I have a hard time finding a better feeling thought. Doesn't really matter what the subject is. I try to quiet my mind for a minute or two but it usually doesn't work. I'd try to meditate for 15-20 minutes but the last time I meditated I felt really bad the whole day (not just bad but like I was going crazy, that bad). So that's why I don't want to meditate, at least until I feel a little better with what-is. So how do I find a better feeling thought? I watched Stingray's focus blocks demonstrations and perfectly get it but just can't find the better feeling thought...

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Seriously, a better feeling thought? Why not carry a bag of candies around in your pocket. Seems like more effective and less of a struggle than trying to keep a single thought on your mind that will make you happy.

But if you want a happy thought so much, try a girl worth fighting for. Always does it for me. lol


(08 Apr '13, 07:08) CalonLan

@timmyy Here is a quick tip. Add a question mark to the initial thought.

(08 Apr '13, 07:51) flowsurfer

@timmyy I like think of it this way ... the hidden motivation for everything I do is always a feeling I really want. Whatever I say I want, whatever the thing I wish for, is just an imagined pathway into the feeling I really want most of all. The feeling that I always wanted was to feel happy. What I really want underneath is to experience happiness. With experience I've learned that what I think will happen when I get all those things on my list never happens.

(03 Jul '15, 08:48) jaz

@timmyy going deeper ... So the hidden motivation behind everything on my list of what I want to fix, change, create, improve or experience in my life ... is feeling happiness. And the hidden motivation for all the things I do to play, explore and express myself creatively is to ... experience a wide variety of emotions

(03 Jul '15, 08:55) jaz
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I think that Stingray's Focus Blocks Method (or Abraham's Focus Wheels) is an amazing, world-shattering tool. It can move you from feeling really, really bad (even suicidal) to feeling really really good in about 5-20 minutes. It can literally change your attitude towards life in a few minutes.

However...here comes a big however...

I see major obstacles for beginners. In my view The Focus Blocks Method is simple...but it is not easy. In fact, it can be extremely frustrating and it can make you feel worse if you don't know how to apply it in your life.

It is similar to wanting to learn how to ride a bike. You see other people who figured it out already and it looks so easy. But it is not. You probably think to yourself "It can't be that difficult to learn. It looks so easy.

alt text

Yes, it is simple and easy if you've learned it already. But if you don't know how to ride a bike, be sure to have a tough time learning it. You cannot learn to ride a bike by reading or watching others doing it.

You can ask 10000...questions and read dozens of books. But you must practice it yourself many times to learn it. That's just how life works.

Having that said I think one can make major leaps in learning if he pays attention to some crucial points. I have learned The Focus Blocks method very fast. But I have years of experiences with similar tools such as releasing techniques. And over the years I've painfully figured out the crucial points myself.

Stingray described major categories in this answer.

Here is my take on Focus Blocks and what to consider.

1.Think 10%, feel 90%.

As Stingray has already mentioned, manifesting tools are just mental frameworks. It's not a game of mental physics. Here is a tip. Focus on your solar plexus area (chest and stomach) all the time during your FB session. Have a part of your attention (90%) there all the time. Use the other 10% of your attention mentally to come up with new statements.

2.Slow things down drastically

I see people rushing through their Focus Blocks. They fear feeling negative emotions. They fear to make statements that make them feel worse. So they rush through their Focus Block and ignore all negative feelings. Thus they don't feel relief. Because in order to feel relief, you must allow yourself to feel bad first. You must have a reference point to know which thought feels better. Otherwise, you just create even more resistance and frustration. So slow things down drastically. Take time to find a thought that feels better.

3.Always compare your new statement with your initial statement

If you slow things down and allow yourself to feel bad, you have all the time in the world to compare your statements. So you can decide if your new thought/statement feels better than your initial statement. If not... that's ok, just notice that it doesn't feel better and come up with another statement that feels slightly better.

4.Always follow the feeling of relief

How do you know that you are on the right track? Follow the feeling of relief. You might think that a tiny bit of relief can't change anything. But it can. The more relief you feel, the faster you will feel better. Even just a little bit relief is enough. You don't have to make a statement that gives you massive relief. Slight relief is enough to make a good FB statement.

5.Be honest with yourself

If you come up with a thought that doesn't feel better, be honest about it. Don't play the game of mental physics and say things like "But I should believe this. This is just logical!" Your heart doesn't care about logic. Listen to your solar plexus and be honest.

6.Go general

Now, this is huge. Don't assume that this is less important because it's the last tip in the list. Again, this is huge.

Here is how to use your mental part, your 10% of your attention. Come up with general statements that you believe. Because if you have a FB topic that feels extremely negative, you cannot feel relief with specific statements. They just don't feel good.

Instead come up with general statements about your life in general, about humankind in general, about existential topics in general, about how life works in general, about how the universe works in general (you must believe what you say!), how finding relief works in general, how you made progress in life in general etc.... Go general!

