I am happy. I really am! BUT!...I am really puzzled by the number and frequency of my nightmares. I cannot understand why I have so many when I am, in the day, quite happy. How can I change my sleep so I stop having nightmares? What Mind Power Technique do you recommend?

Blessings and Love, Jaianniah

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Thanks for your GREAT answers!>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Jun '11, 15:00) Jaianniah

I believe that our dreams (good or bad) are a way for our inner self to convey something to us that we may not be aware off in our everyday consciousness. I know what we term nightmares can be frightening and we just want to avoid or get rid off them.

However,just as I think fear is not something we have to get rid off but is rather something we have to face and understand ( and then it dissipates by itself), I think nightmares should be treated the same. Begin by writing them down and see if you can see what they're trying to tell you... the answers are within your own consciousness and I have a feeling as you begin to decipher the messages contained within them, the nightmares will begin to subside. Hope it helps :)


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Before you try to get rid of them, look at them and see if they are trying to tell you something. Then, examine your bedtime routine. What did you watch on tv before the nightmares? What did you eat? Did you eat shortly before bed? Then when you get into bed and are done praying and are ready to go to sleep, repeat a positive phrase untill you fall asleep. Pick one that helps you to feel good, like, "I am loved" or something that speaks to you. Make the sentence be something that you want, and in the present tense as if it already were.

I just found a new way to fall asleep. After you are positioned to go to sleep, I sleep on my stomach only, then find a place where you can make contact with both of your hands on your body or bed. Then feel the feelings in your hands. Don't name them, just feel them.


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lucid dream and have faith kick there ass in the dream after a while they will not make you have nightmare anny more! they feed on fear have no fear and kick there ass!


answered 23 Jun '11, 02:06

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