I just plowed through (what I thought) was a very effective session using Manifesting Experiment 4. Despite the time flew, it took me an hour to completely do.

I was writing out all the 'lists' of problems, and the way they make you feel, and I found that just by identifying what they were and making the statements about what I believe to be was true about myself and my relationship to the subject seemed to just have this automatic, clearing effect on me.

Whilst yes, I was feeling brutally angry and crying/upset about some of the statements as they were coming out on the page (getting a valid taste for them to clear them), it seemed as though they cleared by themselves even before I got to the EFT/Clearing step).

I focused back on these statements that made me uncomfortably emotionally before, and they just seemed to have zero effect on me when I think about them. In other words, I am feeling very neautral. It seems all those issues don't even need to be labelled as 'problems' anymore.

Judging on this information, how would I know if I have just sort of 'avoided' the emotion or really just permanently erased those bad beliefs? And for the worst possible scenario, let's assume I haven't cleared this subject up as best as I could have; the next time I attempt it will it be easier/better because I have already released on some other smaller emotional tangents during the process?

And as a pole, how many times have you used ME 4? Because it is a rather big activity, for me, I targeted one subject, and about 3-4 other major subjects in my life surfaced up and also seem to be 'dealt' with....Unless I have unfinished business in this subject, I dont feel I shall ever need to use this ME 4 ever again.

asked 24 Feb '12, 10:40

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Yes, you can automatically release even without a clearing method. If you read the section in Manifesting Experiment 4 called The "Real" Step 7, you'll see this explained.

Regarding avoiding the emotions...if you read back all the statements that were previously troubling and they are not troubling now, it sounds to me like you've cleaned them up. I'm assuming you are giving your attention to what the words mean. For example, if the statement says "I feel financially poor" but, while you are reading it, you are thinking of happily eating delicious ice cream on a sunny beach then that probably doesn't count :)

To be sure, give it a few hours (or a day) and then read those statements again and see if there is any emotional "kick" left in them.

As for how often to use ME-4, it's not really a process that you will have to use regularly unless you really feel inspired to. I wouldn't be surprised if you feel like you only ever need to use it once.

The basic idea behind it was to come up with a heavy-duty "industrial strength" process that someone could use if they found themselves trapped a long way down the emotional scale, out of reach of processes like Focus Blocks/Wheels, Positive Aspects, Rampages of Appreciation etc, and unable to even figure out what to clean up in their lives.

I noticed that some people were almost "drowning" in emotional pain and suffering and methods like ME-1 and ME-2 are just not meant to cope with that level of distress.

The ME-4 questions, by themselves, though are excellent whenever you want to understand the "root" issues of a whole number of related problems in your life

But generally with ME-4, once you've "released" enough that you are able to bring a bit of emotional stability back to yourself, you don't really need to use it again. The lighter (and quicker) processes will likely then be in vibrational/emotional range when you reach that stage and they will be easily good enough to aim you towards the Vortex.


answered 24 Feb '12, 12:11

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@Stingray- Thanks for giving me alot of attention lately haha :) As you can probably guess due to my immediate other question of how to get out of debt, this process expanded the entire spectrum of family, girlfriend issues, how to attain happiness......But yes, I'm defiantly going to wait a few days, and still see if these statements feel numb whilst reading them. Thankyou again Stingray <3

(24 Feb '12, 18:12) Nikulas
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