This morning, my wife Anne told me she felt like she was being tested, spiritually.

*If so, what is being tested?

Who or what is doing the testing?

Why does this happen?

What do we do when we feel we are being* tested?

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Dollar Bill

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It's hard to say without more specifics. But the way it seems to me it that based on the LOA, we attract situations that match our beliefs. If we believe we can remain peaceful in a storm, then we will attract a storm to remain peaceful in. Likewise, if we believe that there is no storm, then we don't attract the storm, we live above the storm, and from above the storm it looks sunny.

When we define ourselves and put ourselves in a box, we attract things that match that box. So in a way, we attract these 'tests' to ourselves. How we interpret the results is what matters. These 'tests' can reveal to us our beliefs that are attracting and therefore creating our reality. If we don't like what we are attracting, then we can examine our beliefs and redefine them to fit our new perspective.

So when we embark on a spiritual journey, we take with us some beliefs that no longer serve us, but we are unaware of. These beliefs attract 'tests' to reveal to us some baggage/beliefs that need to get left behind. These 'tests' keep popping up until we clear ourselves of the beliefs that we hold that are not serving us for our higher good.


answered 21 Jun '12, 10:56

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Fairy Princess

I believe these test are not so much as God testing us as they are in infected worldly beliefs getting in.

Example, we believe we are in the Kingdom of God, all is right in our world, we feel wonderful and the peace of God's blessings every day.

Now we see some friends that do not have this same belief, our friends proceed to dump on us how bad things are, life sucks, etc. etc... and next thing we know we are not so much feeling in God's Kingdom now. Our peace is a little shaken because we feel compassion that is good but as well we feel maybe things are not so great. We let the influence get to us, we have become infected with these false beliefs these counter beliefs! Jesus said be in the world not of the world, he didn't heal people then think wow that could happen to me, I had better watch out!

These beliefs that are counter to life and lead to death, "The penalty of sin is death." are beliefs that kill us. They depress us, they make us feel like losers, they make us sick, they make us poor, they make us even die!

That is why we must rebuke these as foreign attackers against us. It is these beliefs that will bring us down and cause us to fall away from God. We feel abandoned but it is not God that abandoned us it is the beliefs we have let influence us away from God.

We can at any time ask forgiveness and dump all those non-Kingdom beliefs to get back to God as easy as the flip of a coin, BUT we must believe we can.

The test of our faith we experience is good for something we learn from these so we can help others by saying, I was where you are I made it through and can help you get through it as well. We can use these bad experiences to further God's Kingdom on earth. When we keep furthering God's Kingdom we can reach that zenith point where Jesus comes back and wipes out all negativity for all earth. That tipping point where everyone realizes they do not need to live in suffering of any kind.


answered 21 Jun '12, 09:05

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Wade Casaldi

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@Fairy Princess, I think that you got the answer. It is not YOU that is being tested, it is your BELIEF! Or in Stingray's Battered Car analogy, you are trying to push your belief system beyond its current capabilities. That won't work and it seems as though you are being tested.

Maybe Anne crashed her battered old belief system. And that seemed like a test. In the past, I would have put my head down and butted through this test. But now I see things differently. Butting through really does not work. It just creates more to butt through.

Now in Reality Creation, I have frustrated myself because I have to take responsibility for my reality. If my reality sucks, I tend to berate myself because I created a sucky reality.

Frustratingly enough, when I feel bad, I lose connection with Source. So that beating myself up won't work. It just moves me in the wrong direction.

I feel like I am sitting here, muttering. Pass by for the moment, if you like, I am talking to myself.

When I don't know what to say, I say nothing. When I don't know what to do, I do nothing.

As Siddhartha said, "I can fast. I can meditate. I can wait."

I'm go off to bed to seek Beauty, then Joy and Inspiration will follow. I'll be back in the morning.


answered 21 Jun '12, 21:26

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Dollar Bill

you test yourself to further
advancement of the path
answering your restless call

to close the circle
of your created being
yes we test ourselves


answered 24 Jun '12, 17:13

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