Will there come a point on our spiritual journey where we feel as though we're being tested?

Before anyone takes offence, I don't mean that God is setting us up for a test to see if we pass or fail. I think that we actually create circumstances ourselves where our lower self has an opportunity to witness it's own growth and in so doing some dysfunctional behaviours or reactions drop away... if you like we are presented with opportunities to resist lower impulses that previously we would have given into,and by so doing we're able to gauge our own progress.

I vaguely remember Stingray alluding to this idea of a test in a previous answer... but I can't remember the question.

Any thoughts?

asked 19 Jun '11, 12:40

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The answer about The Test was this one: "How do I deal with something I really don’t want to do until something better comes along?" http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/11945/how-do-i-deal-with-something-i-really-dont-want-to-do-until-something-better-com/11954#11954

(19 Jun '11, 13:17) Stingray

@Stingray - I know I didn't ask this question just for myself. However, now I think part of the reason it was asked was that your answer could be revisited...thank you :)

(19 Jun '11, 19:29) Michaela

two books I highly recommend reading are "The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn" by Florence Scovel Shinn and "The Awakener" by Sandy Stevenson. I read them both years ago and have just recently re-read them and have to say that I was blown away by the insights I received this time around.

(21 Jun '11, 18:10) Susan 1

@Susan, thank you... I'll check both books out :)

(22 Jun '11, 11:06) Michaela

you are most welcome Michaela.

(24 Jun '11, 14:29) Susan 1
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Great question Michaela!

I have often pondered this...and have come up with a working theory: These life "tests" and "challenges" are usually created (by us/by The Self).....to create the very necessary condition...to catapult us to that new level (growth).


answered 19 Jun '11, 18:39

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edited 20 Jun '11, 12:49

We're on the same page...thank you :)

(19 Jun '11, 19:33) Michaela

I have to say that this question is very pertinent to me now. I read the Stingray answers as it helped a little.

Then immediately another thought popped in which I will get to in a moment.

Yes as I grow to a more enlightened path I have noticed that almost with every breakthrough I come across a road block soon after. These tests, do not always come in the form of the former breakthrough but at times are all together different and new. As you said Michaela I do not think its a God laying out tests thing but almost as if the latest breakthrough created the actual challenge!

That is when this new thought came in that I want to be considered.

Is it just the same ole' thing but now I look at in a different perspective? Meaning that that stuff was happening anyway and was going to happen and I am now noticing it.


Am I creating these new events to fortify my strengths?

Honestly I'm lost on this one, these growth spurts are getting exhausting (in a great way!!)


answered 19 Jun '11, 17:08

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I think it's a bit of both Michael...it does seem like something familiar but now we have changed so we are giving ourselves the opportunity to respond differently. So we set the 'test' and we determine if we 'pass' or 'fail' - I think :)

(19 Jun '11, 19:32) Michaela

I started to answer this question with the thought of the word test and how to me it is future based e.i. future resulted .but I reread the question and saw that the core of it was resistance and how one deals with it

we are presented with opportunities to resist lower impulses

From a A-H perspective you could say things that are not a vibrational match or a lower vibration thus mean not lowering your vibration. So not so much a test but the ability to see the contrast that would mean a lowering of your vibration.
I used to smoke cigarettes I quit after 25 years of smoking about 5 years ago. I still in some rare instances would like to have a cigarette (contrast) .
But the whole picture of being a smoker again (lower vibration) . Stops me from lighting up (maintaining higher vibration). I am happier, healthier and richer since I quit so I do call that a higher vibration.
So insteadof tests think of them as just opportunities to maintain a higher vibration.


answered 20 Jun '11, 09:05

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Thanks ursixx. The 'resistance' I was referring to here is actually a good thing... to "resist lower impulses" , eg. when you resist that craving for a cigarette ( I can relate - I quit almost 4 yrs ago after 25 yrs ):)

(20 Jun '11, 14:47) Michaela

'subjection to conditions that show real character' seem to be inevitable for us,
since we are continually growing/unfolding.
whether we need to be is an interesting way to look at it


answered 23 Jun '11, 11:12

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Wise words, as always fred... thank you :)

(23 Jun '11, 18:42) Michaela
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