This is a very specific question and I don't know if anyone has a specific answer to it but I'd like to hear your opinions about it anyway.

I've been testing @Stingray's "Manifesting Experiment 5 - Draft 2" for the last couple of days and I'm very impressed by it and how quick and efficient it is. Especially the idea of focusing and tapping on body sensations first and tapping on statements second seems to make the process very efficient.

In my experience with many methods and ways of clearing resistance over the years, it seems that the faster you identify the core belief (logically) or the core resistance (sensation within the physical body), the faster you can clean it up. And also, the faster your clearing method works afterwards, the faster the resistance seems to be gone completely.

(As a little side note, I'd recommend doing the "Kinesthetic Quick Tap" when applying ME5 - Draft 2 with Faster EFT to make it even faster and more efficient)

My humble theory is that Abraham's 17-68 second rule plays a crucial part in that. Because if one activates a subject and thinks about it for 68 seconds of uninterrupted time (or maybe less these days), one creates a new belief regardless of whether it's negative or positive.

So the more time one spends staying in a pure, focused negative vibration, the more he invites other thoughts into his thought process that are like that.

Clearing a specific subject within 68 seconds or less often feels to me like a "clean cut" without having to invite other related thoughts (which kind of backs up my theory for me).

But sometimes one may want to invite other related thoughts intentionally because one wants to do a bigger clean-up (or un-intentionally because there may be other related core beliefs to a subject and cleaning it up within 68 seconds or less may not be possible).

So then what to do? Is there sweet spot for doing bigger clean-ups?

What are your thoughts on the sweet spot in terms of time for clearing subjects anyway?

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Hi @releaser99 I must admit I hardly ever read @Stingray's works, why? because as soon as I start to read them I quickly feel like I'm lost in a maze of words ... and the funny thing is words don't mean much to me. I would like to ask you a question that to me seems very pertinent ... definition of pertinent in The Free Dictionary; relating to the matter at hand

anyway back to my question "is a body sensation a symptom or a cause?" ... I'd just like to add that I love the term "sweet spot"

(27 Jun '15, 23:29) jaz

@releaser99 Could you be more precise about "sweet spot" ... what is your definition of sweet spot?

(28 Jun '15, 10:53) jaz

@releaser99 I'm asking this question because there maybe a differnce between what you describe as "sweet spot" and what I would describe as sweet spot ... my definition of sweet spot is the link that should be cut to attain "the distributor of sweets"

(28 Jun '15, 12:05) jaz

@jaz "is a body sensation a symptom or a cause?" - I'd say that the body sensation is the symptom/consequence of a chosen thought.

(28 Jun '15, 20:57) releaser99

thanks for your reply @releaser in my experience a body sensation is something that appears in my inner space ... it can originate from inner space or outer space lol ... outer space is everything that can be perceived by the human eye

(28 Jun '15, 23:00) jaz

The first step to the sweet spot is to quietly close your eyes and discover that vast endless space inside

(01 Jul '15, 00:14) jaz
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It's a great question and gets right to the heart of what this new approach is about.

Most of ME-5 Draft 2 is a consolidation of existing methods that we've talked about on Inward Quest, especially Robert Smith's stacking-emotional-states idea within the Kinesthetic Quick Tap you've mentioned.

The new thing that this method brings to the table is the idea that there appears to be a difference between "letting it all out" and being "negatively focused".

In other words, if you let someone complain about something that's really bothering them at that moment, there will be a initial burst of negativity (they "let it all out") and then there's a short period where they pause and they then feel better.

Now if they continue beyond that feel-better point, they are going to start feeling worse again and are going to start setting up habits of thought that the Law of Attraction will respond to (in 17 second chunks, if they are negatively-focusing purely).

But if you can intercept that feel-better point, it appears you can make it a useful cut-off point for some vibrational change.

The idea for this approach actually comes from years of watching the British stand-up comedian Stewart Lee.

alt text

His stand-up routines are really quite unique among the comedians I've seen because they require incredible self-confidence and shameless audacity. If you care what the audience are thinking about you with this approach, you're sunk :)

To break it down, what he essentially does is come up with a joke that the audience finds mildly amusing, perhaps barely amusing. Then he keep repeating it in subtly different ways (sometimes he just repeats the exact same joke/line) until the audience starts feeling uncomfortable, then embarrassed, then can almost feel the audience members thinking "Did I pay for this?? This isn't even funny. What is this guy doing??".

