul become realized when you experience the gifts of spirit. This is the theory.

So every once in a while your soul sends a message to your ego, "Help the poor people in Africa, in a big way." But the ego doesn't concern itself with the gifts of spirit and giving to others, and so it denies or intellectualizes this information. Over time the soul stops sending out these ideas to love others, to give it all away to others.

To stop this cycle of denial and intellectualization, do not ignore these messages but act on them. Embody them when they come around. Make them physical by acting upon these impulses to do good works.


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Mark Allen Frost

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"Do not ignore these messages but act on them."- It's time to do so with my crazier ideas, the ideas that dont really fit my lifestyle at the moment.

I had trouble understanding the rest of your answer, but need not, for I have found what I am looking for :)

(22 Mar '14, 20:54) Nikulas

"when you calm your mind and your senses, you become conscious of your always-present inner self" - Remez Sasson

(23 Mar '14, 02:18) jaz

Stingray's answer is spot on, although maybe not for the reason you think.

Are you familiar with Candy Crush? King (or the company behind it) is gearing up for an initial public offering. Once company that invested in them expects to get 10 thousand percent return on their investment at the IPO, because they have an ownership stake.

Would it surprise you to know that King has produced 180 games over the last 10 years? Candy Crush produces 78 percent of their revenue.

Did you know that The Beatles wrote more than 100 songs before they had their first hit?

Taking action in incremental steps is the secret. Making little bits of progress every day. That's how great things are accomplished. Look at any wildly successful person, and you will always see the same pattern.


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Yes Taxi Driver is a good movie and Robert DiNero is a hero in the movie but in todays world instead of a medal he would probably have been put in prison for killing all those people.

But you are right he cleaned up the town and it doesn't outright say it but he saved more than just Jody Foster. That ** (Note the word blocked out is not a swear word, but description of someone that manages girls like he owns them as property) had more than just her as a child prostitute.

So how could he legally rescue those kids? Go become a police officer, then go shoot all those bad guys and rescue the girls.

There is a legal process that if adhered to works, that is why they use it.

Now for your vision, what is it? For Mark Hamilton it was building Neo-Tech also he built the Sky Bridge over the Grand Canyon. For Sir Richard Branson his dream was space, and now Virgin Air has become Space, in the future we will be able to take vacations on other planets thanks to Sir Richard Branson.

So what is your dream, think on that.


answered 22 Mar '14, 12:34

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Wade Casaldi

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I had NeoTech for awhile. It was gibberish. I sent it back and got a refund.

(22 Mar '14, 14:28) Vesuvius

One persons garbage is another persons gold. I have all three heirloom packages plus the original DVD lessons. We are all progressing toward God-Man and the key is in learning to best use the mind.

(22 Mar '14, 15:02) Wade Casaldi
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