At least two fascinating interpretations in quantum theory relate to the idea that infinite potentialities exist. First, I'll pose my question, then give an all too brief summary of the two.

A man named Burt Goldman (a.k.a. the American Monk) claims he can "quantum jump" to parallel universes where there exist an infinite number of Burt Goldmans in infinite permutations of abilities and knowledge. By "jumping" from one universe to another he says he can learn from the Burt Goldmans who are experts in various fields, and so become an expert himself.

First, do you believe that parallel universes exist? Second, do you believe we can move from one to another of these universes? What might be the result of this ability for our personal development and creating our own reality?

For background you can check out Niels Bohr's "Copenhagen interpretation" which posits that a particle cannot be assumed to have specific properties, or even to exist, until it is measured, so objective reality does not even exist. Thus, all possible states of something exist simultaneously; and by defining one, we bring that state into being.

Also check the many-worlds theory (favored by Stephen Hawking and the late Richard Feynman) which posits that as soon as a potential exists for any object to be in a state of existence, the universe of that object transmutes into a series of parallel universes equal to the number of possible states in which that the object can exist, and that there exists a way for all states to be accessible in some way.

Finally, check out Dr. Michio Kaku's website at, a best-selling theoretical physicist who wrote, "Beyond Einstein, Hyperspace and Parallel Worlds."

Quantum theory and quantum mechanics are fascinating areas of scientific study that relate directly to much of what is being discussed on Inward Quest.

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Very interresting.

(29 Aug '12, 09:04) Fairy Princess

I'm not yet clear about Quantum Jumping (and yes I am familiar with Burt Goldman's work too). I am still trying to work that out.

However, I found this YouTube very interesting and helped me to come to a place of greater understanding. In spite of the (very few) comments deriding it underneath, there are too many people who follow this train of thought to ignore and dismiss, whose ideas and words are used to demonstrate the point - many acclaimed scientists amongst them:


Interesting to find David Lynch (part of whose lecture opens the second YouTube above), has founded this:

I also searched to find out who one person on this video was but wasn't credited and found James J Traitz. He has some interesting views - see the list of video of his to to the right of this one

David Icke was sneered at and ridiculed in the UK some years ago when he first talked about his ideas but has since went on to speak at the Oxford Union debating Society about his beliefs. He has some interesting ideas that I can go along with, though some of them tend too much towards conspiracy theories for my taste to take them on board unconditionally.

I love the Bill Hicks bit at the end ... "The world is just a ride ..."

See also "What the Bleep do we Know" videos - they are downloaded in chunks on YouTube - I'll try to find them and add them later.


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Thanks for all your research, Rebecca. I don't have time to respond to your observations now, though I would like to later. I appreciate your grasp of so many diverse topics, some quite complex. Your contributions to this website are a major plus.

(10 Oct '09, 18:20) John

Thank you, and I was thinking the same about you!

(10 Oct '09, 18:50) Rebecca

By the way, in the first video, one person says that because of our limited senses, our seeking the infinite is like trying to go to the moon with a bull and cart. That is the plight of mankind.

Our limited senses demand that we have to use faith to reach beyond that which we can see and understand. Max Planck - considered the founder of the Quantum Theory- opened another chink for us to see through. Parallel universes are referred to by scientists and people seeking to further their spiritual journey, but I am still trying to get my head round the 'how', and in what way it would seem to us.

(10 Oct '09, 19:11) Rebecca

Thank you Barry - just saw your comment :>)

(10 Oct '09, 19:19) Rebecca

There is also the theory that ALL time is NOW -something else to get your head around if you want another challenge!:>) And here is something about Max Planck for you: I just found this, The Elegant Universe. Not seen it myself yet, but it talks of parallel universes and 11 dimensions, watchable in 17 bite size pieces: Also just found this in 5 parts, a BBC take on it:

(10 Oct '09, 19:32) Rebecca

Thanks again Rebecca. You'll have to fix your link to "Max_PlanckAnd I" -- sounds like a great title, but you'll have to start your own article on it! :-) I was actually reading that just yesterday. We owe a lot to Planck. I'd like to comment more on our limited senses seeking the infinite, but I think I'll have to pose it as a new question to have adequate space for question and answers.

