Are there things in your life that you are still trying to figure out? What are they? Do you think you'll spend the rest of your life exploring them?

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Anyone who has any humility at all realizes there is more to know than any one person can know. One of the exciting aspects of my life is to be constantly discovering and constantly learning. It would be a shame to get to the point where there was nothing left to discover or learn.

In terms of self-discovery, the nature of creativity is such that I won't know what things I may create in the future until I'm inspired to create them. So it will be a lifelong process. I can't see being fulfilled in life if I were not able to create new things.

The very nature of this website suggests that most of us are on a "quest" to understand more, and understand more fully (except for those few who already know it all). What I would like to understand more fully is how to help various people take charge of their lives and make changes for the better. Many different approaches are needed because people are all different. Simplistic, all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all answers aren't practical or realistic. It's an ongoing challenge to find ways to connect with other people such that they can improve their lives on their own terms.


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It's not what I don't know, but what I ''think'' I know that keeps me in this "quest" to understand and learn. if I think that I figured anything out .. then I'm trapped. I think I will never get to know anything at all. what I think I know is only limited to what I could understand, sense and have the chance to find out, now. but life is always changing. including what I know of it. it never rests, never stops and never stays in one shape or form. even the laws that I think that they are sacred and could never change .. they are changing all the time. it's like being a player in a game, and rules are changing every moment. you must keep playing. but you will never win. because the moment you think you won, rules will be changed and you will have to continue playing again. and again, and again. whoever think that he knows anything, anything at all .. then he lost. game over. life will get him out of the way and move on like he never even existed.


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Good answer John. As Abraham has said, you never get it done,the joy is in the Living of your Desires now.I have a lot of questions that I would like answered and I now know that when its time they will come to me.I really look forward to my new challenges in this Life and I am willing to just simply wait and Learn.


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No I have everything down pat, I know it all.. lol just kidding, seriously I believe we all have areas of strength and weakness. A good expression for this understanding came from I believe it was Roy Rogers that said "There aint anything dumber than a well educated man on a subject he wasn't educated on." I believe that it is good to be rounded and try to learn what we'll need but there will always be much we still don't know. Even now as I think on this and am talking about this and I see how I have been hard on my self saying I can't do this or that because I have to be a master of it first. We tend to feel like we should know this and that and we are somehow not good enough if we don't. But truly there will always be way more we do not know than we do know, but the good thing is if we try and learn even from failure we progress and become the man or woman that knows what to do or how to do. Not because some how it is in our genes but because we learned maybe through trial and error but we did our best. We did not quit because we need to know how first before learning how. This has kept me from college well one of the things, I can't learn that because I don't know that! If I knew it I couldn't learn it, it is exactly because I don't know it that I can learn it! You can't learn what you know, you say "Yeah I got it, I know it, it doesn't even hold my attention." But what you do not know, that you hunger for "I am an open tablet ready for you to fill me with your knowledge, I am paying full attention to every word."


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Wade Casaldi

I think for all of us there are things in our lives that we need to learn or are trying to figure out.I think when we stop learning and growing we become stagnant and eventually die.Growing up I think I was pretty stubborn and almost had an inherrent need to always be right. However, as I grow spiritually I realise that there is so much for me to learn and the more open I am to that learning, the better I feel.Since beginning my spiritual journey in the last two years I have developed a voracious appetite to learn and absorb in the areas I need to grow and I am more than willing to admit how wrong I was because that in itself is liberating. I think the journey of self exploration and finding that connection to Oneness will be a long one but that's ok because I'm learning and growing all the way.


answered 15 Nov '09, 20:41

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