Now he does something that very few comedians would ever dare do when the audience is worked up into that state of anger/annoyance (most would run off the stage hanging their heads in shame)...

...what he does is to continue repeating the same joke/line :)

An interesting effect then occurs within the audience regarding all their pent-up frustration/anger - and that is that the audience starts to laugh again...and this time they laugh even more than at the start.

And the laughter builds and builds even though he's just repeating the same joke/line over and over again. Once that crescendo of laughter has dissipated, he then pauses at that Sweet Spot, and then finally moves on with his routine.

What Stewart Lee has realized is that laughter is a dissipation of energy and that he'll get more laughs by deliberating building-up that energy through forcing the audience to feel uncomfortable for a while, and then allowing them to release it again....he's allowing them to "let it all out" through the laughter.

He even acknowledges that's what he does with his routines in a routine that demonstrates the effect...

Now, I believe that if he continued with the joke/line beyond that "let it all out" point, he would probably be boo-ed off the stage by an angry audience, or somebody would just shoot him :)

So now tying these ideas back to ME-5 Draft 2, I think there appears to be a Sweet Spot just after that initial surge of "complaining to the sheet", where someone can then step in with a fast clean-up method (like EFT, Faster EFT) and quickly move the subject of the complaints to a permanently different vibrational level.

Going beyond that Sweet Spot might be risky because you would be moving into "negative focus" (with all the 17-68 second focusing implications) rather than "letting it all out".

I'm still testing out these ideas for myself but I'm thinking that any "bigger" clean-up using these ideas would be constrained by that natural vibrational pausing-point.

"Complaining" beyond that point will probably end up with you being boo-ed off your vibrational stage, or the Law of Attraction would just shoot you :)


answered 28 Jun '15, 05:18

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edited 28 Jun '15, 05:19

Thank you @Stingray. Interesting that you became aware of that concept in a stand-up comedy show :). I watched one of his shows today after you mentioned his "Shilbottle routine" and I find him to be uniquely funny. It also seems that when he repeats the same joke/line confidently again and again, the "mind-based" part of the audience seems to give up/let go because of the level of absurdity of his pauses and repetitions. In a way, he almost overwhelms them into letting go and laughter :).

(28 Jun '15, 20:53) releaser99

@Stingray - This is interesting to me, speaking of complaining beyond the point of feeling better. (Another thing I have always felt but never knew anyone else did, and have never spoken of.) I used to alienate people with my constant negativity. I could not understand what I was doing wrong, because I heard other people complaining all the time, and no one seemed put off. It fed my victim beliefs and I just withdrew further from the world....

(28 Jun '15, 23:25) Grace

...Recently, I've come across a person like that in my own life, and it felt really oppressive to be around her. I even left a road trip with a group early, just to get away from her. I didn't want to be mean, and was as careful with her feelings as I could be, but it was like fingernails on a chalkboard.... for days. I couldn't take it, and I had to run! So now I'm seeing the whole situation from the other side, and it's been an eye-opener...

(28 Jun '15, 23:27) Grace

... I'm wondering if that's what bothers us about some people, that we all just automatically feel that a certain amount of negativity is cathartic, but naturally sense when it goes beyond that point? And if so, why do I feel that now, when I didn't before? It's a very fine point but fascinating. To me anyway lol! :)

(28 Jun '15, 23:28) Grace

@Stingray in my experience EFT will never take you past the sweet spot ... I must admit I'm not familar with practicing EFT but as far as I can make out and correct me if I'm wrong it involves tapping certain points on the body using fingers ... as I see it there's no way this method can by-pass the internal mechanisms of the brain that are situated between raw energy flows and perceived reality. The way to reach the sweet spot is to change the programs and algorisms of the brain itself.