By the way, thank you too, Barry, for your kind words and your hard work in the answers you've provided with so many references, and all your behind the scenes editorial work!

(11 Oct '09, 04:49) John

Well, fixing my typo would be more to the point! :>) No such link ...

Max Planck and I ... that would be interesting indeed.

(11 Oct '09, 13:24) Rebecca

Indeed! And, oh, by the way, I think I'm going to accept your answer (if you have no objections).

(21 Oct '09, 06:55) John

Well thank you!

(21 Oct '09, 14:45) Rebecca

Today I went to get a magazine and came out an hour or so later with a book I picked up and started skimming through and had to buy instead -one you might like to pick up yourself. It's called The Physics of Miracles-Tapping Into the Field of Consciousness Potential by Richard Bartlett, author of Matrix Energetics see and read the publisher's review and the readers reviews. I think you'll like this-check it out.

(22 Oct '09, 00:39) Rebecca

Hi, Rebecca. My, you've been busy! Congratulations on breaking the 1000 barrier, but then it's just a number, right? :-) So I had no real interest in getting there before you (yeah). Thanks so much for the referral to Bartlett's book. Friday is a day off for me so I'm planning on checking it out at Barnes & Noble and suspect I'll buy it if it's as interesting as you say (and I think I trust your judgment). I might just have to find a way to discuss the book directly with you. Good work on everything, Rebecca. You're a very perceptive, insightful woman. :-)

(23 Oct '09, 05:24) John

Heheheh :>) And thanks for the big compliment! Yes I found the book in Barnes & Noble in the spiritual/new age section (I think that's what it was called - the bit with things about 2012 and by Michael Beckwith and Abraham Hicks etc). His writing is far less formal for the most part than you might expect but there are chunks of physics in the book and also a helpful matrix glossary at the back. Strange - my best subjects at school were art, English Language and Physics, especially nuclear theory which I found fascinating.

(23 Oct '09, 13:10) Rebecca

Yeah, and I exempted Chemistry at Penn State with an A without having to take it, but I don't use chemistry at all (for the most part). I love both science and art! I think I have a pretty good left brain, right brain balance. So I went to Barnes and Noble tonight and FORGOT the slip of paper with Bartlett's name and book title. I bit frustrated, I was. But I saw a fascinating new book (March 2009) that ties in fractals, phi, the golden mean, Fibonacci number, etc. with the cycles of time itself. It's "Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age" by Gregg Braden. Check it out. Regards

(24 Oct '09, 04:02) John

Yes Gregg Braden's books were right by Richard Bartlett's in our Barnes and Noble, and I had a look at a couple, as well as Richard Beckwith's. And I am also fairlry evenly left and right brained - Art and Physics were my best subjects at school (along with English). One more thing, as my email is on the web site I will give it here too will reach me. Communicating like this is becoming a maze!

(24 Oct '09, 14:53) Rebecca
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Quantum physics is a fascinating subject. Parallel universes as many as the possibilities of the particles going through a screen or the capacity of collapsing scenarios only if they are observed.

Going in and out of universes through vortexes is one of the explanations of the Loch Ness monster and other similar mysteries. Among those is the Bermuda Triangle and its even stranger counterpart in the Pacific described as the Dragon triangle. The testimonies come not only from he indigenous people of the areas but from traffic controllers, pilots, ship captains regarding not only disappearing vessels and missing time.

Did you ever see the movie Altered States? I guess my answer would be: yes.


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The channeled entity known as Bashar often talks at length about how our consciousness is continually moving through parallel universes and how we can, through shifting our focus, move into different realities.

Here's a small sample of Bashar.


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Well I was hesitant about Abraham Hicks and came round to it so, with that in mind I went and looked, (ignoring the small voice inside that thought aliens was pushing it a bit), but the messages was good. I checked out some other of his videos too - lots of sense, a slightly different way of interpreting essentially the same concepts as Abraham Hicks, but a more jarring voice! :>) Thank you for the introduction.

