Title sums up the short version, I have had a long term feeling that there is some (non-human) entity 'pursuing' me, for lack of a more descriptive word.

To cover a few common points of inquiry regarding details: Animalistic, specifically wolf-like. Dark, black, almost absent of color. If emptyness could be a thing. Pack-like feeling, also like they're already close enough to observe but waiting for something. Sometimes I get stronger feelings of being watched, especially when I'm wandering alone in the dark (Gasp). Having other people around (of any size, shape, or strength) seems to mitigate both the fear of the dark I have and this feeling of pursuit (which happens irrelevant ofday/night, comes and goes).

No bad experiences with wolves or anything similar. No aversions to animals, actually generally very good with animals both wild and domestic.

Also I suppose I should mention that when I get the 'fear' of them impending, it isn't the same as feeling like you're in physical danger. For lack of a better way to describe, it feels like the "soul" is in danger, but using that word doesn't feel right here.

[...] Worth mentioning as well, though there are times when I feel like I'm straight up being watched, sometimes from immediately behind, and other times when it feels like I can't even 'sense' or 'perceive' this feeling, there is an overall feeling of them drawing nearer. Not nearer in distance, and I'm not totally sure what event this approaching feeling is indicating.

Hope some of this came through at least a bit.

Best wishes.


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seems you are afraid of your own animal instincts, wolf like would suggest aggressive, rapine like instincts

(02 Feb '13, 12:31) blubird two

use releaser99's brute force method to regain rapid emotional control. research shadow work.

(02 Feb '13, 15:31) don
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I once saw this thing you are talking about. I was fishing by myself in a very remote part of New York state, miles from the nearest road. I was fishing for trout in a very small stream that ran through a little ravine. As I moved among the huge ancient trees along the stream I got the uneasy feeling that I was not alone there. The sun was getting low in the sky and in the deep woods twilight was setting in. I turned to look behind me and I saw a dark creature that looked half-way between a man and an ape standing there about a hundred feet behind me. It stepped behind a huge hemlock tree. I hope you never feel the terror that griped me. I ran about a mile and a half back to where my family was, all the time knowing in my mind that it couldn't have been real. I was too ashamed of myself to tell anyone about it. I have often thought about this. I think white tiger is right. But this creature has a name and it is instinctual primal fear. I feel that some people like you are more in touch with their animal instincts than others. They are there to protect you: to over-ride your concious pride and drive you from places that are not safe. These instincts have come along with us from a distant past when they protected our distant ancestors from real dangerous creatures. This dark creature has stalked us through the ages. I have decided that he is more friend than foe. When ever I feel it's presence I take it as a warning that i am placing myself in unnecessary danger of some kind. You may be lucky you feel it's presence so strongly.


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@farmer - What an interesting perspective. I too think that our @Snow is especially sensitive, and acknowledges and questions things that I am only peripherally aware of, but mostly forget.

For some reason, I love the idea that the creatures you both describe are "more friend than foe". It feels deeply true, like you touched a very old memory with that statement. These warnings have been misunderstood before, and by many. I just feel sure of it. Thank you both for sharing your experiences.

(02 Feb '13, 21:09) Grace

What does the wolf represent to you? if you have no idee search the web. As for the darkness and being afraid,you should know by now that if you become the light that you can be they will have no hold on you. That is why the darkness try to make you fear to manipulate you and feed on your fear to hold control over you. That wolf might represent a part of you that is observing you and trying to help you but you are afraid and running from it face it with no fear in truth with a good heart,ask the wolf why do you follow me? And what do you want? Yes you are right your soul and spirit are in danger,of that darkness that makes you fear and it might not be the wolf at all. But onless you face it and ask you will never know and keep running being scared of your own shadow.

So let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

being persude from a distance is very much real to me!!! The bible says that the devil comes but to STEAL ! KILL ! AND DESTROY ! , I rest my case . But I fret not . Why say you? Simple , I'm MY OWN WORSE ENEMY !!! If there is something I feel on my heart to pursue that which God placed on my heart ; I must carry the task out till its complete. If I dont then I have DEFEATED MYSELF !!!


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Popi Bearcat Gibson

I know exactly what these creatures are and you are very close in your description of them. Rather then telling you what they are because you seem to be in a place of fear, I'll tell you the Good News.

You needn't fear anything if you accept, Jesus Christ as your personal savior. The key is savior, he is our champion that has already defeated all of Hell including Satan himself.

Even the Hounds of Hell become docile and bow down before Jesus. They will not reach you if you walk with Jesus. You can even dismiss them in Jesus' name and they must and will leave.


answered 02 Feb '13, 14:15

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Wade Casaldi

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