Perhaps you want to learn more about going general. I can't go in depth here. This is really huge. Look for Abraham's concept of the emotional grid and "go general" on youtube and on other sites. There are many specific examples out there.

Hope this helps. And don't give up! Because if you learn Focus Blocks properly, you will have a life changing tool. Respect your learning curve!


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@Releaser99- This is an excellent answer. You obviously have a great understanding of these methods. I agree that thinking your way through these methods can actually increase resistance.

(08 Apr '13, 08:27) Satori

Thank you @Satori. Yes, this whole concept and stingray's fb spreadsheet looks so technical. So it's easy to assume that it's about thinking, though it's 90% and more about feeling. Furthermore we all learned that feeling bad should be ignored and surpressed. So we avoid relaxing into bad feelings and experiencing them fully first. But this is very important when we do FB. Otherwise it doesn't work.

(08 Apr '13, 08:46) releaser99

@releaser99- Great point. Relaxing into a bad feeling emotion and feeling it fully is surrender as you cannot give your full attention to something and resist it at the same time. Any action taken from this state will be positive. I think Eckhart Tolle calls it surrendered action ? :)

(08 Apr '13, 10:29) Satori

@Satori Exactly :). All those teachings and tools come down to becoming resistance-free in some way.

(08 Apr '13, 17:11) releaser99

Beautiful explanation. Thanks. :)

(08 Apr '13, 17:17) timmyy

You are welcome @timmyy :)

(08 Apr '13, 17:27) releaser99

@releaser99 - What a good answer this is :) Completely missed it until now

(03 Jul '15, 08:28) Stingray

@releaser99-very good answer...

(04 Mar '17, 02:40) Zee
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It sounds like your trying too hard to feel good. Trying involves the mind. Positive thoughts created by mind ( ego) are open to polarities. That means they contain their opposite and can quickly turn which explains why when you try too hard to feel good it can make you feel worse.

Better feeling thoughts have to be intuitive or they won't work. Trying blocks that flow of intuitive thoughts.

Remember that loving yourself unconditionally is also first accepting how you feel unconditionally, good or bad.

Here is an excellent process that might interest you and doesn't involve much thinking.



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One key thing to focus on is permanency; time is that aspect of reality that allows things to change so it is key to emotions. Break the initial statement into parts (take an intro course in logic).

Example: I feel bad because my acne makes me feel like I am disgusting to women. Parts:

  1. I have acne;
  2. Acne is disgusting to women;
  3. I am disgusting to women;
  4. I feel bad because I am disgusting to women.

Question each part separately and the entire argument at once. Example:

I have acne - Will this acne stay with me forever? Is it part of who I am or just how I am right now? Is it possible for the acne to go away? Has the acne ever not been present? Are human beings capable of having clear skin? Am I a human being? Is the acne even noticeable to other people? Is the acne always active?

Acne is disgusting to women - Do women really care? Are there women that don't care? Do women even notice it? Do women have acne (beneath all the makeup and clothes)? Do other men have as much or more acne as I do? Are there men with as much or more acne than I do that are perceived as attractive despite the acne?

I am disgusting to women - First, are both previous statement true? If they are, does it follow that I am disgusting? Do I not have attractive qualities? Do they not overshadow the negative of a little bit of acne? Are there things I can do to make me more attractive regardless of the acne? Do women have varied tastes in men? Are some women willing to accept disgusting aspects in a man's body because of other positive aspects? Are some women attracted to repulsive men?

I feel bad because I am disgusting to women - Are all previous statements true? If they are, do I really care all that much about what women think of me? Am I willing to give that much power to women? Is it that important that women like me? Do they even need to like me to be with me? Isn't it more important that I like them?

Use these questions to formulate better feeling statements. Also, consider that if you change your imagining, you will change the facts.


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I'm really new here, so do please excuse me if this is not what the subject is all about, but To have a better feeling thought we need to swift our vibe and to do so, I always use photos I've taken and music. Photos of wonderful and happy moments and music. Those songs that can lift you up and Those memories of great moments, take you always from your now and change your frequency level. Some people need only their vision, other can tune only with their ears, but for some like me , I need visual and sound, Hope I could help


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Really great answers above, when we are trying to find better feeling thoughts and are unsuccessful it just means we are attempting to make too big of a leap from where we already are emotionally [feeling bad] to where we prefer to be [joy] while it's much easier to aim for relief, or find something to do [hobby/exercise] to take your focus off of the bad feeling thoughts. It's funny because those better feeling thoughts will actually find/come to you should you just allow, this is because when you are trying to reach for better feeling thoughts you could be coming from a place of resistance, resisting the bad feeling thoughts, which will only persist because that's where the focus lies. Allow those bad feelings to play out when they surface without giving them too much focus [judgment] and they'll weaken, allowing the more desired emotions [better feeling thoughts] to emerge with less effort. Learning to let go and allow will assist you immensely on your journey as better feeling thoughts will be your new dominant focus, enabling more positive momentum, aiming you towards more positive outcomes.


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