In man’s search for meaning, there is a fight inside of him. A fight between two wolves.

One is evil. Preys on your weaknesses and fears, and listens to the ego. It will stop at nothing to bury you.

The other is good; full of strength and courage, and listens to the Higher Self. It will lead you to the truth!

But, can you handle the truth to which your higher self leads you?

(Please note, I am using 'You' as in 'us' including myself)

Let me give a specific yet fictional example: Suppose one is overweight and is unhappy about it. Sees it as the root of their low self esteem, of them not receiving love, of not getting ahead in life etc. Basically, one feels that if this one thing - being overweight- is cured, everything will be alright and now with all the LOA processes, they become happy, receive love, go ahead in life etc. but...but one thing doesn't change- that is that they still remain overweight! They have reached the truth just not as they saw it!!

Similar examples could be: maybe one's cancer is cured but one is deprived of love, money, general health or one becomes a millionaire (Okay gazillionaire:) but is deprived of other meaningful things and that's the truth they've reached.

They have reached the truth as their higher self sees it best! Question is can we handle it because its not how we defined it to begin with?

This is a hypothetical example where the overweight issue can be anything one desperately desires to manifest! I am not looking for how is it possible or it cannot be possible scenarios I am more looking for in the sense that 'We just don't want a steak, we want it overdone (specific) with gravy, mashed potatoes etc. on the side' but lets say, the truth is that all you get are side dishes (no steak) and even though you may not realize it, it is in your highest good as decided by your highest self! And for argument's sake, let's say that it is clear you'll never get the steak!:) Then how is that truth for you? I say this because we all have these beliefs (mostly old and past due) where we see the end-line very specifically and we may not ever be as happy and content without the steak, but that's the end-line, that's the truth! In such a case...

Can we handle the truth then?

EDIT: I thought of adding another example here after reading Brian's answer below. Maybe I did not articulate my question properly earlier: let's say I wanted to be a pro basketball player since I was 12, wanted to play for national team/NBA. I was good, everyone said so, my scoring said so too! Played under 19 level when I was 15-16-17-18 (which is a big deal) At 20 I am super-fit, got scholarship because of it and went to Yale, studied Finance, 22 still not drafted in NBA, kept playing, won college championship (Huge deal)! Met a nice girl, fell in love! 25, graduated, still no NBA place! great wall street job, massive salary, married, wonderful kids! Now at 27,still super-fit and super successful but way past even consideration for NBA and still without NATIONAL TEAM PLACE! Now even I know it cannot be done! But see, in the process, I got everything else but for the thing I set out to did not happen!!! The truth I was seeking is not what I got but in the process I got everything which I would have wanted after reaching that truth! What I am asking is (and I know time heals everything and eventually I'll have to let go, but indulge me here for philosophical reasons) will/should it haunt me that I wasn't just cut out for NBA? The higher truth is now obvious! This is truth of Me vs. Me which I talk about here..

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It depends on what the person's ultimate desires and beliefs are. If your desire is to eat a steak dinner with all the fixin's, but you believe that 1. steak is too expensive and you can't afford it, 2. you don't deserve steak, 3. steak is a dead animal and you don't like to hurt animals, 4. you only eat organic meat and you don't know if the steak is organic, probably not so you don't really want it, 5. you know the steak is bad for you for whatever reason so for whatever of these beliefs you hold will keep your steak from coming. So your beliefs can get in your way. Or your desire can get in your way, the desire of only eating healthy foods can keep unhealthy foods from showing up, or the desire to lose weight would trump the desire to 'pig out'.

So there are many desires and beliefs that can keep us from getting what we want. So if you don't like what you are attracting, change your desires or beliefs.

In the case of the NBA, beliefs and conflicting desires can get in the way. Maybe you believe that 1. pro ball players are cheaters and you don't want to become a cheater, 2. pro ball players get hurt and you don't want to get hurt, 3. pro ball players have a short carreer and you want longevity, etc...

You don't need to go digging for reasons for failure as the more you look, the more you find. You need only decide what you desire and what you must believe for that to be true, and then direct your desires and beliefs in the direction that serves you best.