(29 Jun '15, 10:18) jaz

@Stingray so long as the learned programs, the algorisms, the masks if you prefer are in place they will always pop up, a self-made barrage of energy, just as the brain is fooling the eyes when you look in a mirror and see an imaginary face staring back at you, the way to the sweet spot is "through" the mirror. How to go through the mirror? Just as computers can be reprogrammed you can reprogram your brain to delete and alter it's internal programs so as to progressively dismantle the masks

(29 Jun '15, 10:32) jaz

@releaser99 - "the level of absurdity of his pauses and repetitions. In a way, he almost overwhelms them into letting go and laughter" - Yeah, it's a Pattern Interrupt since audiences have become conditioned over the years to expect a certain style of banter to be entertained by stand-up comedians. It can be quite disorienting to them (consciously) to be suddenly faced with someone playing a very different game :)

(03 Jul '15, 05:00) Stingray

@releaser99 - In a broadly similar way, this new-style ME-5 is also a Pattern Interrupt because most people are conditioned into believing that they must "think positive" and "stop complaining" in order to get better things in life. Now here's a method that says Complain-All-You-Want until you run out of things to complain about (the vibrational "pause"). I've been using this method for a while and there's a still a part of me that is disoriented by being "encouraged" to complain :)

(03 Jul '15, 05:04) Stingray

@Grace - "we all just automatically feel that a certain amount of negativity is cathartic, but naturally sense when it goes beyond that point?" - There does seem to be something to that idea. It's similar to when you are happy to help/counsel someone going through a hard time but there comes a point (indicated by a change in your emotional reaction to them) when you feel you've now done enough and that they are "using" you and you start to resent having to help them. Good time to quit :)

(03 Jul '15, 05:13) Stingray

@Grace - "And if so, why do I feel that now, when I didn't before?" - I think that as one becomes less fearful of feeling fear (the fear of feeling bad is really what all fears are about), one can view events, past and current, from a place of greater understanding knowing that one is now emotionally-stable enough to not get drawn into it all just by being exposed to it or observing it. Don't know if that answers your question but it sounds kind of profound :)

(03 Jul '15, 05:22) Stingray

@Stingray "the vibrational 'pause'" - Interesting. I've been thinking about this since you commented on that. There are two ideas in my mind that still puzzle me (apart from the "sweet spot of time" theory). One idea is that "the vibrational pause" is a higher state of mind like the Vortex that allows to release emotions in an easier way because it doesn't lose itself in a chaotic, resistant state. So it's easier to release chunks of resistance fully and fast.

(17 Jul '15, 21:56) releaser99

Another idea is that it seems to me that the mind-based part of the brain doesn't allow a relatively "large emotional structure" to be released... when it doesn't fully understands it/embraces it in a logical way. So, many methods have found a way to make the "mind-based part of the brain" believe that it fully understands the emotional structure/message so it can let it go now... and in a safe way.

(17 Jul '15, 21:57) releaser99

For example, the basic Sedona Method uses "The Three Wants" to (hopefully) embrace the emotional structure with the mind-based part of the brain... to then allow the mind-based part to let go of the emotional message. So it uses categories that the mind-based part of the brain can understand such "approval, security and control".

(17 Jul '15, 21:58) releaser99

Faster EFT uses the "Quick Tap" to (hopefully) fully embrace the feelings "in a logical way" to then allow the mind-based part of the brain to let go of the emotional message. The "logical" categories of Faster EFT are "sadnesses, fears, emotional traumas..." etc.

(17 Jul '15, 21:59) releaser99

The same goes for the "Kinesthetic Quick Tap Method" which (hopefully) embraces those "illogical messages from the higher mind" to make them more tangible in a logical way by using words like "pressure sensations, pain sensations, burning, tightness, heaviness..." etc. So at first appearance it seems to me that ME5 - Draft 2 is also a (faster) way to (hopefully) fully embrace/understand the emotional structure/message in a logical way to then let it go easily.

(17 Jul '15, 21:59) releaser99

So altogether, it seems to me that the emotional message/the heart-based message, isn't enough to let go. The mind-based part has to understand and express the heart-based meassage before "letting go" can happen. It's all just theory but maybe it's also food for thought.

(17 Jul '15, 22:00) releaser99

To bring it down to a specific ME5 - Draft 2 example, let's say I want to manifest a car (of course, because what else could I ask for in life?). If I take the first thought that comes to mind and work on it (using a standard Focus Block for example), there might not be enough logical understanding associated to fully grasp the core resistance that I feel and that appears when thinking about not having the car yet (unless I've identified the core belief on a logical level).

(17 Jul '15, 23:50) releaser99

But when I "let it all out" while I'm using concepts, words, pictures, logical understandings etc regarding that subject, it is more likely to get a full mind-based handle on those emotions that I'm already feeling. Because not only I'm allowing the emotional message to show itself clearly by "letting it all out", but my mind-based part is more likely to let go of it because it now understands and embraces the felt resistance to my desire fully. Hope this all makes some sense.

