I guess this question is pretty straightforward and everything is in the question itself : When you are using focus blocks (or anything similar) to clear up your vibrations on a particular topic, what should you be doing if the same topic comes up again in a few weeks' or a few months' time again? And does it actually imply anything (in terms of your own vibration levels and manifestations) ?

Here are just a few simple examples to clarify things up and explain it better (with the more common issues that most people seem to have):

  1. Maybe in January you feel like you do not have enough money and are in a lot of debt. You do a focus block or wheel around this issue and you feel considerably better and things seem to start going better for you for a few weeks. But in late February or early March, you might experience the same doubt again : that your debts still haven't seemed to be cleared yet. Should you just do another focus block on the same topic which you have done 2-3 months ago?
  2. Maybe you want a partner so much that you start a focus block on not having a partner today. After completing the block or wheel, you feel better. But after a month or two, you start to again realize that you still do not have a partner and feel bad about it. Should you just do another focus block on the same topic? Will that really help?

One more thing that I would like to note is that sometimes the same thing that pops up again seems to feel much more worse than the first time you tried to clean up your vibrations regarding it? Maybe it is because you feel that the focus blocks isn't helping at all ?

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Does it imply anything if an "issue" reappears?

Yes, it implies you're still thinking :)

The basic idea with methods like Focus Blocks is that your vibrational setpoint on any topic always remains where you last left it.

Many people experience this phenomenon by visiting some remote place they have never visited before (usually on vacation), have some unique experiences and then forget about them after they return. It's not until they revisit that place again, perhaps many years later, that all those vibrations regarding that place are reactivated and the same ideas/experiences they had previously are re-inspired to them again. They might even start reactivating the same mental attitudes they had when they previously visited.

If you shift a vibrational setpoint using Focus Blocks/Wheels and you believe the statements you are making from that new vibrational place, your vibration has now shifted permanently. And whenever you reactivate the subject, it will be reactivated from that new vibrational place because "your vibration is always where you last left it".

So why does something that was molded into a better-feeling place come up again as not feeling good?

It's because you've had a thought(s) in between molding the vibration and now that has caused your vibrational setpoint to reactivate at a previous not-so-good feeling point. (I'm ignoring for the sake of simplifying this explanation that your Vortex is continually expanding anyway)

What usually causes your feelings about the subject to dip is that something has made you realize that you don't physically have what you are after yet and those previous habitual thoughts of lack regarding it are reactivated i.e. you've revisited that old vacation spot and all the old attitudes have come back to you.

If you were somehow able to keep your attention completely off the subject (and treat the new good-feeling emotion as being enough of a manifestation for you), your vibrational setpoint would always be attracting from the last good-feeling place and your physical manifestations would reflect that. That's why, for example, in Manifesting Experiment 1 (The Manifesting Box), I try to get people to not think about what they want again after writing the requests.

That's not always possible obviously if you are engaged in a normal, daily life so Focus Blocks was presented as a more deliberate way of allowing you to easily climb back up to those good-feeling vibrational setpoints again if you happen to drift back to those old habitual attitudes of thought.

So what do you do if a Focus Block issue reappears?

Well, for me, I just re-read my original Focus Blocks regarding that subject. At the time of the writing of them, those statements brought me from my old habitual thoughts to a good-feeling place and if I'm now back to those old habitual thoughts then rereading the statements should bring me back again within a few minutes.

Sometimes I've found that perhaps I was feeling unusually good when writing the original Focus Blocks so some of the vibrational gaps between the original statements were able to be wider than if I had done the Focus Blocks when feeling less good...it's like being able to run faster or lift heavier weights on a day when your body is feeling exceptionally strong and vital. So, in those cases, I may need to insert some extra additional statements just to bridge those gaps to make it more easy for me to re-climb the vibrational ladder when I reread those Focus Blocks.

The question then arises as to how often are you going to end up rereading those Focus Blocks statements in order to keep bringing you back to the new good-feeling place instead of the old habitual attitudes.

The good news is that the more time you spend with your new vibrational setpoint, the more likely it is that the new vibrational setpoint will become the new default for that subject and the old habitual attitudes will just fade away quietly...and your new physical life manifestations will reflect that change in your default, dominant thought for that subject.