(11 Oct '09, 13:28) Rebecca

There is also the theory that ALL time is NOW - something else to get your head around if you want another challenge! :>) And here is something about Max Planck for you:

And I just found this, The Elegant Universe. Not seen it myself yet, but it talks of parallel universes and 11 dimensions, watchable in 17 bite size pieces:

Also just found this in 5 parts, a BBC take on it:


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These links were really helpful in learning more about the subject. Thanks!

(11 Oct '09, 03:27) LeeAnn 1

I do have the Burt Goldman "Quantum Leaping" program. It has been very interesting, and he personally claims to have mastered painting, writing and so forth, through his methods. I am no expert on the subject, but Mr. Goldman has sparked an interest and I have ordered some of the Michio Kaku books, who writes more about the science behind the theory. Yes, I believe in parallel universes, but I with me the jury is out yet on whether or not we can jump around amongst them. Personally, I have not been able to make an progress with it, even using the Goldman methods. That doesn't mean it isn't real! Isn't it fascinating to imagine that one version of you comes home from a holiday and goes back to work, and the other stays in Bermuda, for example, just soaking up sun and relaxing?


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LeeAnn 1


Thanks for the fantasy! Bermuda sounds great! Thank you also for the reference to the theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku. I think it's fascinating to hear about the theoretical scientific basis for some of the topics being discussed on Inward Quest and I'd encourage people to check out Dr. Kaku's website at to see some fascinating videos or check out his recent book, "Beyond Einstein, Hyperspace and Parallel Worlds."

(11 Oct '09, 05:18) John

I have not studied that yet, but have thoughts on it. Your posing this question helped me to answer a question I had, how can we both have free will, and there not be anything new under the sun? The Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun, but people invent new things all the time, so my thought on that is that God already thought of everything, we just have to reach out and grab the ideas. As above so below, as below so above, as within so without, as without so within, so if all ideas are out there in God's mind or presence/the matrix, then they are also with each of us to reach in and grab. So, if everything is already thought of, then how can we have free will? Well, it just occured to me when I read this question, not the answers yet, that that is how God allows for us to have free will, He created parrallel universes for us, like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. So, what universe we are in, is determined by our choices. Now, the question for me is, how do we jump those universes to see What If? Kind of like the movie The Butterfly Effect.

Edit 3/16/12

I have had some new insight on a theory of how to access those parallel realities where whe have accomplished different dreams. In this answer I explain how we can ask the right questions.

When we ask questions our mind begins to search for answers, sometimes consciously, but always subconsciously. So we reach out/into the matrix/mind of God/universal mind and retreive the answers. The answers are found in the parallel realities that have been created since the beginning and exist so that we can express our free will. So by asking the question, we get answers. By asking the question in the present tense as if it were already true, our answers are expressed as if it were already true. Now that sounds like quantum jumping to me.

This is still so new to me that I have only begun to use it. The question I am asking right now is, "Why am I always so healthy?" I have been sick for awhile now. Not for nothing though, I have learned a lot from it. Some other questions I am starting to ask, but not as much as the one already mentioned, as it is the first priority right now, are: Why do I always feel so great?

Why are there so many good people?

Why does everything go so well for me?

Why do I always win?

Why am I so loved?

Why do good things come so easily to me?

Why am I so happy?

Why do I have joy?

Why do I have peace?

Notice how the questions are possitive and asked as if they were true.


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Fairy Princess

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I believe that they do exists, I have experienced them and continuously do so. And yes you can move from one to the other, however it isn't like 'beam me up Scotty' type of experience. Since we are all connected in the now all we have to do is expand or contract in our consciousness to experience it. This has always fascinated me and continuous to do so, great ? (:


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Thanks for the concept of expanding/contracting consciousness to experience parallel universes. That's some food for thought.