(17 Jul '15, 23:50) releaser99

And maybe this would also make sense when one thinks about what Bashar says about letting go of core beliefs. He says that if one really identifies a core belief (embraces and understands it fully on a mind-based level), "letting go" happens automatically. Because the mind-based part is now satisfied with the understanding that it gets so it now allows to let go.

(18 Jul '15, 00:15) releaser99

@releaser99 - "The mind-based part has to understand and express the heart-based message before "letting go" can happen" - Yes, I think you are on to something here. Mind vs Heart must be a symbiotic relationship to function on the physical plane. Both have specific roles to fulfill so it does make sense that for a significant change to the status quo, both parties must be allowed to have a say in it. I'll have to ponder this one :)

(06 Aug '15, 15:59) Stingray

Here's something @Stingray that you may enjoy pondering "I am the enemy you killed, my friend" Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)

(08 Aug '15, 02:40) jaz
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Hi @releaser99!

I know just what you mean, and I've wondered a bit about this myself. Ultimately, for me anyway, I think that it is intuitive on a case-by-case basis.

If I have to wrangle with something for too long, it usually means to me that there is more there to look into, and I need to go deeper. For me, most of the clearing I have to do are things I already know about, but just didn't think to apply it to the circumstance in question. Like, this or that made me unhappy.... oh yeah but I've already learned how to handle this, and have made good decisions on how I want to deal with these feelings - duh! I just didn't realize it is the same thing, different person, place, etc. Tap tap tap gone! ;)

So many things fall under very broad general headings in my experience, and I've covered so much ground in the past few years, that this is the most common senerio for me.

If this isn't the case, and I have the feeling that I'm forcing a happy face onto a bad feeling, a red flag goes up, and I know to stop and work a bit more with it.

I hope that makes sense. It feels funny to talk about it - it's so personal, I hardly ever think of how another person would view it. I don't know if anyone else does this.

Love, Grace :)


answered 27 Jun '15, 21:33

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@Grace "Ultimately, for me anyway, I think it is intuitive on a case-by-case basis" ... could you be more precise on what you mean by case-by-case ... do you mean by that each person is different or do you mean two or more looped memory cicuits within yourself or perhaps something else?

(28 Jun '15, 04:15) jaz

Thank you @Grace. I've experienced everything you mentioned. I find it always funny to see how I tend to think how "unique" my own thought process is when it comes to subjects that don't get much attention in conversations... only to discover that it wasn't unique at all :).

(28 Jun '15, 20:03) releaser99

@releaser99 - Oh thanks for the belly laughs I have tears in my eyes hahaha!!! And yes, yes to all @Jaz. Yes to you @releaser99 I get it, and yes to everything the Great George Carlin said. :D Great way to end my day, thanks again.

(28 Jun '15, 23:08) Grace

thanks for the video @releaser99 I just couldn't stop laughing ... Yes @Grace great video however I am being serious with my questions, could you describe the "red flag" in more detail?

(28 Jun '15, 23:40) jaz
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a premise logically
derived from a belief
of human evolution
is just that, whose facts are seen


answered 28 Jun '15, 06:41

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Update 1st july 2015

Ok lets start from the beginning; the very first step I take towards the sweet spot is to quietly close my eyes and become aware of the vasr space within, it's the space that appears to exist inside me, I can't touch it I can't see it, nobody else can touch it or see it, but I perceive it as a vast space inside me ... emotions, thoughts and feelings appear in my inner space, sure I've tried many times to try to alter, delete, rub-out, re-frame the content of my inner space using all kinds of techniques sophrologie, reiki, magnetism, hypnotism, psychotherapies, the list is long, very long. I feel like I've been at war with myself and others.

I found this vast place inside me many years ago when I was in prison, it seems that emprisonnement is a great way of liberating the spirit and I certainly find this to be true. This reminds of the magical ceremony to release the spirit from the body, the person is bonded from head to toe with just enough space to breath and hung upside down, it corresponds to the hanged man in tarot

alt text

In this position in prison I realized what duality was all about, there's the outer world a small room with a single bed, a wash basin and toilet, a small table and a chair. There's a window that I could open and vertical iron bars preventing any escape, What I really enjoyed doing was feed the sparrows that flew around the building.

There was permanent noise 24 hours a day 7 days a week, each month of every year. People yelling and tapping on the walls, there was spit and rotting food splashed on windows that were never cleaned. On a good day I could take it, on a bad day it way 10 times worse than I could have ever imagined.

