In the new age teachings I have come across, I find a lot of inspirational messages, but not always a lot of practical substance relative to life and spiritual practices. In addition, it is my perception that there are many adherents of new age spirituality that (enthusiastically) discuss beliefs and practices which they don't themselves adhere to.

Do you think that there are people who are attracted to the "fairy dust" of new age metaphysics because it makes them feel good, but don't necessarily have the self-discipline to master the curriculum?

I personally find it easier to get lost in a movie or a good book than it is to work on myself.

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Well I feel you will find an answer for yourself. Just the ability of asking a question implies that the answer is already within you, so just try that.

For me personally my spiritual journey wasn't as spiritual as many people would expect. I was "tricked" to start working on myself just to get some of my self-esteem up. I just wanted to get laid so I started digging thru the material in the seduction community that is pretty main stream nowadays. I came upon many people who were teaching techniques and stuff outside, which meant canned routines, game plans and so on. It didn't really resonate with me. I wanted something natural. I knew it could be done and I wanted to be like those guys who had no problem with it.

So as I went deeper and deeper into that community I found people saying that by changing yourself you are changing the reality you create. It struck a strange cord with me. I started reading, exercising, meditating, visualizing, lucid dreaming, multiple orgasm and much more. It took me two years to get to a point where I am today and I know everything was there for a reason.

You see the main thing that you have to remember is EVERYTHING we do is spiritual. I mean everything. If you talk to someone, if you read a book, if you watch movies or just eat a meal. It's your level of awareness on the present moment that defines how spiritual it is.

You see, I like to understand things. I like to research and know everything possible I can. I didn't know it at that time but I just felt so much excitement reading another book, and another and another that it was unbelievable. I just felt so alive and so driven, and I didn't know why.

Now I know why. I was so eager to understand to help others understand too. That's what I'm doing now. I love sharing my experiences with people. It excites me more then anything in the world. And I will be doing it even if no one wants to hear me. It just doesn't matter to me.

So I took my own path to coming where I am today and many times in the course of that time i was wondering "Does it make sense? Is what I'm doing right? Should I maybe focus on other things?" Whenever I asked the question I had some feedback from whoever I was interacting with that I'm really cut out to to it. That gave me the confidence to move on. And it wasn't meditating for 90 days. Sometimes I started and after a week I went on to another thing and then another and another. But I believe that if it doesn't excite me anymore it means I already got what I needed to and now I can move on to the next most exciting thing.

I really love movies and used to run from the world to them. But only after I started my spiritual practice I began threating watching movies as a spiritual practice. How did I do it? Before I watched any movie I asked: what can I learn about myself in this movie. And as funny or sad as many of you may think I cried on many of those movies, which never happened before. As far as I'm concerned crying is the act of releasing supressed emotions that are stored in our bodies. I had a lot of it. And the same thing I did with reading. It helped quiet my mind because I was so focused on that book that the whole world didn't exist. Those two things were the best meditations I ever did.

So I would suggest to you not to take the term "spiritual" too seriously. Everything we do is spiritual. If you can give someone 100% of your attention while your talking to them, that's the best gift and best meditation for you. If you do the things that excite you more than anything else, that's the thing you should be doing all the time. Excitement is like a road sign to your true self, your core nature. If you listen to it, no matter what it is, taking a walk, watching a movie, calling a friend, it will guide you to your true nature, your true path in life. Just be patient, the journey is the goal.


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+1 a remarkably insightful answer.

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You still need a spell checker. :)

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Hehe I'll consider it lol :-)

(09 Nov '09, 11:52) wildlife

I enjoyed reading what you wrote because of your honesty and insight. You brought up some very good points. Thanks!

(09 Nov '09, 16:02) LeeAnn 1
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Well to share with my own experience..actually I personally was maybe one of that kind of person you mentioned..a new age spritual guy.. or maybe in other terms.. just lazy.

