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Check this out all you truth seekers. The Event Horizon Information about 2012 and our changing world by Nassim Haramein. Watch all 5 parts if this resonates with you.

Love and Light

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Thank you so much Brian.

It is always refreshing to get yet another view on things. Though no one can Know it all (some think they do) we can always get something out of anything. He looks familiar :0

Thanks again for taking the time to share this.


(16 Jun '11, 18:22) you
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The red spot on Jupiter is a well-known chaotic phenomenon. It is stability within a chaotic framework. There's nothing mystical about it, it's not magic, and it has nothing to do with tetrahedrons; it's a well-understood scientific phenomenon.

James Gleik describes this phenomenon in detail in his book "Chaos:"

Marcus (1985) showed a computer model of Jovian atmospheric turbulence predicts a stable coalescent oval like the red spot—"islands of structure appearing within the disorder", a self-organizing "stable chaos. (P. 56)

In the laboratory, this phenomenon can easily be duplicated, using a rotating cylinder containing liquids of different densities. A stable, "red spot" of liquid appears within the rotated fluid, just as it does on Jupiter.

The link with Tetrahedrons and the year 2012 is just an elaborate example of the Correlation does not imply causation logical fallacy.

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Hello Brian, yes a very interesting video The Event Horizon presented by Nassim Haramein ... let's remember that the architecture of the universe on all scales from macro to micro and sacred geometry are closely bound ... Lakhovsky studied and based revolutionary theories on the sun's radiations and the observation that it flips every 11 years ... the 64 cubes mentioned in the video correspond exactly to the chinese I Ching system of 64 hexagrams ... water molecules spontaneously take the form of tetrahedrons ... the well known symbol the seal of solomon combines a circle (sphere) with two equilateral triangles (tetrahedrons) ... so the video does fit in with well known phenomenon.

Here is an article linking the tetrahedron, spheres and planets with a subtle energy phenomenon, the merkaba light body.

and here is an article explaining a bit more about the merkaba light body

The symbols seal of solomon (merkaba), the sun (circle with a central dot), the divided circle of the yin yang, the golden ratio amongst others all denote the notion of eternal energy flow.

have fun


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blubird two

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Regarding the video: I found it very intriguing.. I wonder if there is in fact a correlation between the volcanoes on the different planets and their positioning.

Probably just an odd coincidence, but I feel like sharing just because it struck me as very.. peculiar. The following is just a random pointless story about what I was doing a few minutes ago, and has nothing to do with anything.

I watched about two minutes of this video and then paused it, intending to not watch any more. I thought it was interesting but Vesuvius's response made me think it was likely just hocus pocus.

About twenty minutes ago, a friend of mine whom I was playing online video games with earlier contacted me [through software that allows voice communication] saying that the game we were playing was back online (it had gone down for an update) and asked if I wanted to play. I said I would soon once my annoyingly slow internet finished downloading the update.

He is very new to this game, while I am very experienced. He was asking me for advice on a character he was playing (this character being 'free' to access this week, and the free rotation had just changed with the patch that happened within an hour ago. He is new so he 'owns' very few characters, and as such has to select from the free rotation at random.)

I explained a few of the skills to him as he asked, because I know the skills by their hotkeys by memorization (keyboard buttons that activate them) and not their official names, though I would recognize them if they were said.

I was waiting for the game to update, and so I resumed the video which was already loaded from earlier. (I pre-load youtube videos because of my slow internet) A few seconds later I decided to go back to watching music videos I have stored on my computer.. [mostly Korean pop music =P] Just before I closed the video, my buddy asked me, "What is the deal with this Event Horizon?" I froze for a second, trying to decide if I had lost my mind or not.

I finally realized that one of that character's abilities is in fact called Event Horizon. Needless to say I went back and watched the video in its entirety, and intend on watching the rest when I get a chance.

Then I went to look at this thread to try and figure out why it was brought back up to the top again, and I can't seem to find an explanation.

Again, I do believe this was just a series of odd coincidences, but I figured it'd be worth sharing because it definitely made me look twice.

And just because I personally wouldn't believe myself if I told this story to myself, here are screenshots showing that no edits have been made (one reason a thread would be brought to the top)... Oh, and a link to information on the champion I refer to, with the ability "Event Horizon"


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@Snow, the new Inward Quest software permits moderators (and users with high karma) to convert answers into comments where appropriate. In the past with the old software, some users used answers to questions as a way of commenting on questions and this gave a misleading impression as to the number of answers a question really had. When such answers are now found, we make an answer-to-comment conversion. When this is done, the question returns to the top of the active question list but it appears that nothing has been edited.

(17 Jan '12, 07:17) Barry Allen ♦♦

That explains a lot. So I can remove that image.. and now I am just left with an odd series of events. Thank you for clarifying. ^_^y

(17 Jan '12, 07:56) Snow
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