And if what you desire is happiness, then what beliefs are stopping you? Do you believe you must have financial success to be happy? Do you believe that you have to have that certain car or house before you can be happy? If you believe that happiness is conditional, you will constantly seeking the evasive conditions that will make you happy. If you believe that you can choose to be happy right here right now, then you will be happy anyway.

Sometimes if I am craving ice cream, and I really don't want to eat it, then I can go to Grocery Outlet and look at it and be satisfied as if I had eaten the ice cream. Isn't that why we eat it anyway?


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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess, great answer:) I liked the specific scenarios you presented. Yes, it maybe the case of one's 'true beliefs' getting in the way without one realizing it. I personally believe that our higher self has better plan than our own plan for ourselves! The thing to remember is to not go digging too much:) Thanks for the answer.

(16 Jun '12, 13:28) Xoomaville

I think deep down everyone knows the truth. If someone is overweight, they know they are supposed to choose salad, but they didn't get to be that way by choosing salad. If someone doesn't have what they want they have to change, bottom line. They have to change their thoughts and their actions. If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what your getting. Can people handle the truth? Yes, they might not want to hear it, and they may resist change, but as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. Start by changing a few habits here and there and your manifestations will begin to unfold quicker and quicker. Namaste


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Thanks for the answer @Brian. I see your point and I understand it! I have edited and added one more example to my question for better clarity. My question probably refers to if we chase the right truth or not and if some other truth shows up how do we know when to stop chasing our original truth? When do we know, this is it! Or in some cases, 'maybe it wasn't meant to be' and accept the truth in front of us. Oh man, I hope I am not confusing the issue further:)

(16 Jun '12, 09:02) Xoomaville

xoomaville you should not stop seeking the truth is it not one of the main reason you decided to come to this world? i know you do not remember. what is knowledge? is it not lerning the truth? the truth will set you free.

(28 Jun '12, 20:57) white tiger

@white tiger - welcome back!

We seek the Truth. God is speaking the Truth, always. We need to listen. In order to listen we need quieten the mind.

(29 Jun '12, 06:17) Dollar Bill

thank you dollar bill and nice to see you back also.if you stay in truth you shall eventually be born of it not said:But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again.

(29 Jun '12, 16:47) white tiger
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Hi Xoomaville, As long as you are happy than what you didn't get won't bother you and yes you are right everyone has a wolf and and angel within. Of course if what you get doesn't make you happy than it's a different story and you can either accept the fact or change it by dealing with the wolf (the subconscious mind) that was running an eroneaous program in the first place. Let that angel ( the conscious mind) convince the wolf of what you truly want and you will not only be happy but also have what you truly want.

This of course depends on your inteligence like not asking for blue eyes when you have brown ones or not asking for imposible things.


answered 16 Jun '12, 10:15

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Paulina 1


devil and angel are concept of duality, as long as one keeps on treating them as opposites and siding with one of them, the other one will always appear to stand in opposition. Souls forever divided into two. But if you see devil and angel as one, then you understand that where one falls short the other stand in. Complementing each other and working in harmony, rather than dispute.

(16 Jun '12, 13:14) CalonLan

Together they are representing wide spectrum of possibilities we have. It's only human illusory measurement of both that makes them appear "good" and "bad". And then humans try to live up to their science fiction score board of life to justify themselves and compensate for their non-existent voids faults they see within them. It's only their way of viewing reality is false, not the reality itself.

(16 Jun '12, 13:18) CalonLan

Ah @Paulina 1 , You caught me there. I did ask for blue eyes:))) ...but seriously, I like your answer. The question originated in my mind with a 'what if' thought. The examples I gave are all very tangible but more often our spiritual journey is just that, a journey with maybe not a specific 'Aha' moment where one can say I have reached my spiritual goal or have not! It is an ongoing process. I recognize that, I am most likely over analyzing things with my question here, but its fun:))

(16 Jun '12, 13:23) Xoomaville
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No I believe this actually would haunt you the rest of life to the death bed. I believe that is the way most of us feel that to quot Ralph Kramden "I could never hit that high note." I know he was just a character in the Honeymooners But he did have a point he was always trying to find that one thing to fix his life and make it big. He never did, Alice said something to him like "I don't know about you but I feel I hit that high note when you asked me to marry you." To which Ralph responded "You know I did hit the high note when I asked you to marry me, Baby you're the greatest!" That was true but as we follow the show he never gave up trying to find that one break though that could make everything all better in his life. He didn't want to live in poverty with his wife, the same poverty he grew up in even the Nortons his best friends had a nicer apartment with curtains and modern appliances. He would say he didn't want those things because the Nortons also had bills bills bills. He said he had peace of security.