I noticed that all prisoners entering cracked in some way, a lot became aggressive, others became obsessional, others ended up in the psychiatric hospital there were as many different ways of cracking as there were people. Some seemed to enjoy themselves.

Sure I cracked a little in all these ways, I lost my identity, I felt like I'd lost even my name I was just a four figure number 2687 but after a while I found real comfort inwards, there nobody could see or touch me unless I chose.

I had discovered the Inner world. I had discovered what Eckhart Tolle names nonduality, the ultimate liberation, but I believe there's more to come, more to it than just simple ultimate liberation.

I didn't realize at the time but I had actually changed dimensions ... I had found a second dimension and this second dimension I can feel it now and whenever I want.

What does all this mean? it means I'm aware of duality, and that we all live in duality. and being aware allows me to rise above it and see it more clearly and how t functions. It also means I can see plentude the whole, unity

alt text

Imagine for a moment the world before humans came along, emotions evolved that allow animals to behave in a flexible and adaptive manner, notice there's no concept of good or bad all the emotions just "are" and serve a purpose for the animals ... later humans come into the picture, now it seems there are "negative" emotions and "positive" emotions but where did these concepts come from?

It's source energy that holds and feeds the bodies of humans together and it's that same source energy that holds and feeds the bodies of animals together, so the only conclusion I can come up with is that somehow humans "invented" the concept of negative and positive.

Definition of invent in The Free Dictionary; to make up, fabricate - to produce or create with the imagination.

Definition of invent in the Urban Dictionary; invent is't defined. Can you define it?

In my experience humans invented the concept negative/positive and along the same lines they also invented amongst many other things the concept of good/bad. I also notice that humans are mostly unaware that they did so.

To resume there's original energy that has been modified by human intervention to produce a modified original energy

alt text

and it's the modified original energy that most people perceive as being original energy

Original energy can be represented by a bubble of colour blue, human intervention can be represented by a bubble of green and modified original energy can be represented by a bubble of red.

alt text

what I'd like to say is that now @Grace can see how close she is with her "red flag", she's standing at the doorway. The sweet spot mentioned by @releaser99 is represented is situated somewhere on the diagram. At this point you may be asking yourself "so how does he know all this, it's just maybe a load of hocus pocus"

All this I have lived through in my own personal experience, it's nothing to do with thinking, intelligence, concepts or ideas ... it's all about emotional experiences.

So what is all this, what does it signify? The question is "what is the sweet spot in terms of time for making cleanups highly efficient"

Well now the "sweet spot" has been localized as being somewhere on this diagram.

Here's a deeper explanation of what going on ... the red spot is accessible using language, the green and blue spots are beyond language as such, meaning words no longer have any sense because they're broken into pieces, into their constituent parts that is, in the case of english, into the letters of the alphabet, and further along the line letters are reduced to algorisms, flowing arabic numerals, flowing patterns like symphonies of music, vibrations.

What do I mean by human intervention?

At birth I was aware of all these flowing patterns, these vibrations that appeared in my consciousness, but I didn't have words for them. For example when I saw the colour "red" I could feel it's vibrations, it was there in my consciousness ... when I saw "red" and when my mother was present sometimes she uttered a sound, so I started to associate the vibration "red" that I could see and feel with the sound "red" that my mother uttered.

When you really think about it this system of arbitrary labeling can be source of tensions, which language way of expressing it is correct "red" "rouge" "أحمر" "rooi" i kug" "gorria" "punane" "piros" "赤" "қызыл" "ചുവപ്പ്" "улаан" "красный" ... to name just a few. Red is just one word and easy for everyone to understand. Imagine what happens when the thing in question cannot be perceived by the five senses e.g. yin yang, magnetism electricity, negative positive,

Definition of language on The Free Dictionary; communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures or written symbols.

