from person to person or country to country or from religion to religion it is all different!

so what is normal?

someone that see will think that seing is normal ! someone that is blind will think being blind and to hear grass hoper on the ground is normal! what is normal for someone is not neccessarly normal for someone else! cultural costum! religious practice! learning system!etc. are not normal from one place to the other or from one person to another!

so why should every one be normal? is being normal putting shutter to not see what we don't understand? and stay in ignorance? is not learning and seing the position of other on different things better to evolve and learn then being stuck in normality religious cultural costom and practice with out asking question?

i see people that put clothing for winter in summer because in their country you dress like this all year long! or people dressing for the desert coming live in place where there is no desert and they still dress the same all year long! they are stuck in normality but it is not normal for people that use reason!

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

We are conditioned to place the label normal and and its opposite on people. By our parents by our society and by our peers.This conditioning becomes a belief and beliefs takes a consequent effort to change because they are part of the ego.
Our idea of normal is comfortable to us, our norm, our routine.When this is challenged our ego is threatened.and places label on things as not normal and not equal and with that a diminished value.Thus seeming to raise the egos status.
We are all equal. I am as normal as you are. I find myself correcting the thought daily when observing life.Old conditioning to place the label"not normal"is deeply ingrained. When the feeling of that I am better or more normal than an other crosses my mind. I remind myself that that person is me. One of my favorite quotes in this situation is:

"Once you label me you negate me."
Kierkegaard, Søren



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Normal is YOU! It;s what we all choose to accept on diffrent leavels. Its the same as truths, we all haev diffrent ones.

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Excellent Answer!

(29 May '11, 22:51) The Traveller

ty my great freind lnl

(02 Jun '11, 01:46) TReb Bor yit-NE

Mr Tiger,

All is normal. What you, I and everyone does IS normal. We can not and will not do what is not normal to the individual. Your idea of separateness is a little archaic. You are us, expressing yourself in a different manner. You are me as I am you. Yet you see us in a different perspective. That is great, yet seeking out our differences seems to just divides us even more. We see what you see but we all look at it differently.

Everything is 'normal', there is no not normal except for what our ego sees.

Conforming is another subject. Is that what you are asking?


answered 27 May '11, 07:11

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micheal i see the truth of the matter!why people fight in this world!because they see things different from them as not normal!society will put you in jail if you are not normal!i am who i am you are who you are and he is who he is!yet we are individual even when we go to god we are still individual conscience of light!you might judge me for saying the truth of the matter! but thinging we are all one and there is no indivdual is a wrong concept!differences is not what divide us! difference is what makes us strongh!

(27 May '11, 15:30) white tiger

why do we need men and women on earth? when the difference of opposite unite it creates something that combines them both!so 2 becomes 3 and 3 is the 2! 3 will learn the difference from the 2 and learn! Only when we can accept the difference and learn from it can we grow! if we would be all the same there would be no growth!go in nature and look around you everything grow! if everything was 1 there would be no growth because it would mean that every one as reach the maximal potential! so we all are individual united in the grace of god and in life!

(27 May '11, 15:46) white tiger

I offer you support in your chosen challenge Michael. Unless each individual actually sees the fundamental oneness of every being and every thing, whatever emerges is coming from a place of disconnection and thus by its very nature breeds division...

(28 May '11, 01:23) Eddie

what challenge is there to be! when you know that everything happen by choice!the only challenge left is to remove ignorance so people make the right choice for them and others!each individual needs to know that they are individual in the big family of god!one drop of light in a sea of light! but to believe we are all the same is false! what you do who you are and the choice you make matter! if we would be all one there would be no challenge no growth! why would we even make the choice to incarnate? it would serve no perpace!

(28 May '11, 02:40) white tiger

that is the difference between you and me i know and you believe! the oneness is that we are all united in that see of light we can cummunicate at the speed of light! but we are all individual counscience awareness of light! if you go there in this life you will see it for your self!

(28 May '11, 02:48) white tiger

micheal conforming is part of that normality that human imposse on other! look at society police military firemen all uniform! look at people seeking stars what is popular and in the norm! social behavior is also another norm! thinking in the box is another norm!

(28 May '11, 03:53) white tiger
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maybe the plan was for there to be life,
and then the plan was passed on to the builders and there were many different types,
and each builder fashioned into his form that particular type.
and when it came time to fashion man he was given free will, the right to choose.
he has his particular destiny as an organized type, yet each one of a specific structure.
where he came from, who he is and where he will be going was all foretold long ago.
yet the very nature of what makes him unique is no longer accepted as 'normal',
will he/you find himsef/yourself again


answered 28 May '11, 01:38

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time foretold that is funny! fred i will give you a little secret that you have forgot when you incarnated you chose this life! and since then you still make choice and your choice affect you and other and vice versa! what is time for a being of light!

(28 May '11, 03:06) white tiger

white tiger, perhaps you misread a part of the answer. Time is not the subject of who foretold, since as you say it (time) only exists for finite forms. what is 'normal' has been relayed to us long ago by our elder brothers.

(29 May '11, 16:28) fred

What is normal is the fact that all humans beings are human beings regardless of their limitations, values, beliefs, religious custom,and cultural diversities.

So, in essence we are all coming from the same, one source or God consciousness, and indeed our pyhsical bodies will all return back to the dust in the same way, and that is what is normal about us human being, from the dust we came, and to the dust we shall return, rich, and poor alike!


answered 29 May '11, 03:15

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Inactive User ♦♦

normal is something that can change and is not the same for everyone! so trying to put people in contraint of normality is pretty stupid! i prefer someone that is marginal that someone that is trying to be normal! because normal is not normal!

(29 May '11, 03:49) white tiger

@white tiger: Well it is normal to agree to disagree, but even then it could be considered to be not normal! All answers written are energy of creative thinking from the one universal mind.

(01 Jun '11, 06:19) Inactive User ♦♦
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