This brings us to an interesting thing about how what we believe can have negative impact on what we want. He wanted the stuff but didn't want the bills. He saw how the Nortons pay everything "on time" we would say "on credit" today. He didn't want that hassle and the bill collectors after him like that always had. But at the same time he wanted to be able to have and give his wife those good things.

I want success I feel it has eluded me my whole life, at the same time I feel life is scary. To even get out of debt let alone succeed I have to give up my freedom, work for someone else, doing something I don't like, and to do being treated as I would hate to be treated just to earn the money I need to get out of debt. To top that off I have to be thankful for it so I get to keep it!!!!

So now my idea that life is suppose to be enjoyed goes in the trash to be replaced with life must be endured until you die. We'll be happy in heaven after life right now it's a test of endurance and doing what you have to do to survive.

In other words grow up and face the fact that that child I used to be is dead and I must do what I don't want or don't like to survive. I must give up my freedom and happiness to work for someone that doesn't care about my freedom or happiness just as long as I get to work on time and do what I am told to do and keep my mouth shut. In other words what school has prepared me to do, "Do as you are told, don't think for yourself, we'll tell you what to think, get passing grades, fit in and behave." That applies to life after you grow up too.

So yes I believe we will always have regrets right to our death, I regret "I've become another brick in the wall."


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Wade Casaldi

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Hi @Wade Casaldi, thanks for a great response. I feel you the way you've written. Yes, I feel one might have a regret or two but I think for one to live their life to fullest one should make peace with it. It is what is as of now. One was not in debt since birth, so there is a definite chance few years from now, one may not be in debt again. I am honestly okay with just side dishes and no steak, I am okay if I didn't play pro ball, 'cause at one time metaphorically speaking, I had an entire cow

(16 Jun '12, 14:31) Xoomaville

@Wade Casaldi- NONE of us here at IQ are "just bricks in the wall"- I choose to believe that I DO make a difference to some people, and that my life MEANS something to me and others. I understand how you feel, but I think that you will find that the sunshine will come out after this thunderstorm. I love you. Jai

(16 Jun '12, 14:36) Jaianniah

so I may have it again, if not, now I am equipped to say that I am okay with that as well. This reminds me of a saying and it is 100% true and it goes something like "If we all gathered together around a table to exchange our problems with each other, most of us will take our own and walk away". Trust me, God works in a mysterious way. I was at a place where 'rock bottom' looked like a skyscraper and today Iam not:)) God's (higher self') plan for us is better than ours:)

(16 Jun '12, 14:37) Xoomaville

@Wade Casaldi, don't do this. Don't give up like this man. "When I a house, a car, go to heaven... I'll be happy" is delusional thinking. And I'm sure you know that. Happiness is not conditioned by a thing or a circumstance. Let go of your idea of suffering, because anything can happen...if you let it.

(16 Jun '12, 19:19) CalonLan

Thank you @Jaianniah and @CalonLan for putting in words what I felt like saying to Wade (was not sure if it was my place to say it directly to him). Dear Wade, I am sorry if something triggered for you in a negative way due to my question. But, here's the thing, no matter what worse situation you imagine you are in or are really in, I have been there! Is that supposed to make you feel good? Maybe not, but what should make you feel good is that within few years, I am no longer in that place.

(17 Jun '12, 01:26) Xoomaville

And so will you. This too shall pass! I am better healthwise, financially, spiritually, in relationships, in every which way. And so will you. Now, from here, today I can see that if I had all the money I was chasing back then, I would be dead by now. I couldn't see it that way back then, I was so @#$%ed up in my head. GOD GIVES US THINGS WHEN WE ARE READY FOR THEM! He is looking over you, you'll be alright. Just feel blessed, let go and let God.

(17 Jun '12, 01:29) Xoomaville

Thank you so much Xoomaville, Jai and CalonLan yes it helps so much to see you had gone through this before me. It does shine a light on the situation for me that there is hope. Maybe I will like my new job if I get hired. I know I'll like the pay I need at least. Maybe it will get me out of debt and be a stepping stone to a better future. I know when I wrote that I just felt like a real loser depressed with self hate but I am feeling more up now.

