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This video is a poem that was released only a few days ago and has already received millions of views. The topic matter is Jesus's teachings and the current incarnations of religion.

The reason I ask is this: Everyone believes there is a change coming in 2012.. I personally believe that this video highlights a rapidly spreading belief which is a foreshadowing of a massive paradigm shift in global consciousness. Do you think this is the beginning of the next stage in humanity's story, or the "spiritual rebirth" that the Mayans foretold?

asked 13 Jan '12, 01:36

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Barry Allen ♦♦

everything happen when it is the time for it to happen. experience and enjoy.

(13 Jan '12, 20:52) white tiger

You may be interested in the link of Jesus vs Churchianity


answered 13 Jan '12, 12:57

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Wade Casaldi

I would be, very interested.

I spent most of my childhood believing that I was the only person who thought the way I did.. Finding sites like that always make me very happy.

Some of the things on that site are.. mind blowing. I have entire folders full of bookmarks of reading materials from users here that I simply do not have the time in the day to read, and it ALL is so engaging to me.. Urgh.

As I mentioned before me manifesting learning and knowledge... "Be careful what you wish for".. Cuz you might not be able to keep up with what you're manifesting. ^_^y

(13 Jan '12, 17:39) Snow

very interesting wade i add never read it. but i tell you in truth many should read it.

(13 Jan '12, 20:49) white tiger
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