I could remember that I actually stumbled across Psitek around a year ago, and I actually found this site through a forum which taught you how to meet and attract ladies. I was very depressed at that point of time because a lot of my friends around me had girlfriends while I had none.. not even one before, and I wanted to get this area of my life handled with..but I was still unwilling to actually face the fear and take action to apply the methods.

I signed up for the MasterKey System, breezed through the first few lessons WITHOUT even attempting the exercises at all..and of course I quit reading after the 7th or 8th lesson as I could not understand a single thing he was talking about from there on. I read Think & Grow Rich, and again I only read it halfway, gave up as I could not understand what Napoleon Hill was talking about from the 2nd half onwards and I did not even try the methods he said in the first few chapters.

Weirdly enough, due to some strange events that occured in my life, I met my long lost friend who actually also read these kinds of books, and he inspired me to start reading these self development books once again. The first one I started again was Think & Grow Rich, and this time I employed the methods taught in the first few chapters, and oddly enough the 2nd part of the book became much more clearer to me.

After a year or so of signing up for newsletters that teach you how to meet and atrract girls and reading..I still don't have a single girlfriend yet. This is when I suddenly realized there was something wrong with myself..and realizing the fact that plain reading is never enough. Reading self development books one after another just gets you pumped up in the hype(just like all the meeting ladies newsletters), and you actually get all the motivation you need WHILE you are still reading those books/newsletters, inspired by success stories and everything..but when you stop..WHAM it all comes back to reality and you realize that you are actually still afraid to do something, and that you are still back to square one.

This is the one major problem I guess many people face while trying to enter the world of metaphysics or probably anything else in the world..which makes a lot of people give up even before they actually start. And it doesn't really help when you show a book like "think &grow rich" to your friends, and their initial responses most of the time would be "Have you gone crazy thinking about money", "you must be out of mind to read such a book", "there is no such thing as growing rich just by thinking","i think this book is a scam","dont ask me to read this book.. i have no interest in it just by looking at the title"

so I guess, the easiest way to actually start and continue on this journey is find at least a single friend who read similar books and practise similar things like you..just like finding a wingman. And oddly enough again,when I started reading think &grow rich again and signing up for the master key system, Simon also launched this new site inwardquest maybe less than 1or 2 months..and I felt a lot more relieved and motivated to start all over again because I know there would be people out there to help me on this journey even if none of my friends believe in such things.


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I believe that it could be, I turned with-in many years ago, while others went out and had plenty of friends I turned with-in. In this respect I grew very much spiritually however worldly I stunted my self growth. This is because I turned away from the world and that turning away lead me to a heavenly place of awareness but at the same time stuff most take for granted as common knowledge for me was confusing. So I could easily say I escaped for very many years into another consciousness away from the world by myself which was a connection with my source center. This connection resulted eventually in my Yahoo group God Consciousness Experiment. I did have to come back to this world, we have to live here, we have bills and all kinds of problems to be handled on a daily bases. I do miss it many times although I still do tap into it. I just am not constantly living in it anymore.


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There is a healthy balance that can sometimes be lost!


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Yes, and that's OK.


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True spirituality is a thing of joy and of the earth, and has nothing to do with fake adult dignity. It has nothing to do with long words and sorrowful faces. It has to do with the dance of consciousness that is within you, and with the sense of spiritual adventure that is within your hearts.

It is not dependent upon your youth, it is not dependent upon your body. It rings and sings through the universe, and through your entire personality. It is a sense of joy that makes all creativity probable.

So do not think you are being spiritual when you are being long-faced, and do not think you are being spiritual when you berate yourself for your sins. The seasons within your system come and go. The sun falls upon your face wheteher you think you are a sinner or a saint. The vitality of the universe is creativity and joy and love, and that is spirituality.

Sorce: Seth Speaks


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I'm not really sure how this applies to my question.

(09 Nov '09, 00:42) Vesuvius

I can appreciate your thoughts on this subject matter, and you are correct in your assumption in the first and second half of your question, that is also my impression.

But if I am passionate about something, I will follow through with it to the end, or if I get bored half way through it, then I know that it is not for me, and of course I usually start a new interest!


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