(13 Oct '09, 08:46) John

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Upon reading "a particle cannot be assumed to have specific properties, or even to exist, until it is measured, so objective reality does not even exist. Thus, all possible states of something exist simultaneously; and by defining one, we bring that state into being." I have realized that what I just read is the definition of what I have felt for some time now, yet was unable to express it in words myself.

The possibilities are infinite, yet there are none. And it has sparked a lot of thoughts in me, mostly clarifications of what I unconsciously felt. Since I'm not able to properly express my thoughts directly, allow me to use a parable, which will hopefully demonstrate my understanding of it.

Imaging you are wearing a red dress (particle). The red dress is your reality and it is who you are. An expert of the red dress. But the red dress is not the only color of dress that exist, and you see this demonstrated in other people wearing dresses of various colors (other variations of the particle). There are other colors and very many degree of each color. If you want to make a quantum leap, and change the color of your dress you can either - try to dye/repaint it (which seems to be what some people try to do) and I believe it is the hard way of changing color of your dress. Or you can get naked and see the wardrobe full of thousands of dresses of all colors, then pick the one you would like to try. You then become master of a differently colored dress.

Application to anything in our life is similar. If your primary concern is self-development then at some point you will recognize the measures by which you define yourself. Your abilities and talents. But perhaps you would like to try new abilities and experience new talents. Then you must not use your current measures of your current abilities and talents trying to achieve the new ones. Because you already posses the new abilities and talents you wish to have within you, you just miss the correct measurement. Therefore, it's viable to forget the current measures and pick up new ones. And by adopting new measures we bring to life new image of self. Sometimes similar to our previous one, sometimes completely opposite.

It shall be noted though, that your current set of measures might be defined in such way, that it seem to prevent your from changing it. Something like a self-defending mechanism. And everyone should seek within himself for this 'safety switch'. Because as it is known - "If you know your enemy, you can defeat it" and so "if you recognize the presence of a safety switch within yourself, you can switch it off at will"


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(05 Dec '13, 12:27) Marin

I think that we are constantly moving between parallel universes. An easy way to see this is to be aware of changes in your present universe. If you look for them, you will find them.

Have you driven out a familiar road and suddenly see an older building that was not there the last time you drove by? Do you sometimes say, "Wow, where did that come from?"

Something new, or something missing in your immediate environment? Sometimes you can says to yourself, "Oh, I just missed that before." But there may be a part of you that doesn't believe it.

You put your car keys on the dining room table. You KNOW that you left them there. But they are not there when you look. Later you find them in a slightly different place or a place where you did look before. Shift - shift - shift.

It is no big deal, so don't be concerned. But it may be easier for you to accept that you shifted into a universe where their reality, their laws of physics are a little bit different than where you were last.

Read Richard Bach's book "One."


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No Brainer

@No Brainer - Love this answer. I have experienced what you mentioned many times, and felt a little thrill of the mystery of it. Your explanation makes perfect sense. :)

(18 Nov '14, 23:18) Grace

I am still researching this one. I have read upon Mr. Burt Goldman a while back. I am still trying to get a understanding of why would you want to go to another universe even if you could to see your other self why? But my point how can you be successful in another universe which you have just gotten there and you have been here in this one and surely differently don't fully understand this one. If you got there how would you find you and maybe you may not like you. There are so many questions. I know you plan on learning from you.

On the movies they always play it that two energies of the same could not maintain and be in the same universe together. I know they are just movies but sometimes there are hidden facts in some of these movies and books.

I think there is danger of going somewhere you don't know where you are going and how you are going to get back or when.

Yes, there may be a good possibility it may be true but are the other realities a real world or only create in our own minds and there they stay and there they are.


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Please refer to these for additional information:

  • Many world interpretation MWI
  • Holographic universe: on wikipedia or crystalinks... // or anything similar to these

Those information on that links (for the whole parts or some of it) may or may not be the same compared to my descriptions here. Probably you will notice where the different is or where the sameness is. Please notify me for the differentiation or the sameness one to another


There is only one universe as myself, but there could be multiple universes inside myself. These universes are possibilities, but there is only huge universe as myself.

