Could someone outline a way to finally conquer those long-held, deep-rooted fears that perhaps have been held since childhood? Thanks.

Many Blessings,Jaianniah

asked 10 Jun '11, 11:23

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I know this isn't much of a helpful answer at this exact time but Manifesting Experiment 4 (The 'Resistance Release' Method) which I'm going to be posting on IQ next week is aimed exactly at this sort of situation.

I'm sitting here writing out the instructions for it at this moment :)

It's all about uncovering and then tackling those issues that have become so much a part of you that you don't even realize any more that you have them, or the effect they are having on your life.

If you knew consciously they were there, you could probably do something about them but they are issues that so deeply-rooted within you (usually since childhood) that you just don't have an awareness that they are standing in the way of your happiness or preventing you manifesting what you want. You just know something in that area of your life isn't working but you just can't get enough of a grip on it to know precisely how to deal with it.

So my answer to this, if anyone is reading this after next week, would be to try Manifesting Experiment 4 :)

For right now, I would suggest looking into EFT (free to learn around the internet) since that's going to form part of it, and is an invaluable fear conquering method as it stands.


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I am looking forward to your Manifesting Experiment, Stingray! I sure can use it! Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(10 Jun '11, 14:02) Jaianniah

You can stop this evil fear, by starting to forgive everyone that has caused you pain, and hardship in your life. You can clean out all of the old hatred that has been surrounding your life, and make peace with yourself to forgive yourself also, and God will hear your call for help, if you have truly forgiven yourself within your heart and everyone that has caused you pain, God will listen to your plea for help, and he will give you a renewed spirit to move forward in your life, and you will see many new positive changes for betterment, and peace of mind!

There is a spiritual cleaning out that has to be done for you to get rid of the old evil fear that is holding you back. So take heed, and listen to the inner voice of God, feel his anointing, feel his healing power, and do what he calls you to do!

Peace and Love, have faith, God loves you!


answered 12 Jun '11, 01:25

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