Would it be appropriate to take a relationship as a spiritual practice knowing that it might be very tough but i will learn and grow out of this?

And even go to the extent of marriage with this in mind? could be it be that, this is what i need at this point in time, that i am where i am, and instead of running away, just embrace and work with it?

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This sounds like a waste of time. First...what is her interest in you?

(13 Jun '11, 00:49) Dr. X
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I think an intimate relationship can only work if both partners are growing spiritually and cultivating their own awareness.

I think it could be detrimental to your own spiritual growth if you enter a relationship where the other person is not spiritually aware, and you already have the expectation that it is going to be tough.

I think, right away, you are leaving a space for the ego to enter and I have a feeling you may only end up resenting the fact that you are the one that always has to stay aware within the relationship which means not reacting when he is caught up in the drama of the ego .Only you can determine if you are spiritually evolved enough to hold the space and not react when the ego does arise.

You will get exactly what you expect going into this relationship. Personally, I think you would be better off using that energy to cultivate your own spiritual growth and focus on attracting a partner that is more in alignment with what your heart desires.


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Thanks Michaela, I hear what you are saying. I guess I am trying to find a spritual reasons to stay while evething in me wants to leave. My doubts comes I have gone from relastionship to relastionship looking for what my hear desires, and its become like a cycle for me.

(24 Jun '11, 14:46) mia 1

@mia you're welcome... I'd suggest getting yourself to a 'good feeling' place first and attract a partner from there :)

(24 Jun '11, 22:38) Michaela

I think that taking a relationship AS a spiritual practice would be so selfish that it would not be spiritual, it would be an ego trip and a battle for control. The reason to get in a relationship is because you love somebody and want to serve them and bless them for the rest of your life. In that life together you will grow. That growth would hopefully include spiritual growth. Ideally you and your partner would grow toghether and continue along the same path. However, we are all human and grow at our own pace. You and your partner may not grow together and one must not try to 'fix' the other one. That never works. The only one we can fix is ourselves. We can use our experiences in life, but we should not use people simply for our own growth. When they see your growth, they will either be attracted or repelled.


answered 13 Jun '11, 02:24

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Fairy Princess

Thank you Fairy

(24 Jun '11, 14:48) mia 1

Don't do it. The fact that you are asking about it...questioning it...tells me your spirit does not embrace it. When you lay in bed at night thinking about it, does it make you feel good...or not so good ?


answered 16 Jun '12, 06:16

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Short and sweet and to the point. My sentiments exactly.

(16 Jun '12, 10:20) Paulina 1

Your spirtitual relationship should always be first, in my opinion. Then, if a personal relationship happens that could be good if you are both on the same path, or are able to work it out. Try to keep your side of the street clean. Once you are in the relationship it can take on too much power. Too much work. Please do not get married for spiritual growth!!! The sex can over shadow everything. Balance it the key to happiness.


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There are several segments to this question. I wonder if the “relationship as a spiritual practice” means that yours or your cultures religious beliefs are such that you are assigned a partner. If this is your particular situation, then you should reflect on what you want based on your relationship to your deity, your culture, and your interaction with those within your culture. And then there is always the question, what will make you happy? Is this what you want? Is this something that will allow you to grow in spirit? Are you doing this for yourself or are you doing this because it is the right thing to do, culturally or socially?

Then there is the “it might be very tough” aspect. Why does it have to be tough? Who is making it so? You are already making it tough by simply stating this. Think of the other extreme, what would it take to make this very easy? If it is easy, you will grow much faster, you will enjoy all the days you are in this relationship, you will be a happy person who can bless and cherish all the moments that you spend with this other person.

Then there’s the “I will learn and grow out of this”. In what way will you learn and grow? Growth can be positive or negative. How do you see yourself growing? Will you be a better person and if so in what regard?

Unfortunately, I have not answered your question. All I have done is added more to your question. This is because I view this question to be based on a conflict of cultural values over what you may desire. So, what do you desire? Your present life was meant to live in Peace, Happiness, Joy, Love, Harmony, and any number of other positive attributes. Our beliefs, cultures, norms, families, and friends seem to conflict with these positive attributes. The answer to your question lies within…what do you want?

Peace to you!



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Jim 1

Good answer anyway and very insightful Jim.

(16 Jun '12, 10:22) Paulina 1

to take on sounds like a chore
that of a plan is selfish
to say spiritual ought be described
if for the best interest of both
then ofcourse


answered 15 Jun '12, 21:27

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