I am asking for help with focus blocks method, I have tried them even though not extensively as I feel myself get stuck (maybe this is also a limiting belief), so if people who have already mastered this technique could help me by showing me how they go forward with the method.

One of the issues in my life right now is that I do not get up early- the time when I could be alone and do the vibrational work, as I believe I am not a morning person, but I would want to change that to the feeling that I am a morning person, I enjoy getting up early and taking control of my life by doing the vibrational tuning in the morning. too great a jump, I know, how to bridge that gap with focus blocks?

I get stuck as I feel I dont know how to proceed, please help me by providing examples, so that I would feel ready to get started.

Thank you

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@Dreamersmiles- Im sure Stingray will answer your question specifically. I'm just letting you know there has been many questions asked about Focus Blocks here:


As Focus Blocks is something you might well use for the rest of your life its worth reading through these questions as well in your own time. I first done this when I started using Focus Blocks and they really helped my understanding of this very powerful method. Good luck:)

(06 Jan '13, 13:04) Satori

@Satori, thank you for pointing me in the direction, I would surely read though the questions.

(06 Jan '13, 13:11) dreamersmiles
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please help me by providing examples

If you need examples, I suggest you spend some time watching the Focus Blocks demonstration video series.

In them, I do many live unrehearsed examples of how to apply the method. And it's done at the actual speed at which I really do it.


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@Stingray, thank you :)

(07 Jan '13, 14:09) dreamersmiles

@Stingray, I watched the videos and they helped me a lot, for I was able to understand the process and already start on Focus Blocks. The experience was very good, for I was able to unearth and face some deep "truths" from within that I was hiding from. However, I realize now that I really need to change my belief system for good, because I feel that it's not "what is" that makes me suffer, and not one or two beliefs, but the whole system!

(01 Feb '17, 07:10) VitoriaRegia

@Stingray, Before I started studying Abraham's material, I had studied a lot of self-help books, and things are clashing in my mind now. For example: self-help books always teach you to "act", while Abraham's approach is more to take care of vibration. Anyway, I would like to know if you know or have developed/invented a specific technique to a big change on belief systems - or if I should only follow the instructions for Focus Blocks and do the work one by one.

(01 Feb '17, 07:18) VitoriaRegia

@VitoriaRegia - "developed/invented a specific technique to a big change on belief systems" - That sounds like a job for Manifesting Experiment 4 :)

(01 Feb '17, 09:16) Stingray
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