Firstly, thanks for creating this website. Awesome stuff, lots of info.

You have lots of knowledge, but have you used it practically in life? LOA is extremely powerful and I truly desire to know, what have you used it for in life?

Have you achieved anything seemingly impossible?

Ty :)

asked 26 May '13, 06:14

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I think Stingray is a fraud. I wanted him to manifest a new red car for me...like real bad. But he said that he cannot do this simple thing for me.

(26 May '13, 06:35) releaser99

I've been on this website for about 2 years, I can confidentally say, the Law of Attraction doesn't work at all. I couldn't agree more that this Stingray fellow is defiantly a fraud, and yeah, manifesting obviously doesnt work because I don't have my pink car yet either.

Sorry to ruin your dreams:( Like, real bad...

(26 May '13, 08:26) Nikulas


I know and believe, that LOA works. It's a law of Universe, not just some magic wand, which you use whenever you want.

" pink car yet either." It is ridicolous how people think LOA works this way. LOA, in my opinion mainly just brings the "coincidences", which YOU MUST ACT on, to "manifest" your desire.

I think many people got this wrong, because it's named "manifesting". Although it is indeed manifesting, but not like magic... you still need to work and take action.

(26 May '13, 08:31) petike1

@petike- Sorry. The above comments are actually our little "in- jokes" of information discussed a few weeks back. I've given you a proper answer in the "answers" section. Sorry for the prank but I couldnt help myself hahaha :) Just to clarify: I believe the Law of Attraction does work. And I respect your line "DONT GET DISCOURAGED" You have determination, I think you are going to progress very quickly. All the best xx

(26 May '13, 08:45) Nikulas

@nikulas haha u got me. I am curious, cuz Stingray seems to know every detail of this law. When i get to that level of knowledge, i would use it for big stuff. Maybe even try to win the loterry. Such power shouldn't be only known, but also used for great things... in my opinion :D

(26 May '13, 09:22) petike1

@petike1 - Welcome to IQ. :) I agree with @Nikulas about your determination - love your attitude! You will love it here.

It's an especially amusing recent post of @Stingray's that these guys are quoting. We just loved it, and when you watch the video he created, you'll understand the fun. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/79042/why-law-of-attraction-teachers-suck-proof-that-manifesting-doesnt-work

(26 May '13, 10:27) Grace

I think @Stingray is a Corvette. A red one. grin

(27 May '13, 20:42) Dollar Bill
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Have you achieved anything seemingly impossible?

No. Never.

It would defy the way that these principles of manifesting work if I manifested something that I considered impossible at the time it happened. See The Principle of The Next Logical Step.

Of course, though, I have many, many things in my life now that, say, perhaps a decade ago I would have considered completely impossible :)

But I don't tend to talk about those things because...

  1. It doesn't help in maintaining an attitude to keep the "good stuff" coming. See Why should we not share our joy with other people if we have manifested something amazing in our life?
  2. It doesn't do my hard-earned fraud reputation any good :) ...alas, I do actually drive a red car now, like right now :)
  3. I'm personally not into the "being put on a pedestal" thing. Anything I do anyone else could equally do given enough focused interest and commitment. As @Nikulas has already eloquently implied, it can just take a bit of time and study to get a grip on these ideas...but that's mostly because we've been so misinformed and misled, often since childhood, that our previous beliefs about how the world works often get in the way.

And finally, to quote @Nikulas...

I'm sure many do view Stingray, from time to time, as a super-being

I think if my wife read that sentence, she would fall down the stairs from laughing so much. Then she would probably ask to have her bodily remains dragged back to the top of the stairs so that she could fall down them again from carrying on laughing so much.

Anyway, I need to sign off now and cut my toenails...as all "super-beings" do on Sundays ;)


answered 26 May '13, 17:21

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Loved your humorous reply ..

(26 May '13, 19:29) ele

haha :D thanks for the reply

your english is really good, you must be a native speaker.

PS: i know impossible cant be manifested - only what the mind can belive is possible, it can manifest.

(27 May '13, 09:10) petike1

@petike1 - "your english is really good, you must be a native speaker" - I have been known to occasionally string a few words together. Whether that's due to the effect of monkeys meeting typewriters is probably a matter of debate:) Infinite Monkey Theorem

(27 May '13, 10:18) Stingray

@Stingray "The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare." lol, excellent. Btw your answer reminds me of this scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ravi4YtUTxo

(27 May '13, 10:41) releaser99

@Stingray- I enjoyed this humble and humorous answer. Your English is coming along nicely to. Well done;)

(27 May '13, 12:26) Satori

i love/hate this guy Stingray, he's so damn cool

(27 May '13, 13:12) ru bis
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I don't ever really want to speak for someone else, but I can put in my 2 cents with some quick, brief "pre-warnings"

  • First off, not even sure Stingray created Inward Quest
  • It had been said, many times by others, that it's sort of cheap to put someone else on the pedestal, isolate them, treat them like a higher person and then follow every piece of their advise to help your own life.
  • I'm sure Stingray wouldn't want anyone to put him on a pedestal (instead, put yourself on that pedestal, it's what I do)
  • Don't you agree certain people like their privacy?

And alas, whilst I'm sure many do view Stingray, from time to time, as a super-being, the shocking truth (paraphrasing big time here from him) is that he is merely a simple man who has been playing with metaphysical ideas for a long, long, long time. How bout three decades entirely on the sub-sect category of reality creation?

We all credit those individuals who are talented at musical instruments. Just as it takes years to master a musical instrument or any skill, such does apply to understanding and successfully applying these ground breaking, alternative ideas that are thrown around here on IQ.

Also paraphrasing, but also agreeing with my own (very tiny) experience: the start of the game is the hardest, most challenging, most frustrating. Afterward the slow growth of self implanted miracles, you'll discover what amazing merit their is in all of these concepts, and I'm confident that in a few decades, I will probably joke I used to view someone as so special and legendary.

"Have you ever achieved something seemingly impossible?"- By what definition do you impose on impossible? I would suggest you start cruising IQ a few more months before venturing a question on possible vs impossible. You are going to be pleasantly surpirsed :)


answered 26 May '13, 08:40

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Im just wondering if any of the other site contributors can answer this one. Stingray IS an extremely knowledgeable contributor and has a knack of communicating very effectively.

BUT he isnt a generic name for all of us!

I would edit the question a little. There are other great minds on this site.


answered 26 May '13, 06:24

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Monty Riviera

edited 26 May '13, 06:25

Hear here, yes much agreed. He really wants to limit the answers he'll get to this question it sure seems. LOL

@petike 1 welcome to Inward Quest, I hope Stingray answers this, it would be inspiring.

(26 May '13, 15:29) Wade Casaldi
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