Definition of language in the Urban Dictionary; device invented to hide our thoughts.


answered 28 Jun '15, 05:10

jaz's gravatar image


edited 01 Jul '15, 23:14

Coming from my own personal experience the ''sweet spot'' is a detached, relaxed awareness, where I'm not influenced or pulled into the drama of the wounded mind, instead being more in a state of allowing, allowing it to throw it's tantrums while just being a ''witness'' and saying ''whatever'' to it's dramas. This has worked wonders for me because the cleanup requires no effort whatsoever, it's done automatically as the mind's negative influence and momentum is dissolved on it's own. To me this has been a more natural approach and all of the credit goes to detaching, letting go, and allowing. As for the core limited beliefs, they seem to dissolve layer by layer, as well as their residual negative energies, which have lost momentum as well. While some would prefer using different methods to clean up, they could get faster results, as what has worked for myself, requires much patience, but no forced effort is needed as far as aligning, it just becomes second nature by allowing everything to be as it is, and while you focus on being in a relaxed state of awareness, the cleanup/dissolving happens naturally.


answered 30 Jun '15, 11:49

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dear @Kreatr - I'm sure that most people on this forum, have tried just what you are suggesting, but perhaps as they have not been successful in being able to 'just allow' and things haven't really turned around, that they are using the clearing techniques.

(30 Jun '15, 21:26) Inner Beauty

It would be very helpful if you could identify exactly the process of how you achieved this allowing. Do you mean just complete acceptance of the moment? yes, this is very helpful, but you are still trying to impose something consciously i.e. 'live in the moment' on to your subconscious mind.....while the clearing techniques aim to make your natural subconscious state more light and untroubled?

(30 Jun '15, 21:27) Inner Beauty

It would take a lot of space here to explain the process, but I'll do my best to comment here, while the process of [allowing/letting go] can turn things around, it can seem like a slow and gradual process depending upon the amount of negative beliefs/momentum we may have so much patience is necessary.

(30 Jun '15, 23:03) Kreatr

The process to achieve allowing begins with letting go, letting go of attachment, letting go of a certain outcome, letting go of the need to control that outcome, letting go of the worries/fear, it varies with the individual, we all have different methods and approaches when it comes to letting go.

(30 Jun '15, 23:13) Kreatr

Some will use clearing techniques, others like myself prefer letting go of any effort whatsoever, and allowing my resistance to dissolve on it's own, and at the end of the day it all works toward the same goal, clearing techniques clear the resistance, letting go and allowing dissolves the resistance.

(30 Jun '15, 23:27) Kreatr

There is no one way to achieve allowing, we all have different methods to accomplish this state, mine was to simply let go of everything that wasn't working for me and allow the negative/limiting beliefs to surface and dissolve without resisting them [giving them focus]

(30 Jun '15, 23:38) Kreatr

When a fearful thought enters my mind that makes me feel uncomfortable, at that very moment I'll say ''whatever negative thought, I feel you, are you done yet?'' and within minutes it passes because I no longer fear those thoughts, they're not real after all.

(30 Jun '15, 23:45) Kreatr

I'm allowing them to surface feeling them briefly [without fear] and I'm allowing them to dissolve, and this has happened countless times, and it getting easier and easier because I made the conscious choice to let go of the false/limiting beliefs from the start. ALOT of commenting here! lol, but I truly hope this answers your question above.

(30 Jun '15, 23:52) Kreatr

Thanks @Kreatr - yes, it is more clear. I agree with you, but also think the clearing techniques and working with your body can helpful, although looking for negative things to clear certainly shouldn't become an obsession as can become once you start using these techniques as for sure this can be never-ending....

(01 Jul '15, 00:24) Inner Beauty

I like to think of it this way

western style; the doctor studies illnesses and is always searching for illnesses to cure; the doctor centers attention on illness

eastern syle; the doctor studies happiness and is always searching for happiness; the doctor centers attention on happiness

(01 Jul '15, 00:55) jaz

Love this comment jaz, so true this is, Westernized society seems to always be focused on the problems, the wanting and lack of, While Eastern societies live in fulfillment [happiness]

(01 Jul '15, 12:10) Kreatr

When we desire a thing or a certain person we ask for them around resistance, so clearing is necessary, but instead of asking for those outside things first, wouldn't it just be easier to ask higher self to be freed from ALL resistance? and believe it or not it would be SO easy to allow it!

(01 Jul '15, 12:15) Kreatr

The Universe would have ''no problem'' granting such a desire, because it's true alignment that we want, we overthink this way to much when it's so damn easy, when we genuinely let go and allow, we won't ''need'' techniques, we're already aligned to begin with because we've asked, we've allowed, and we'll receive!

(01 Jul '15, 12:22) Kreatr

It's so easy, it's so easy, it really is so easy!

(01 Jul '15, 12:28) Kreatr
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