Is it possible to reverse manifesting? Im not trying to reverse anything, but have been thinking about the L.O.A and this time buffer thing.

Say for e.g you have manifested a whole new life, partner, career or whatever and you have been manifesting non stop for a long time. But what happens somewhere down the line that you have changed or your thought pattern is no longer going the same way.

Some questions! -

  • Can you expect what you have have thought about regardless followed by what you are NOW thinking, or can you start a fresh from day one?

  • If the universe is intent on delivering then why does this buffer exist?

  • Will what is best for you turn up anyway, whether you want it at the time or not?

  • If your thought pattern is swaying, does this mean you dont really want what you are creating or is this the universe little test of faith?!

thanx xxx

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a bit of clear thinking is needed here .

(09 Jan '11, 16:42) blubird two

most definately!

(09 Jan '11, 21:27) Mile3 1
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The Universe doesn't test us - it will always bring about a manifestation that is a vibrational match. The LOA is always at work, whether we're conscious of it or not. We're always able to change our mind but remember that' it's how we feel that really determines what shows up in our reality - We can work at changing our thought patterns but if we really don't believe those new thoughts, the Universe won't either.

If you're undecided or your thoughts are swaying, the Universe will send a manifestation that corresponds to that confusion - that is why we need to be clear about what we want.

Take a look at Stingray's manifestation experiments - he really has this stuff down pat.


answered 09 Jan '11, 16:55

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Thanks Barry - I should have included the link :)

(09 Jan '11, 19:36) Michaela

oh no, thats exactly whats happening! Im confused, and now ive been sent a confusing situation. Thanx for helping me see whats obvious now! Oh thats so funny but true xxx

(09 Jan '11, 21:26) Mile3 1

No problem, Michaela

(10 Jan '11, 07:39) Barry Allen ♦♦

No, you cannot reverse manifesting, the universe will manifest your desire, so be careful about what you ask for!


answered 10 Jan '11, 05:31

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Trying to change your mind is like shooting an arrow at a target then trying to retrieve it before it hits its target.

Once the desire is released it is in the works, on the way. Think of a stewardess taking your order on an airplane she is just about to hand your order to you and you say wait I changed my mind! You can't do that to her it would probably get you thrown off the airplane! You would be seen as a trouble maker causing trouble! Everyone would be thinking, "Shut up and eat it, you ordered it!"


answered 07 Sep '12, 00:44

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Wade Casaldi

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