Sometimes we get feelings to do something and at other times to not do something. How do we differantiate between real intuition and just fear or influance based thoughts.

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Intuition is your glimpse of your potential from outside of the restrictions of this reality.

If you examine it while still staying free from the restrictions of your existence you will continue to experience it and describe it as an intuition or a feeling.

Intuition is much purer.

By the time you are calling it a “feeling” you are already in the process of assimilating that intuition against the potential that is available to you when explored within the restrictions of reality, and that's why you can assess what kind of feeling will be generated when that intuition is expressed within the restrictions here.

So by the time you call it a feeling it has already been "processed" against available potentiality & your current personality makeup to determine the feeling that will unfold in expressing that intuition.

If you, however, take that intuition and "think it", which you must do at some point whether you like it or not, it is the lowest common denominator of your own capability as expressed within the restrictions of reality. (As initiated by that intuition)

Now if you choose, you can take that already diminished, lowest common denominator potential, of your intuition, which you have now converted into a thought and perhaps a conversation, and compare this "idea" with others of similar interest to examine if there is any validity to your "new idea" that you are exploring within yourself.

You friends with the same interest as you will listen to your "new" idea, Which is the lowest common denominator potential of your own intuition as compared against the existing restrictions within reality as expressed within your potential, and they will use the capacity of "thought" to compare "it" against each of their own lowest common denominator potential that is expressible within the restrictions of reality from their own personality, WITHOUT THE ASSISTANCE OF YOUR INTUITION TO GUIDE THEM IN THE ASSESMENT OF THE IDEA.

So their assessment of your idea is only that.

It is an assessment of their potential, not an assessment of your INTUITION.

Ego is just the point of reference within the third dimensional reality.

So everything you "do" and "think" and "discuss" is an ego reference.

We have to get away from the idea that the "ego" reference is somehow bad or not ideal to being spiritually in touch.

If you are physical you need the ego, or let's say that if you are physical then you have an ego just as much as you have a physical body.

It is the interface through which you operate as a spiritual being.

Within your physical expression you need a way to know what you must do next to be in alignment with who you chose to be in this physical expression.

It is exactly the same as you sitting at a canvas and asking "what can I paint next?"

Now if your exploration to "what can I paint next?" is conducted by you examining every painting that you have already painted in the past, you can compare that to "thinking" what can I paint next?

If you visit an art gallery for inspiration, you can compare that to asking everybody you know "can you please tell me what I should paint next?"

You can see here that asking others is a good idea as long as you realize that you are doing it to awaken your own intuition into new un-explored directions, so that your ultimate decision is not based on what they tell you but is rather based on what was awakened within you as a result of talking to them.

Now finally, if you went for a walk on a beautiful Sunday morning and while on this walk a sudden desire awakened in you to paint a beautiful green meadow with one single sunflower in the middle, and you literally ran back with excitement to paint it on canvas, you can call that intuition.


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Wow! This is a wopper of an answer and thanks so much for it explains intuition briliantly. Yes the Ego is very neccesary for survival on our physical plane. Thanks again.

(11 Mar '12, 05:55) Paulina 1

Get into the vortex - if you still feel like doing it, it's inspiration. If not, it was a mind trick.


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Thanks Benjamin.

(10 Mar '12, 05:02) Paulina 1

Intuition and inspiration always feel good. Until we're in touch with our feelings, we'll sometimes act on suggestions from our negative ego-self. That's not bad, it's just a part of our learning process. Remember: there are no mistakes and no accidents.

Remember also, that feelings come from our emotional guidance system and if followed, our feeling guidance will never lead us astray. One way to get in touch with your feeling center is to begin appreciating everything that's good (in your terms) in your life right now. Appreciation is a high vibrational state that will lead you to more things, people and places to appreciate ♥


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dang, you give good answers @Eddie. I won't bother now....

and so there is no confusion this time; I will add this . . . love it!

(11 Mar '12, 03:51) ele

Thanks ele, it's always exciting to meet others... Confirmation is the other side of this coin... love it!

(11 Mar '12, 05:10) Eddie

Beautiful answer Eddie and very true. Thank you.

(11 Mar '12, 06:02) Paulina 1
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When an intuition-driven action is taken you feel very light inside and feel really confident. Thoughts are less and you just DO IT. At that time people seldom think about applying logic to the action. Things simply get done!

When action is not intuition driven, sometimes you feel heavy inside, you try to prove things logically and there are lots of other distractions when performing the action.

Sometimes, it so happens that we do something driven by intuition and is not necessarily good every time. I feel this is because, our inner self wanted to experience the situation and there is a learning hidden that is really beautiful in real sense. I love to take random actions driven by my intuition. Feeling like a butterfly inside!


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yes sometime you should listen to your inner knowing to your self. even when it talks to you about other people. it might help you make the correct action. even if it does not seam logical to other what you know and what they know are not alwaays the same. so have faith in your self. experience and enjoy.

(13 Mar '12, 09:37) white tiger

Thanks perfection for a beautiful answer.

(14 Mar '12, 13:57) Paulina 1

Paulina i will simply say first know your self and the second step is know other. are you able to apply the golden rule for your self and other? then you will know in truth if it is ego or intuition. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

eddie, we may not be our feelings but the experiencer of them. not unlike our mind that creates thought possibilities yet is not us. feelings can be detached once objectified and then measured for harmony, the acid test and if by chance they don't hold up replaced by more universal values. which is ego, which is inuition, which is spirit, which is common belief

(12 Mar '12, 21:31) fred

Thanks White Tiger.

(14 Mar '12, 13:58) Paulina 1
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