My house is less than 1.5 miles from my teenager's high school which puts us too close for her to ride the school bus to and from school, according to the state laws but I found, by researching these state laws, that there is a law stating a child can ride the bus even if he/she is within the 1.5 mile distance of a school, if there is an empty seat on the bus.

My teenager, along with a couple of others, are in the 1.5 mile range but have been riding the bus since school started this year. A couple weeks ago, they were told by the bus driver that they cannot ride anymore.

I, the (angry) parent, contacted the transportation manager and met w/her but when I presented the written law about the extra seat on the bus, she told me it was her decision to allow a student to ride or not and presented me with many excuses which made me even more angrier.

When I get to a certain point of anger, I do an about face and don't operate from my lower self anymore, but in a professional manner from a higher point of self (does that make sense to you?). I then went to the assistant district supervisor and got the same response.

I had to go to the state to fix this issue and uphold the {clearly written] law, in other words, I had to 'fight' for my child/teenager to ride the bus and I don't mean physically fight, but I had to go through the channels (up the ladder) to uphold this law. If I did nothing, she wouldn't be riding the bus today.

By the way, my neighbors, the parents of the other children, did nothing and were willing to let their child walk and the other parent was going to change her entire work schedule so she could drive her child to school.

I don't see myself as manifesting this but I'm open to opinions. Thank you so much for your answers. It's great to be here!

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  • The Law of Attraction always brings you more of whatever you are focused upon in your life, whether you want it or not

  • Fighting against anything keeps you focused on what you are fighting against...otherwise there wouldn't be a fight. It takes (at least) two to tango :)

  • So even if it seems like you "won" your fight, because of your deliberate and sustained focus on things you do not want, you have now made it more likely that you are going to encounter more things in future that you don't want...which may (or may not) manifest as fights...but whatever form they manifest in is not going to be good-feeling

  • Always better to find ways to feel better about a situation (and let Law of Attraction bring you something different) than "fight" against it...unless you enjoy fighting, of course :)

For more information, see How can I stop manifesting frustration?


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