my step mother doesnt wants me to get married as it will make me happy. She knows this is my desire and she wants me to be sad (she told me this and keeps cursing me aloud ALL the time for this) while I want to find love and get married. Can she manifest otherwise for me while I am manifesting my marriage?

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Can she manifest otherwise for me while I am manifesting my marriage?

No, no-one can do this to anyone else.

Your life is your own and what you get is a complete reflection of your own thoughts alone.


...what she can do is to make enough "noise" in your life about things that are bothering you that it grabs your attention and makes you feel bad consistently, or attempt to convince you that she can control your life.

In both these cases, these can appear to work against your manifestation but it's you allowing your thoughts to focus upon her that will keep you out of alignment with what you's never about her somehow imposing herself into your world and stopping you.

Other people only have the power over us that we believe they have.

Once you realize you are the one in control of your life because you are the one in control of your thoughts, you'll find that it doesn't matter what anyone else says or does - it won't affect your life unless you let it.

Obviously, in your current situation, you are already a vibrational match to her in some way otherwise she wouldn't be in your life at all, so it can be hard to ignore someone who you believe is already seemingly dominating your world so much.

The way round this is to only attempt to feel better when she is not in your immediate thoughts or surroundings. So only try to feel better when, say, you are alone for a while, or lying in bed by yourself.

When instead she is dominating your surroundings, just relax and let her do whatever she wants without trying to fight it until you can be alone again and work on your vibration. Fighting with her will only give your attention to more of what you don't want and keep you locked into the bad feelings for longer, and thereby stop what you want from coming.

Finding ways to feel better consistently in this way will eventually make your own vibration dominant within the relationship (and allow your desires to manifest) while forcing her either to conform to your now-improved feeling or clatter out of your reality if she can't.


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Good one Stingray.

(30 Sep '11, 10:36) Paulina 1

Dear Pooja,

Wellcome to I.Q. I'm sorry to hear that your step-mom is mean to you. Dont give her the Power to make you miserable by not focusing on the negative. In otherwords no matter what your step-mom says or does if it is not good for you dont put your attention on it by thinking about it all the time. It is our attention and focus on what we don't want that will manifest in our own lives.

We sometimes think that others have power over us by manifesting against us but that isn't true for it is our focus on what they think and say that will manifest in our life if repeated often enough. Rather geive your attention and focus to what you do want and concentrate on that. Yes I know it is easier said than done but start for a small amount of time a day to practice focusing on what you want and eventually it will become second nature.

Whenever your step-mom tells you mean and negative things go to your room or a place where you can be alone and focus and concentrate on the opposite and positive outcome as if it has already happened and you will disempower her wishes.

Is there anyone you can tell that she is mean to you. Maby a teacher or church elder or a family member? If yes than do so but be truthful. No one should have to put up with a negative carer in their lives.


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She knows this is my desire and she wants me to be sad (she told me this and keeps cursing me aloud ALL the time for this

You have to realize something here, words are just words, and it is up to You to decide what to do with them. When somebody else is saying hurtful things to you like this, they are the one who is hurting deep down inside and they are just trying to drag you down along with them. It is your choice to accept these words as truth, not hers.

If you even have the slightest belief that she can manifest certain situations in your life for you, then you need to quickly change that thought because it isn't at all true unless you give it power. Everything that comes out of her mouth is just noise until you give it a certain meaning and feel the positive or negative emotion of what you just heard.

Nobody else can manifest anything for you period. It may seem like other people can, but that is just an illusion of habit. If you have let other people throughout your life make decisions for you, then that could be a reason why it seems like they could manifest situations in your reality.

The key here is to use your power for what you want. Don't let another person rob you of that power for what they want. You are an infinite creator. Take charge and create the life that you know you can have.


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I like your answer Cory.

(01 Oct '11, 08:21) Paulina 1

Thank you for the kind words Paulina!

(03 Oct '11, 18:45) Cory

Your step mother has as much power and influence upon what is manifested in your world only to the degree in the belief that she does..

The power to intend anything for yourself begins and ends at the port of your very own belief. It is priority and no other thought outside of that original fondation within can ever be molded without your allowing it to be. This original thought about something backed by, confirmed and reinforced by a resulting deep feeling is what expresses itself in your world. This feeling state becomes your state "now" and it is what we are being in body and mind which becomes our reality (not what we intend for in the future, time is a hindurance to this moment where all creation takes place).

By itself, without any attachment to any one elses views, dogma or biography placed upon another, other has any power whatsoever. In this view, in that clarity, the other is insignificant in their ability to form your world.

In giving up that power, you relinquish your own.

If you simply see yourself already married "now" with the one you love and see it everyday. And in that vision carry on as if you are, then you will be. Period.

And really, the fact that you already comnitted to each other to be just that already makes you that. True marriage has nothing to do with a man made document or law.

So the very thing you believe must happen is actually already here. How can anyone stop or prohibit what already is? It's mute.


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