Recently I have had some serious financial set-backs. I started concentrating on a thought: the universe provides in most unimaginable and unexpected ways. And it does, but.... some of these provisions come with very questionable backgrounds. Some examples. At the store the cashier lady gives me back wrong change (worth eur 20). I find envelope at my mother-in laws house with usd 1100 in it. As her memory is not well, she does not have a clue that she actually has it. In my "book", both cases are considered stealing from someone. But the universe provides in unimaginable ways – I did not ask how, how much or when. PS. I also won the lottery (eur 1500) With both cases, I denied money and now money stopped coming. That might be because I felt terrible about these situations and unconsciously put a hold on it. It seems very much like a test – how far you are willing to go to get it (money)? Can the universe test you and for what purpose? And what would have been “correct” way to handle these situations?

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I hope you do not mind, but I thought your question so good that I edited your English a bit. Blessings, and good luck, Jai

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Most appreciated. Thank You!

(18 Jul '11, 13:53) HeaElu
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I have heard many times in different religious or spiritual backgrounds that when you begin to make changes for the better, you are faced with difficulties. A Christian church put it that Satan or the enemy of our soul is to blame for this. After reading this question and pondering it, I had some thoughts on what is happening. When we begin to make changes for the better, it is easy to look down on others and to feel that you are better in some way. So we attract opportunies to prove or disprove these thoughts to get imediate feedback on our actual strengths and weaknesses. It grounds us and brings us back to reality. We are human and not perfect. Part of becoming perfect and spiritually advanced is remaining humble in it all. Arrogance leads to rude behavior. Rude behavior is not spiritually advanced. So to learn and grow, we need feedback, like a test to show us what to work on.


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Fairy Princess

Remember that your Universe is a discrete Universe unto itself and the only person in it is you. Thus, each seemingly other person in your Universe is merely a version or facet of you, which you pulled into your Universe to help to give you an opportunity to remember more of who you really are. Every being does this and while it may seem that there are others, really, in your Universe it's all you.

In order to believe in the possibility that the Universe can test you, by definition, a belief in outside influences is necessary. There certainly is a lot of confusion out there. However, if you look deeply into the idea of oneness you'll see that there is no out there; there's only you/me/us moving at infinite speed here and now, thereby setting the stage of seemingly separate realities within the idea of a space-time reality.

There is a kind of test, but not in the way test is generally understood. Our Universe has no choice other than to reflect who we are being back to us through the Universal mirror of our life. The reflections are cyclic in nature and I've noticed that these cycles return to us in waves of infinitely varying duration.

The test is really just you giving you an opportunity to decide, to choose and to declare if the reflection you're getting in any moment, your current reality, is really who you are and who you want to be.

If it is, great - keep on doing what you're doing. If not, simply ignore the current reflection and remain focused upon what you want: in your mind, in your imagination and in your feelings. Ultimately, as you get more adept at this, all of your reflections will be those that you have consciously chosen and all other reflections, which consist (are made up) of default ideas and inherited confusion will naturally fade out of your awareness.

It's worth remembering that there is never and has never been any judgment imposed upon any of the reflections you're summoning. At the root there is only unconditional love and you are It and It IS you :)


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i love your answer @Eddie

(19 Jul '11, 18:40) streetsanto

Thanks streetsanto - I love doing my best to get these ideas across :)

(20 Jul '11, 01:19) Eddie

Thank you for the answer. I have to say, it took me many readings this to sink in.

(20 Jul '11, 19:26) HeaElu

@HeaElu - if you're new to wanting to understand the root of life's apparent issues, some of these ideas and concepts can be challenging. However, be assured that it gets easier as you join more dots. I’m always addressing people’s highest versions of themselves and that’s why what I say may resonate with you on some level. If someone else’s answer resonates with you and feels good to you, their suggestions may be useful, practical and valuable to you at this time. Use discernment and common sense; always follow your gut :)

(21 Jul '11, 01:58) Eddie
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The answer from Eddie is wonderful but if you need something a little more earthly than here it is.

You are testing yourself. Your conscience is bothering you and now you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself hence the end of prosperity flow. Dont worry it will come back once you realise this and compensate for any wrongs done. Rule No. 1 is forgive yourself for you are subconsciously beeting yourself up for the wrongs you beleive you have done or were tempted to do.

Its not too late to do good and start giving no matter how small the amounts are and if you truly dont have any money to give than give of your time or kindness. This will increase your self esteem and get rid of the guilt. You realised your mistake and admited it therefore you are on the mend and all you have to do is forgive yourself.

Be more specific next time you want to manifest money or whatever. Tell or write to the Universwe and say you dont mind where it comes from as long as it is legal and if non legal stuff keeps coming your way as sometimes it does to all of us be wise enough to leave well alone. Overcome your temptation and you will feel like superman/superwoman.

Expect the best and the best will present itself to you.


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Paulina 1

Thank you, Paulina! I think you have great points here. Only thing i feel funny about is asking money and adding, please make it legal...

(20 Jul '11, 19:49) HeaElu

some may say that you create your own karma, may have current experiences that were set into motion,
from a past chosen event which in term started compensation to restore balance,
each of us being as its own child of the universe with a destiny,
your trials and tribulations are intertangled with your chosen thoughts and actions,
possibly to learn though experience that it is actions guided by spirit that maintains balance in nature


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