This is referring to Manifesting experiment 2 .I'm sure this was something I was doing wrong. Using focus blocks to feel better about a particular topic I was working my way up to feeling good about this,up to positive expectation/ belief.which was great for a few days then I started to slide back down again so I was constantly having to go back to the focus block to work my way back up the scale.

Should I just remain neutral on this subject to prevent becoming too hopeful? I seem to have trouble staying hopeful about something.I know we should detach from manifesting but easier said than done:)


By the way focus blocks are mostly working great for me. The best process I have ever used and would like to thank Stingray for sharing this:)

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Yes, this issue of a subject that seems to "slip back" again even after it has been molded into a better feeling place is something that I've experienced myself a number of times and is something that I've seen happen to others many times too.

From my experience and research, I think it happens because we have dealt with a symptom of the problem rather than the problem itself.

For example, we might want to become more wealthy in our lives but the real core issue might be that we feel unworthy of wealth and guilty about being wealthy. So even though we keep moving our vibrational setpoint regarding wealth into a better place, we still don't attract it because the core blockages have not been dealt with.

If you take a look at the analogy of the table top and table legs, you'll see that there can be many supporting emotional drivers/beliefs and, to be sure the symptomatic issue has been finally and permanently resolved, I think you really need to clean up all those supporting drivers/beliefs.

I find that correctly identifying those drivers/beliefs is perhaps the trickiest issue of all in manifesting what you want, or feeling better about a subject.

After all, how can you systematically break down a statement like "I feel wealthy" into "I feel unworthy of wealth" or "I feel guilty about having wealth"? There's no obvious link between them and different people will have different core issues.

This is exactly what the process in Manifesting Experiment 4 (The "Resistance Release" Method) is all about. It will be up on IQ in a few days.

Once you've correctly identified those supporting drivers/beliefs, you'll find it should be fairly straightforward to mold them into better-feeling places and, not only will that permanently clean up the subject that is bothering you, it will also clean up many other issues in your life that those drivers/beliefs were supporting.


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Thank you for your answer Stingray.I mulled over this and think I found 2 other supporting beliefs from this maybe 3.I never thought of it this way. This explains the flashbacks I was getting while working on focus blocks about things I just thought were random.Thank you Stingray,think I can finally make a permanent shift on this subject:)

(12 Jun '11, 15:52) Satori

Glad to help, Martin

(12 Jun '11, 16:31) Stingray

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that we hold, usually unconciously, that keep us from getting what we want. Some limiting beliefs could be: I don't deserve (money, or this thing I want); It is beyond my ability to acquire/achieve (this thing I want); I am afraid to get (this thing I want) because someone will take it away, or make fun of me, reject me, be jealous of me, etc... Once you establish some limiting beliefs, you do EFT to eliminate the negative emotions and limiting beliefs you hold about your desires.

I have recently come up with a new technique. I call it Two Hands Touching. It works excellent with affirmations. This should give you peace about the subject. You might need to do it every day until it clears.


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Fairy Princess

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Thanks for your answer Fairy Princess. I should give EFT another shot.Find it tough to get in the feeling place though.:)

(12 Jun '11, 15:56) Satori

Seems like you have done your home work with Manifesting Experiment 2, and Stingray’s Focus Block Exercise, so the only other thing you need to do is to learn patience, continue to stay focused on your goals by doing your part of the action plan, and allow the universe to do the work of attracting and manifesting your desire to you in the appropriate time frame!

There is a saying: Good things come to those who wait!


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Thanks for your answer Vee. Yes , patience is something I need to work on:)

(12 Jun '11, 15:40) Satori

I miss Vee

(11 Jun '12, 15:44) ursixx
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