Two days before I started to manifest a specific cell phone set which is much better than I already have.Today I received a phone call from a friend that a man in his office want to sell his cell .Then I thought that what should I do to my previous cell. After a while one of my colleagues came to me and told me that he wanted to buy same as I owned .I immediately sold my set to him.

Then I visited my friend's office to check the cell phone set he offered me today.Though the set was not of same company or model I was trying to attract.But this is in good shape and in better condition than my previous set.

Now what should i do in this condition.should I accept the offer or try attract my ideal/specific set?

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You can do whatever you like.

Even though it seems to us in human form that there is something final or finished about something that manifests in physical reality, there isn't.

What you manifest in the material world is only a physical reflection of desires you once held and your desires will always change - you can't stop that happening.

So even if this was the perfect phone, it would only be a matter of time until your life moved on and eventually it would no longer feel perfect.

And that's perfectly okay because physical life is intended to be a non-stop procession of desires.

So I would say accept the phone right now if you feel right now that it's the right thing to do, or reject it and attract another if you feel right now that that is the right thing to do instead.

There's no absolute right or wrong, it's just about what you feel is right in the moment.

One final point though. It would be helpful to you to feel appreciative of how the situation has unfolded up to now since that will make it more likely that similar situations (where you get what you want) will occur.

There is nothing out there in the universe that needs your appreciation, it's just a trick that keeps you vibrationally tapped into that energy stream of creation.


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@Stingray...i am so happy to see you say "nothing out there in the universe that needs your appreciation, it's just a trick" . Most people are unaware of this.

(08 Jun '11, 13:21) streetsanto

Ok I'm curious...why 'trick'? Makes it sound like the universe is playing with us :)

(08 Jun '11, 13:39) Michaela

@Michaela - It's just a word :) If I want to make sure I don't forget something when going outside, I use the trick of putting it in front of the door. You can use the word method if you wish but I've used that word so many times on this site, I'd thought I'd try something different :) On a broader level though, everything is a game so you could say quite legitimately, in my view, that the universe is playing with us :)

(08 Jun '11, 15:04) Stingray

"The universe is playing with us" (lol)... after I wrote it I knew you would agree :)) And thanks for clarifying 'trick'.

(08 Jun '11, 21:48) Michaela

Thank you stingray for nice answer.

(09 Jun '11, 04:13) Zee
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Take the phone your on a roll! You will probably end up with a better phone soon anyways at the rate your going. I always like the slider cellphones that were in the movie The Matrix. And I realized the other day it was the way the phone slid and the clicked it made I thought was so cool.
Just the way my phone does now .So I have the phone I always wanted and its even better than the one I wanted.So yea take the phone and enjoy.


answered 09 Jun '11, 22:09

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Much agreed so many times something better comes to us than we wanted but we don't see it because we are looking for something else, much like my story. If you don't see the value of what you have and try to get what you want you could lose the thing that is best.

(09 Jun '11, 23:23) Wade Casaldi

Thanks URSIXX and Wade....

(10 Jun '11, 04:01) Zee

I believe I would if I were you. There is a story of a dog that had a bone. He saw his reflection in the mirror and wanted the other bone. When he went to get the other bone he dropped the one he had on the floor!


answered 08 Jun '11, 14:08

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Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade...i like the

(09 Jun '11, 04:14) Zee

Yes this is the same as "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." It would be like if someone gave you a Ferrari and you said "This is green! Do you have a blue one I could have instead?"

(09 Jun '11, 15:47) Wade Casaldi

I do like blue Ferrari's.... keep the green for awhile then get the blue one

(10 Jun '11, 06:04) ursixx

Ahh the old have your cake and eat it too. I see lol

Hey if someone offered me a Ferrari I'd take it no matter what color it was even plaid! lol It's a Ferrari!!!!! lol

(11 Jun '11, 01:20) Wade Casaldi
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Zulu, the answer you seek lies within you, ask the question, and listen to the answer from your inner voice that answers all questions!

Personally, I know that you know what you should do, so go ahead and get the phone that is your choice!


answered 09 Jun '11, 05:49

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Inactive User ♦♦

thans are the person offered me another i was dreaming many days before.lolz

(09 Jun '11, 05:59) Zee

Vee - Zee cousins? ;)

(09 Jun '11, 22:10) ursixx Zee and zulu are the same person...lolz

(10 Jun '11, 04:00) Zee

@ursixx: Did you think Vee and Zee are cousins, because our names rhyme? The name Vee was my mother’s pet name given to her by my father, short for Veronica!

(10 Jun '11, 23:51) Inactive User ♦♦
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To me it seems like this wasn't what was being attracted... You acted in haste and settled for what u ended up with now you yourself are in doubt about your actions... only because you already know you made the mistake hence you seek people to support your decision but ONLY YOU can attract for YOURSELF do not look outward for the pat on the back.

When asking for a specific thing you WILL attract it or you WILL get better then you ever imagined that has been my personal experience so far.

Try to have a definiteness of purpose OR leave it completely to the Universe to decide for you in which case it can turn out to be totally awesome.

I hope you will help your self with clear definiteness of purpose in the future and visualize correctly without worrying about the outcome.

Best Regards in your next wish ... Be careful what you wish for and ask for the best !


answered 24 Jun '11, 23:01

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Arti Joshi 1

Thank you Arti Joshi for your kind difinite of purpose mean "more specific about the purpose"?

(27 Jun '11, 08:20) Zee
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