do you think Jesus was a judge empath meaning he could feel people judgement on other people?

that is why he understood so much about not judging other people! or that you would be judge with the same mesure! what is your opinion on this?

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white tiger

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Barry Allen ♦♦

If you stop your own internal dialog and analysis while interacting with someone or listening to someone, often you will find that you will automatically pick up the "intent" in the other person's dialog, rather than the "content" of their dialog.

I believe we all automatically do this at a certain level because we work within a common matrix of consciousness.

I must however point out that from my own experience, (of self-observation) that I am always the initiator of other's judgment of me, rather than the other way about.

It seems that my own inner anticipation of judgment precedes the experience of being judged by others.

Of course, none of this answers the question "was Jesus a judge empath?"

All I can say about that is; I don't think I am qualified to analyze Jesus. Learn from him?...yes, but to analyze and judge?......NO.


answered 04 Jun '11, 01:24

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The Traveller

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I think you meant 'from' not 'for'?

(04 Jun '11, 01:42) Michaela

Thank you Michaela for your edit. :)

(04 Jun '11, 01:49) The Traveller

well traveller i often feel other people judgement and they don't have to say nothing! so i understand what it is to pick up what people think is hiden from other people but it is not as hiden as they think!

(04 Jun '11, 03:01) white tiger
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the spirit of divinity is all about love, impersonal love and love does not judge,
Jesus tried to show us the sublime spirit, our destiny


answered 03 Jun '11, 09:30

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fred judge empath do not judge other people they feel other people judgement! they feel lie deceit and lots of other stuff that people do not know!

(03 Jun '11, 16:29) white tiger

white tiger, it was the second sentence of your question i responded to, to me your term of judge empath is a brain-mind distraction that someone may use to try to qualify one of a high spirit level unfoldment.

(04 Jun '11, 01:22) fred

well fred for me the term judge empath mean someone that feels the judgement of other people.

(10 Jul '11, 06:36) white tiger

so is your Jesus a judge empath or the best example of the christ-type to date?

(11 Jul '11, 11:41) fred
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Given that the Bible equates Jesus with God, and God is supposed to be all-knowing and all-seeing, then yes, I suppose Jesus was almost certainly a judge empath, one who could tell truth from lies.


answered 03 Jun '11, 23:57

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