Compared to others, there are more universes as many as themselves. I am using parable in this case. It's not a complete substitution but at least closer to understand for what i meant.

Imagine these:

  • There is water, and from water we can see an ice ball. Single ice ball would be considered as a border of universe for myself. Inside an ice ball there is a little bit liquidity and it called my consciousness. Multiply it for any of us. So if there are billion people, then there are billion of a kind of ice balls.
  • What we perceive as living, it's differentiation from one state to another state of liquidity in the middle of my own ice ball (this ice causes a sense of territory - I am not you).
  • Universe is not the ice ball, but it's one of possible differentiation of a state of liquidity in the middle of my ice ball.
  • If there is another observer (it's me or you) directs his perceptions at the coordinates of the location, then at the speed of light or almost instantaneously or simultaneously, there would be" copy and paste 'of such material ("x") reflected to the universe of the observer, so that the observer will see the material ("x") with slightly different based on different points of view.
  • When you are touching your friend, then there is a changing of liquidity (consciousness) in the middle of your ice ball and giving you perception that there is you and your friend and you are trying to touch your friend. On another ice ball owned by (as) your friend, there will be synchronized to your action, so if you succeed touched your friend, then inside your friend's ice ball, there will be a changing of liquidity (consciousness) that reflects your friend is being touched by you.

In Other Words:

  • When we didn't interact with someone, then there is no changing (relevantly) on the state of consciousness from someone else (that has a chance to be interacted with us), but once we did interact with someone then probably there was a chance for the changing on the state of consciousness from someone else as a reflection of the interaction in between us and someone else.
  • Or, if in between us we were not watching each other, then there would be no significant changing on our consciousness that reflect our interaction (but our potentiality of our presences were exist but not yet to be manifested, not yet to be perceived by ourselves), and when i was watching you, then suddenly i could see you (you were materialized on my perception) and almost instantly on your consciousness there was changing of the state of your consciousness where myself was materialized on your perception.
  • There is no causality (that can be observed empirically) inside your universe (yourself). Causality (that can be observed empirically) is between my universe and yours to control how something should be related.

We Are All Connected Each Other

  • It has meaning that in one (single) universe there is only me (one consciousness) and no one else (no other consciousness). Every creature (that has consciousness) has its own single universe. For just one (single) universe, there is only one consciousness, but there maybe many events or similar in one universe.
  • So, (if there are outsider) observing multiple universes, then the outsider will only see all changing consciousness as one (single) scenario. of life. Its like giant puzzle. There will be no duplication for each of us. That is why i disbelieve with MWI (many world interpretation). Also i disbelieve parallel universes as mentioned generally.

Parallel Universes

If someday we found ourselves in another parallel universe (in the sense that we can observe another universe of your friend or else), then only we are as living being with consciousness, another you (other than yourself while reading this) never equipped with consciousness.

Many world in my version assert the fact that for each of universe donates one (single) actor (consciousness). For each of the existing universe, contributing only one (single) consciousness (me or you, or him, or her, or other living being) joined with others to form a big event (scenario, movement, causality etc) with no duplication.

Its like we are playing online game, each of us has its own display with our own avatar. But on the other side (your friend while interact with you) has its own appearance on its own display. My display and another display owned by my friend (while doing interaction with me) has different appearance, but both displays are SYNCHRONIZING each other (which may be known as CAUSALITY, that can be observed empirically). And for each of display connected only to one (single) consciousness (in this analogy similar to myself as a player).

Synchronizing Each Other

Why there is no single causality (that can be observed empirically) inside your universe ? Because we can not observe ourselves, since observer and what is being observed is in unity, but the interaction between us indicates there is observer (the player) and something that being observed (as a result of the synchronization) between one universe to another universe (in interaction between you and me).


Causality in this understanding is the kind of a sequence from whole scenario to the next of the whole scenario. It's like we are watching films, frame by frame, where the causality can't be found within a frame (whole scenario, details) but we can find it outside the frames, where these (causalities) control what frame should be involved for the next session.

