I have thoughts, and feelings behind those thoughts... That makes me who I am.

If everything is energy, including thoughts, and feelings are the catalyst for manifestation, then how come all thoughts don't become reality?

I've heard some people say that God/universe is trying to teach a lesson, or desires based on ego are not materialized, or that the soul is here to learn a predefined set of lessons and manifests only things that are along a soul path, etc.

But all those explanations seem rather selective or specific, especially when talking about a "law"... Natural laws are simple and generic, it is their applications that are specific... So what am I missing? I guess my question is this: I'd like to manifest more good things in my life, but does that mean I can only think and feel positive? Becoming a die-hard optimist does definitely increase the quality of life, maybe that's the secret.

Just to add to this:

What happens during a crisis? When you're in a crisis and things are going wrong, it's so hard not be completely overtaken by events...

And when you're there, experiencing the crisis for all it's worth, the raw-ness, and vulnerability, the thoughts are not typically of sunshine and bunny rabbits... I'm wondering how the Law of Attraction applies to crisis situations and when the mind is in a crisis state.

If the Law of Attraction is true, then if I enter a crisis, does that mean I will attract more bad things?

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A painter doesn't paint every vision that awakens within his/her mind

A composer doesn't capture & explore every song/music that is witnessed

You don't speak every idea that comes to mind during conversation

You don't believe, follow or explore every concept that awakens in your mind

But then there comes a moment when you make a choice.

That moment is the same regardless of if it is a painting, a song, a though, a belief or an experience.

You know when you have made it.

Because from that point onwards that "thing" that you chose is described by your consciousness as being "TRUE"

Regardless of whether you Believe it or not believe it (either of those states is believing), accept it or reject it (once again, both of those ideas being real), Once it is true for you it is YOURS to experience.

Something doesn't have to physically exist for it to exist in your life.

The fear of becoming sick is a real experience.

You don't have to actually be sick to physically experience the fear of being sick.

The fear exist as a real experience, because the danger is a "Truth" within your consciousness.

So does that mean that if you don't accept the possibility of sickness as a truth (completely be detached from the idea), then you will be free from illness?

Most likely not!

We as a species have developed the unique habit of worrying about experiences that god hasn't given us yet, as if doing that would protect us from the experience.

And in doing this we then attract what is not meant for our soul development.

Instead of following our excitement or bliss we follow our worry in the hopes of avoiding it.

We are trying to create joy by eliminating and avoiding fear

An so we experience again and again in the physical, the avoidance and elimination of fear.

This is of course an extreme example to illustrate the point

I'm sure you were not thinking about fear in asking the question.

If you are thinking and dwelling on something, it is real.

real is not just physical.

real is all that exists.

If is exist in your mind and you are being affected by it, IT IS REAL.

and you will be affected by it.

even if it is not manifested physically it's effects will be manifested upon your emotional experience.

That makes it REAL.

Real is both physical and non physical reality.


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The Traveller

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I like this, @The Traveller. Experience of any kind is a manifestation.

(11 Dec '13, 11:40) Grace

On a higher level of Being, thoughts are instantly materialized. This does not happen on Earth level due to Time Laws and Security reasons.

Imagine how catastrophic would be if every random and egoistic thought of the Human Being came manifested! Absolut inferno! We humans are immature and can not manage to control our thoughts. Opposite ideas, wishes and fears, cancel each other's manifestation all the time... I want this car so much (desire) BUT in the same time I am afraid I cannot afford it (fear that cancels the previous thought of desire)

When our species evolve enough mentally and emotionally so as to fully control Thoughts and master Emotions, instant manifestation will be a reality on Earth...

Untill then, we just have to make wishes....


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In order to become physical, probable events must meet certain conditions, as it were. They must fall into the proper time and space slots. There must be a psychological fit also, certain intensities reached in terms of desire, belief, or intent.

By intensity I do not necessarily mean effort, vehement desire, or determined conscious intent. I mean instead the collection of certain intangible qualities, precisely focused toward physical activity.

Physical events imply the collection of basically nonphysical forces into an organization that exists initially outside of the time-space context.

This is a psychological organization, consisting of a selection of chosen probable events. These wait in the wings, so to speak, for physical actualization.

The final trigger for that actualization may come from the waking or dream states, but it will represent the final factor needed - the quickening of inspiration, desire, or purpose-that will suddenly activate the initial psychological organization as a physical occurrence.

Source: The Nature of The Psyche (A Seth Book)


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