I bumped into a friend today at the supermarket... buying frozen pizza...still in their sunday clothes. I just asked a casual question..."How was your day"? They went on and on (my eyes glazed over...I nearly fell asleep in the frozen food aisle) ...and finally they said: "As long as you Obey God...you will be alright"!

Now I have heard this many times in my life...Today however it hit me just a bit different. I know we have a few people on the site who are practicing Christians. What does this statement mean to you...in the context of you being a deliberate creator ?

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In the context of Deliberate Creation, I'd interpret Obeying God as working in alignment with Universal laws.

In the context of Religion, I'd interpret Obeying God as a ploy used, by those in positons of authority, to keep the masses under their control.


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i like your answer Micheala.

(30 May '11, 07:00) Zee

Thank you Zulu :)

(05 Jun '11, 13:45) Michaela

Thanks for that courageous perspective on religion. I think, deep inside, we know it and don't talk about it. Fear of spiritual repercussion perhaps?

(05 Jun '11, 20:39) The Traveller

@Traveller...I guess I'm getting to a place I no longer fear spiritual repercussion or maybe I can finally say "I just don't know" :)

(07 Jun '11, 21:38) Michaela
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I guess I do things wrong sometimes; I just never really thought of it as "disobeying God", per se. I love, love, love God! Because I love Him, I want to do what He asks of me, and I want to please Him, out of that love. It does seem to require a lot of effort on my part, actually...I am not saying I am "Holier than Thou", though. What I am saying is that when you love someone, you just want to make Him happy. Your will is aligned (as Michaela said) with His will. We are one in Creation. We are one in doing things.

When I stray, I know it immediately; something "nags" at me--I just try to get back on track as fast as I can. An example: I have smoked for years; I knew it was bad for me, but I never thought of it as "wrong". But recently, it did start to feel "wrong". I had read about my body being God's Temple, and I felt suddenly as though I was defiling that Temple. From that point onward, I knew I was wrong. So then I asked God to help me quit; He did, and I have. I miss it sometimes, but I hate that icky, off-the-track feeling more than I like smoking. I use the nicotine lozenges for now, but God has put a time limit on that, too.

As far as the LOA goes, when I am aligned with God, things do come more easily, and without a lot of effort. My needs are being met (perhaps not all my wants, but that is different). But when I want to co-create with God, I set the plans in motion with constant prayer, and the absolute certainty that what I am creating in the Mind of God will come to pass.

Thanks for asking such a good question! Blessings and Love to you this Memorial Day 2011, Jai


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We all have that voice inside our heads that tells us the right thing to do. I think that voice is God telling you your consequences.


answered 30 May '11, 04:32

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The Knights Alchemy

'obey god', seems to be an announcement of fear on free will


answered 01 Jun '11, 11:19

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It is also a statement often used to show off to others that you are religious and in alignment with the religious principles found in most major religions.

added later:

This statement is often used in two ways. as a question, "Do you obey God?" or as a statement, "I have always obeyd God's principles.....blah, blah, blah"

In both cases it is an opportunity to show off to the other person that you are a "good" person.

The funny thing is that 99.99% of the time, the listener to that statement can plainly see the intent of the other to show off through the use of that statement, but we all put up with it and shut up because it is a "religious" thing and we are all trained to "obey" and not question.


answered 05 Jun '11, 13:29

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The Traveller

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It is the same thing as me saying to you to listen to your inner voice, and you will be fine!


answered 01 Jun '11, 06:53

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Inactive User ♦♦

for me to obey god is to act like he would! with the same grace to help people that need help if you can give it! to experiance learn and grow to be just like he is! to be mercifull like he is! to be wise like he is! to be strong like he is! to love like he loves! to have compassion like he does!to be omnipotent in balence and harmonious like he is! to use free will like he would!


answered 05 Jun '11, 03:02

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white tiger

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