Empty Space In Universe

Empty space within universe is not nothingness. If there is a process that could lead to something toward the zero condition, where all particles motion stop COMPLETELY, then it turned into something we recognize as empty space.

If we are able to raise just a little movement using (Just) empty space, then a specific area as an empty space will be visible, manifest as a certain material (and take a form relevantly to the circumstances of the movement).

In terms of awareness, along with the collapse of something toward the zero condition, where all particle motion stops completely, then it turned into something we recognize as empty space.

If we are able to control our consciousness and is able to strengthen the will, somehow we can transform the space into a particular matter.

In other words, empty space is solid. Empty space is not nothingness, otherwise there is nothingness within not nothingness, which is impossible, since nothingness can't separate reality.

The Smallest

The more we go into the particles, then the final frontier of particle is not the smallest particle (or the smallest of something), but closest to the smallest one is something as functions or further if we can go deeper and deeper, the smallest one is emptiness (space).


What is universe? It's the state of our consciousness.

  • Therefore: Do parallel universes exist as suggested in quantum theory? Can we move between them?
    • Parallel universe doesn't exist and we can't move between them, since universe is ourselves.
    • We never get out of any kind of universes, but if we insist to do it, then it can only be provided by changing the liquidity of an ice (an ice is melting, as parable mentioned above), so we can feel just like (closer to) being a water, but we aren't water fully, since being a water fully that would eliminate our existence.
  • Just by observing, there will be (at speed, almost) instantly a changing of the state of our consciousness. It asserts that in between us and objects that we observed are very closely one to another that can be considered as (closer to) unite (on spiritual term, it will be summed up as unite, that objects are within ourselves)

Well, it's rather provoking, but perhaps it's good enough as a modelling to understand reality, or maybe not at all.


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"parallel universe doesn't exist and we cant move between them,since universe is ourselves" Now thats good Seremonia, in fact its simplicity is its genious. In amongst all the waffle you write there are some real hidden gems! Ive been asking myself about the parallel universe thing, that line just leaped out at me. Keep it coming Seremonia.

(05 Dec '13, 10:55) Monty Riviera

I thought I would add this video to this post. It is about the subject of quantum mechanics, and experiments done that involve isolating electrons, putting then in some machine and shooting them across the room. They have found that when the electrons are released, they form a wave and when a single electron landed on the platform provided, it made a wave pattern on the platform. What they realized was that the electron was actually in more than one place at the same time. The electron did not split or breakup, it was the same exact electron that was in more than one place at the same time. Sometimes it was in two places and other times it was in up to 3000 places at the same time.

They also found that when someone was observing the electron, this did not happen, it landed on the platform in only one spot. This tells us that there are multiple realities and it is your mind that chooses which reality you gravitate towards.


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Absolutely, and you are already doing it.

Every choice you make (whether thought, word, or action), you go to a parallel universe. For every thought you think, there is a parallel universe where you thought a different thought at that moment instead. For every action you take, there is a parallel universe where you thought a different action instead.

Every possibility that exists is a parallel universe to itself.

You can align your thought, word, and action to a particular parallel universe.

For example, I chose the parallel universe where I would be answering this question.

Peace and Love! And remember, wherever you choose to focus, you build speed that moves you closer and closer to that direction.


answered 05 Dec '14, 12:08

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I am absolutely convinced that they do.

I was a praciticing psychic many years ago. A man came to me and told me that he had received a job offer, asking if I could give him guidance. I had never heard of parallel dimensions before, but I learned about them that day.

I saw two CERTAIN futures. (As many times as I checked, both were certain.) One where he and his family stayed in Maine. The other where he and his family moved to southern California. I gave him insight into both futures. It was a bizarre reading, and I was excited when I learned about quantum mechanics that explained it.

As a result of that one reading, no one will ever convince me that we don't live in a multiverse. I have since meshed that in with my manifesting, in that I manifest what I want in my sessions, then wait for my life to direct itself to that which I already manifested - in whatever other probable future it exists.


answered 01 Dec '14, 07:02

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