And then What? What do we do with our Infinite Self?

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How do you communicate with infinite intelligence?

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I think when we really connect with that 'infinite self' Brian... we'll just 'KNOW' what to do, we won't have to ask.We'll live our life from that perspective influencing all those we come into contact with in a positive, loving way...and really isn't that our quest anyway?

(15 Jun '11, 11:36) Michaela

How does one tap into the unlimited, infinite self?

As we consciously live more in the present the connection to our higher self becomes more apparent to us. And the more apparent it becomes the more we are able to relax and surrender to the wishes of our higher self. Our higher self is not separate from us; it is us, even if we do not yet realize this.

By contemplating and using the idea that creation is and has always been complete as potential, it allows us to realize that any idea that enters our imagination must have come to us from our higher self, which has a broader and wiser perspective. Thus, our higher self knows exactly in which direction we should go that will benefit us the most and in order for us to do whatever it is that we came here to do in
this lifetime.

The connection to our higher self has always been there and will always be there, but due to our negative ego, which creates endless details, worry and doubt and partakes in continuous internal dialogue or self-chatter the connection is hidden from us in varying degrees. How much it’s hidden or apparent depends upon the degree to which our ego maintains control of our minds.

The ego is an instrument of survival and protection and is comprised of thoughts of the past and future, it only exists in psychological time. Thus the ego cannot exist in the present, so living in the present IS being in the state where the connection is apparent because the ego needs psychological time for its existence and to cause strife in our lives.

One way of viewing our higher self is as an unlimited or infinite being and right there is a clue. In my view our higher self, in turn, is connected to our soul and our soul to our oversoul and so on, all the way up/down/in/out through infinity to the one great soul of which we are all aspects; we are all one. Everyone you meet in whatever way you meet them, is you.

To keep it simple, I like to view my incarnated self as the imagination of my higher self. And if you follow that line of reasoning all the way to the infinite one great soul, the ideas of separation and duality naturally dissolve, which, at a fundamental level, leaves only oneness ♥

And then What? What do we do with our Infinite Self?

Seeing all of this, one realizes that any idea, inspiration, insight, gut feeling etcetera that comes to us through the channel of our imagination, by its very definition, must be the direction in which our higher self, us, wishes us to proceed, which will best serve us and in order for us to fulfill the task we came here to fulfill. By surrendering to and listening to our higher self we can’t fail!

It’s not my MO to tell anyone what to do, but only to suggest ideas, concepts, beliefs and knowing which may assist them to end their own self-imposed pain and suffering and move into ecstasy and joy. Therefore, I suggest that you do whatever it takes to live more in the now moment and thus, receive the messages and gifts which are always there. Then go forth in joy and experience the wonder of life and
of living :)


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This is my belief, and it is not my belief alone...

We exist on two planes. We exist first in this world. We are carnate, and live on the Earth. We have bodies. We eat, we reproduce, we breathe, we get sick, we age, and we eventually die.

But we also are spiritual creatures, and as such, we also exist on that plane, too. This duality means that despite our humanness and our finite bodies, we also are spiritual creatures, and as such,we existed before our own births, and as such, will exist after our own deaths.

To tap into our spiritual natures, we must first believe in this duality, and believe it with all our hearts. Meditation and prayer provide the bridge between the two parts of our natures. We find this "higher self" when we meditate and pray. There is no "trick" or "magic" in this. We only have to know it, and believe. Jesus knew it, and said that all that He did, we should also do.

You will find your higher nature when you connect yourself to your Higher Power through Prayer and Meditation.

Blessings, Jai


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What if you know and connect to your higher self, then What?

(15 Jun '11, 09:34) Brian

Then you begin to know God, and your place in the Universe...Blessings,>>>>>>>>>

(15 Jun '11, 10:46) Jaianniah

My friend, have you not opened your eyes to a brand new day, and how did this all happened, if not by your higher self taking infinite control over your life, and well being, and making each day happen for you exactly the way you desired it to be!


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Answer the door when it knocks.


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simple know the self master yourself on every level until you see god! then you will know is infinite image and will understand your image as well!


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white tiger

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