So, summing up here, if you are using Focus Blocks and they work for a while but you are drifting back, just reread the Focus Blocks to bring yourself back to the new place again and don't worry if you then drift back again because you still have those unique, customized statements to bring your good feelings back.

The reason you now feel worse after using Focus Blocks when you drift back to your old habitual thoughts is because you are starting to acclimatize to the new vibrational setpoint so a dip from it is going to seem far more uncomfortable. It's a similar concept to that explained in Is meditation a cure-all?

Now it could be that you really don't want the hassle of having to reread Focus Blocks statements every so often to give yourself another "dose" of good-feeling and you are too impatient to allow your new vibrational setpoint to gradually re-acclimatize.

If that's the case then you can use the more head-on clearing methods explained in Manifesting Experiment 4 and Manifesting Experiment 5. There's no right or wrong approach or method...just use whatever you feel works for you the most effectively (or whatever you feel most intuitively drawn towards) at this time in your life.

Hope that answers your questions.


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To be honest I have had a difficult time doing anything Abraham-related (focus blocks/meditating to their CDs) ever since the copyright incident. Guess I have not gotten over the 'cult of personality' :)

(11 Jan '12, 02:18) kakaboo

@kakaboo - If it makes you feel any better, Abraham don't care about copyright and they've said so clearly in the past - the laws are universal and don't belong to anyone. Copyright is just a human-made convention but obviously non-physical beings like Abraham are not going to interfere with our freewill in playing those games with each other. If you don't like the messenger anymore, that's fine, but discarding the (universal) message also as a result probably isn't doing you any favors. Sounds like a subject for a Focus Block :)

(11 Jan '12, 04:28) Stingray

@Stingray - Yup that's why I have not thrown away the (universal) message away completely if not I would not have asked this question.. just maybe taking a break from Abraham-related stuff and looking for other "messengers" at the same time

(11 Jan '12, 07:40) kakaboo
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This is because of habit. The mind is the seat of habit.

The focus blocks method is a great way to achieve relief. But sometimes the habit is strong and consistency is required. Decide you are going to reach for relief every time those thoughts come, and let go of the outcome for now. Your goal should be not to get the result, but to change your point of attraction - your thinking habits.

Keep doing the focus blocks, and at the end of each one just let yourself enjoy the vibration of what you DO want. Just enjoy that beautiful moment. Let yourself be addicted to it. So addicted, that every time you slip into negative thoughts, you will notice it immediately and have a chance to reverse it. I also recommend meditating daily.

Practice and patience. You are doing a great job, as long as you feel relief.


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i would say that problem that keep coming back is because they are not solve they are just over look. so i would suggest that you solve them for good.Eight Disciplines Problem Solving is a method used to approach and to resolve problems, typically employed by quality engineers or other professionals.

D0: The Planning Phase: Plan for solving the problem and determine the prerequisites.

D1: Use a Team: Establish a team of people with product/process knowledge.

D2: Define and describe the Problem: Specify the problem by identifying in quantifiable terms the who, what, where, when, why, how, and how many (5W2H) for the problem.

D3: Developing Interim Containment Plan Implement and verify Interim Actions: Define and implement containment actions to isolate the problem from any customer.

D4: Determine and Identify and Verify Root Causes and escape points: Identify all applicable causes that could explain why the problem has occurred. Also identify why the problem has not been noticed at the time it occurred. All causes shall be verified or proved, not determined by fuzzy brainstorming. One can use 5Whys or Ishikawa Diagram to map causes against effect/Problem identified.

D5: Choose and verify Permanent Corrections (PCs) for Problem/Non Conformity: Through pre-production programs quantitatively confirm that the selected correction will resolve the problem for the customer.

D6: Implement and validate PCAs: Define and Implement the best corrective actions.

D7: Prevent recurrence/Corrective Actions: Modify the management systems, operation systems, practices, and procedures to prevent recurrence of this and all similar problems.

D8: Congratulate your Team: Recognize the collective efforts of the team. The team needs to be formally thanked by the organization.[1][2]

8D has become a standard in the Auto, Assembly and other industries that require a thorough structured problem solving process using a team approach.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight_Disciplines_Problem_Solving experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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