(17 Jun '12, 14:39) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi, I was very sorry to read how you felt, and I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. This post drove me nuts over the weekend. I can read everything, but can't comment from my home computer, so evenings and weekends, I am silenced. For what it's worth, this is what wrote a few minutes after your post - I hope it may still have some value to you:

(18 Jun '12, 12:15) Grace

@Wade Casaldi, You have expressed the fears, sadness, and frustration of so many people, myself included, so simply and openly it is heart wrenching. I am so damned frustrated right now that you can't know how much people care; you won't know the kindness of this stranger at least, till Monday. It's not that I have the wisdom you need. I don't. I just know that you can't give up on yourself.

So I will sit here with you in spirit, and call wiser friends in for you.

(18 Jun '12, 12:17) Grace

@Grace this is so beautiful I thank you so much... I have been using Fairy Princesses methods of THT and getting some good results. I am much less fearful and more positive now in my outlook of my future. God is taking care of my needs even right now even though I may not see it yet. :-)

Telling me you are with me in spirit and telling me I am not alone in how I feel is very big to me. So many I think have these feelings and at the same time feel like "why can't I be like everyone else?"

(28 Jun '12, 07:18) Wade Casaldi

Surprise I am like everyone else! A lot more are scared than I realized. It only seems like others have everything all together. But it is comforting to know I am not alone in those feelings. Thanks Grace! :-)

I usually pop out of that depression with an answer but this time my answer came from Fairy Princess. :-)

(28 Jun '12, 07:22) Wade Casaldi

Wade you're so welcome, I felt very strongly about that. It's interesting, reading this again this morning - I didn't think of any particular people at that time, just of hanging out with you, calling on encouragement, strength, peace, wiser friends, wiser friends, wiser friends. I realize these were the people following the thread, but if I had thought of names to call in for you, I would have thought first Jai, (naturally),

(28 Jun '12, 11:54) Grace

then @CalonLan and @Xoomaville, bc I have had a few chats with them on difficult subjects (for me), and would trust them to come to you. And, of course Stingray, but he was probably skipping around some other galaxy at that moment, visiting other beings and things.... :)

(28 Jun '12, 11:54) Grace

I am so HAPPY for you and that my THT helped you.

(28 Jun '12, 16:47) Fairy Princess
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This addictive behaviour you describe whether food,drugs etc is really just an EFFECT.A way of sedating the emotional charges we carry in us.Until we deal with the CAUSE ( the emotions linked to the addictive behaviour) actions like 'diets' etc are really just fiddling with EFFECTS.


answered 16 Jun '12, 08:37

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Thanks for the answer @Satori. I agree to the cause-effect you explain. The overweight scenario is just an example. Please see the edit I have added to my question. I am curious to see your response in general:)

(16 Jun '12, 09:04) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville-I apologise, I can see  I am way of base here with my original answer.I don't think I'm qualified to answer this Question as I have no experience of something like this although I don't believe in destiny.I don't think our higher self has a specific earthly purpose for us other than to have experiences.I believe we create our own reality and with enough belief and desire we can achieve anything.Just my view:)

(16 Jun '12, 12:40) Satori

In regards to cause-effect. I believe that you can change the cause by changing effect. Eg. Change in addictive behavior can change the emotions linked to it.

(16 Jun '12, 13:10) CalonLan

Hi @Satori, no need for apologies. Everyone's point of view is welcome and that is what makes IQ a great platform. I appreciate the response. Even I am posting the question out of curiosity and to see if anyone has experienced something similar. Thanks for the answer:)

(16 Jun '12, 13:14) Xoomaville
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vs means confrontation. someone cast a stone(in though,speak or action).me vs me is better then me vs you or you vs me. because me vs me you deal only with your self and the problem is more easy to fix. stop casting stones and let those stones serve you to better your self by learning the truth. once you are able to do that do the same in me vs you and you vs me. then the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.


answered 26 Jun '12, 21:22

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white tiger


@white tiger, thanks for the wonderful answer. Indeed the truth shall set us free:)

(27 Jun '12, 03:58) Xoomaville
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