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Ok, so I still using my training wheels with the whole InwardQuest process and thus I am addressing this as a question as I am not sure how others review questions verses how they review questions and comments. So, if I need to move this to a comments area let me know.

First, thanks for this process and document. I went through what I call a cleansing exercise about 6 months ago with EFT. I just tapped on issues that I recalled from my past by lumping them into 5yr intervals. So, I tapped on things from 1 – 5 yrs, then 6 – 10 yrs, etc. It was neat in that it cleaned up a lot of stuff that was just hanging out there.

However, this is quite different because it clears up not only my past but the things from my past that I am projecting into the future. So, that is where the power of this lies; for I see this as a way to deal with my forward thinking; so thank you for that!

I would like to suggest a few things to consider…

  1. Those moving through this should really give themselves more than enough time. I set aside an hour but fortunately I was not a clock watcher for if I was I never would have listed everything out. I have approximately 4 hours in this as of yesterday morning and am just working through step 7. After 4 hours yesterday, I had to take a break as I was so down and out on myself.

  2. Additionally, I suggest that if anyone does break that they just use one of the cleansing process before they do so. Just to relieve all the pressure, stress, negative vibes, etc. I simply used EFT and tapped on “even though I have all this negativity right now due to this exercise…”

  3. A suggestion on the cleansing process. I like your idea that one could say they have moved beyond once they read the item in List 2 or 3 and feel neutral about it.. Possibly an enhancement to this step would be to add a column prior to Step 8 where we record the opposite of the thought in List 2 or 3 and thus we now have something positive to tap on. This basically reinforces the cleansing and enhances the 8th step.

  4. A final thought is that since this is in a spread sheet one can sort “List 2 & 3” columns. In doing this, I was able to group similar issues and thus when I moved through the cleansing exercise I was able to address similar themes which kept me from jumping back and forth from one theme to another to another and possibly then back to the first one.

Just some thoughts on enhancing, no need to put these in the process if you do not see the benefit as this is your process and you had the insight to pull it all together. Additionally, if this is the case, then this question should be deleted as I do not want to over complicate or confuse others.

Again, thanks for this tool. While I am not through it yet, I thought these suggestions might be good to share at this point.


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Sure Jim. All enhancements, tips and tricks that people come up with are most welcome.

There's nothing particularly set in stone about this process and I am very happy if others can take it further.

This process is what has gradually evolved into place as something that works for me that I think would also work for others, and I think your ideas will be helpful to others too. So if you have any more suggestions please feel free to share them - and that goes for anyone else too.

The process as it stands is really just a snapshot at this point in time of the best "industrial strength" manifesting/clearing approach I've come up with so far and I'm not particularly attached to it - after all, I don't think anyone here even knows who I am so it's hard to take credit anyway when you are anonymous :)

Much of the process is inspired by the ideas of others that have gone before anyway, just rearranged and built upon by myself.

Your ideas are good ones however, to avoid confusing everyone with constant changes and tweaks, I'd rather leave the core process as it is and allow others to add and discover further refinements through related postings such as yours.

Who knows, one day, there may be enough enhancements to justify a Manifesting Experiment 5 ;)

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I have not read it as yet, but I am sure there is always room for improvements, since two heads are better than one, however I like your question, and it is food for thoughts, and for the rest of us to read Manifestation-Experiment-4!

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This should be a comment on the question, not an answer to it.

(22 Jun '11, 19:04) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius: Thank you for your feed back. My comment was “I have not read it as yet,” and some additional information, that I felt spiritually inclined to write, but that is okay if you want to read it as an answer. It is a matter of interpretation for all of us, and of course you are entitled to your own opinion!

(26 Jun '11, 22:27) Inactive User ♦♦
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