Seems to me that most of our problems in life arise from us having to prove that we are right thus making someone else wrong. Why can't we let others have their own opinion, knowing that it doesn't have to affect us?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Well, happily, I removed those terms from my vocabulary years ago :)

When I hear people arguing over such terms as good or bad and right or wrong I have compassion for them. Because I understand that they haven't fully dealt with their ego-self and thus, they’re still creating pain and suffering for themselves and potentially for others. Bearing in mind that those others need to buy into that negative thought stream to be affected and thus also go down that meaningless road.

So what if someone thinks this way or that way is better than the way you’re doing it? Replace the words right and wrong with it’s my preference! If anyone has an issue with your preference, then obviously they’re controlled by egotistical thinking and you have nothing more to say to them.

Another way is rather than thinking in terms of right or wrong, see it as does this serve me, yes or no? Your own feelings on any matter will provide the answer to this kind of question.

Now, once we understand that fundamentally we live in a meaningless Universe… It’s like our whole life is a blank meaningless slate onto which we inscribe meaning. It’s up to us to provide everything in our life with meaning that feels good to us. Think about it, nothing contains any built in meaning of its own, thus, the only meaning anything has is the meaning we impose upon it.

So your question is hypothetical because it is us who decide to impose meaning to the words right and wrong and everything else, including deciding to be happy or sad or whatever. It’s up to each individual to see through the misconceptions and thus, move forwards with their lives or become stuck in mediocrity; the free will choice always remains.

Here’s a reminder of this idea:

Good or Bad – Dark or Light – Nothing Wrong – Nothing Right!


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I fully agree that we assign the meaning to everything... therein lies the path to freedom :)

(02 May '11, 13:48) Michaela

Except for living in absolute truths, I think it is safe to say that it is wrong to kill. It is wrong if the government lies to us. It is wrong to hurt a child. These fall into a moral category of right and wrong. These labels I feel are justifiable. For the most part, scientific 'facts' can be verifiable also, 2+2=5 is wrong

But when shifting to opinion, taste, ideology, nationalism and religion, we find that right and wrong as labels really tend to divide us because of their ineffective provability. I agree with Eddies preference statements. I too say I prefer or do not prefer without labeling good or bad. I agree or do not agree.

But if I come around the corner and I see a bully beating up a kid, I say "That is wrong!" and I am doing something abut it. To say I prefer him not to hurt the boy and walk away would not be....uumm...right :)


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Undoubtedly, we have created a society that does require 'moral codes'.However, I think we do have to remember that even those we label as 'criminals' are acting from their map of reality and thus they often feel what they do is 'right', evn though we may deem it as 'wrong' :)

(02 May '11, 13:55) Michaela

I think it's also important to remember that when we declare someone else as 'wrong', it does in actual fact reveal to us more about ourself than the other person :)

(02 May '11, 14:02) Michaela

to remove our right to judge, to give it up freely,
to use that energy for something a little more universal,
one of many varriants on how to live life.
my vote would be for an ascending human potential, nature is the judge of what hurts her,
yet, we want to set the laws of right against wrong


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"nature is the judge of what hurts her." - Could you please elaborate Fred ? To me I see nature as 'accepting' rather than 'judging' All That Is :)

(02 May '11, 13:50) Michaela

michaela,there is an order to nature. a cause and effect relationship that she lives by. when we choose to ignore her plan, she has but little choice to restore to balance.

(02 May '11, 16:21) fred

I think a certain moral code is inevitable and useful to society.

Of course there are some things that do fall into the wrong catagory. What Hitler did was wrong..full stop.

But i agree also with the statement about preference made by Eddie and OM.

My take is to agree with that statement and run everything near what i consider to be extremes in behaviour by the age old adage "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

With that in place i wouldnt worry too much about much else.



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Monty Riviera

Even Hitler didn't think he was doing something 'wrong' based on his model of the world. He honestly believed that he was doing 'right' for his people and the largest part of his country agreed with him even though to most of us he seemed completely insane :0

(02 May '11, 13:59) Michaela

Get your point Michaela but i cant say for sure that Hitler "did" think he was doing right.I cant really put myself in his shoes and i do get your point. But im not sure weather Hitler defied his own conscience or not.I guess i may never know this.

(02 May '11, 17:59) Monty Riviera

Hi Monty. I'm assuming that at the time Hitler was supported by a large percentage of German people and having this support he must have believed what he was doing was right. In 50 years from now will people think George Bush's invasion of Iraq, using the reasons of WMD when there weren't any was right? He had the support of Americans just the same...

(03 May '11, 00:39) Eddie

I see your point Eddie.It is all rather open to interpretation the right and wrong thing.In my view Bush is less culpable than Hitler...but i stress this is only as i see it just now. In a thousand years time history may well view this differently.

(03 May '11, 08:44) Monty Riviera
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Everything is what it is, it is is is.


answered 03 May '11, 21:15

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Thanks Brian... it sure IS :)

(03 May '11, 21:45) Michaela

Maybe but when people are feeling good about themselves, thinking clearly and enjoying what they are doing I see that there is less need to be right.

Imagine if you were 100% confident, secure, at peace, etc. you wouldn't feel any need to expend energy to make yourself right.

Also, how would there be justice if nothing was considered wrong?

(check out my updated profile for a new tool)


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At our current level of awareness, justice will always be needed to protect the vulnerable. If we could all get to that feeling of 100% secure, you're right we wouldn't need to prove ourselves 'right', nor would we need justice because no-one would feel the need to do 'wrong' :)

(04 May '11, 11:19) Michaela


(06 May '11, 22:26) Back2Basics

you need both to know what is what! the problem is not the word it is the understanding of the word and what one does with it! and each word is part true and part false! example: winning and losing! you can win and lose! and you can lose and win! you are going to ask me why it is so! because the one that win learn nothing to better him self! the one that lose can learn from it to better him self!so should someone fight to prove he is right! or should someone fight to prove he is wrong! if people fight it is because they do not grasp the truth!the wise do not fight they tell the truth if the other person is not wise enuff to grasp it to bad!


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white tiger

I like your 2nd sentence white tiger... Thank you :)

(16 May '11, 23:38) Michaela

No it would cause more confusion, and ignorance, since as you know human beings are indeed their worst own enemy, and this will indeed set another unpleasant standards in our society, and abnormal human behavior that we do not want to have in our society!


answered 17 May '11, 06:32

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Inactive User ♦♦

I don't agree but thanks for your viewpont :)

(17 May '11, 16:21) Michaela
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