I just woke up from a doozy of a nightmare; it seems that is all I do lately.

What could be the cause of this recent development?



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If u can describe what they are. I can help I think. please enlighten me.

(14 Sep '12, 16:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

I think that they are PTSD dreams- I just was bitten by a black widow a few weeks ago, so I think that stirred things up. Mostly, I am belittled or ignored by my mother...other types of dreams, too, very personal. I hope you can help! Jai

(14 Sep '12, 18:50) Jaianniah
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I usually sleep well but occasionally have nightmares. It usually happens when I'm in a stressful situation. It seems that these nightmares happen when you have a problem with yourself or others and you try to suppress it consciously or unconsciously.

The obvious cure is dealing with the problem. If the problem is subconsciously suppressed and you don't know about it, there are always clues in your nightmare to tell you what its all about.

But this not always possible. In my opinion the moments you spend from going to bed until you fall asleep determines the quality of your sleep. When you go to bed try to leave your past and future behind and focus on the present moment. You are in a warm bed with no problems to worry about. Sleep on your back, concentrate on your breath and go into your body with each breath. Try to feel your hands then your feet and then your entire body. If a story steals your mind, just go back in your body when you become aware of it.

Whenever I do this, I sleep very calm and wake up fresh in the morning in a space of presence. Hope it works for you to.


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@nima good pointers

(13 Sep '12, 02:21) ursixx

Love this answer.

(14 Sep '12, 01:12) Paulina 1

"Nightmares in series are often inner-regulated shock therapy. They may frighten the conscious self considerably, but after all it comes awake in its normal world, shaken perhaps but secure in the framework of the day.

"Other dream events, though forgotten, may also cushion the individual to withstand the effects of such "nightmare therapy." In the same way that some LSD treatment finally results in a feeling of rebirth (that is often only temporary, however), so a period of such nightmares often leads quite naturally to dreams in which the self finally makes new and greater connections with the source of its own."

Source: The Nature of Personal Reality (A Seth Book)


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Thanks, TA! I never read that quote.

(12 Sep '12, 10:39) Jaianniah

They could be revealing to you hidden fears, limiting beliefs, etc... The details are missing and that is what you must examine. Do you remember the dreams, or just the feeling of having a nightmare when you wake up? Did you watch a movie or hear something in a conversation that would plant the seed that sprouted in your dream?

If you can be aware of the moment you become aware that you are dreaming, then you can take control of the dream and take it where you want it. Then you can rewrite your subconscious program that you were experiencing in the dream.

Sometimes when we are in physical pain, it shows up in our dreams with a different reason. That reason could still hold meaning. Like if your neck hurt and you drempt that a snake bit you and caused your neck to hurt, you may have a fear of snakes AND a sore neck. The sore neck might have to do with your fear of snakes, or it could be a symbolic fear, like fear of being betrayed. Since most pain and ailments have an emotional root, it is our emotions that should be addressed.


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Fairy Princess

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The one that woke me up last night was due to pain, I think. I dreamed that I had been bitten by a snake on the back of my neck- when I awoke, my neck was killing me....Others have been about the past...bad memories and so on. PTSD dreams, perhaps? What do you think?

(12 Sep '12, 10:44) Jaianniah

Very well could be. I would use THT to clear the emotional charge associated with those memories that get brought up in the dream. I think dreams are a good way to peek at our subconscious and even change our feelings about things. If you can change your response in your dreams, it will show up in your waking life. So the idea is to be aware of the moment you become aware in your dreams, and then take control of the dream and take it the way you want it to.

(12 Sep '12, 10:50) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess- Thanks! Will do...:)

(12 Sep '12, 11:18) Jaianniah
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Hi Jai,

Is it maybe your birthday? Or what happend with our @CalonLan? You are recently engaged (:D), you mentioned a possible move?

It's just my thought, I've nothing to back it up, but to me, all of the above are experiences can evoke strong feelings, and any strong feelings, whether you see them as positive or negative, especially the buried ones, can bring on nightmares.

In my own life, the time I was happiest and felt most secure was also a season of vivid nightmares. I thought at the time that maybe it was some sort of balancing - I was so happy it had knocked the whole universe off kilter. :)

Later, and during subsequent satisfying periods when I was feeling replete, I came to see them as a purging process, or even a tug-o-war for my consiousness. It felt like there was some ugliness or poison inside that either had to come out - express itself in some way - or to fight its last few battles to try to stay with me, and keep me in the same old comfortable set of ruts. The great thing about a period of nightmares is, it probably won't last, so don't let it get you down. :)

When difficult feelings get stirred up, most powerfully the ones I may not be fully aware of, it feels to me that it is a stirring of the settled sludge in the floor of my brain. You can sift through it if you want to, even "tear the whole house down" cleaning it up, or you can choose to just let it all settle quietly back down, where you are used to it being.

It makes me think of the dust bunnies under my bed; if they were on my coffee table where I had to look at them, I'd clean them up right away. Being that they are under my bed, I don't much care. I do know that I breathe better the cleaner my house is, however, so I do intend to get around to those dust bunnies.... soon.

Whatever causes the nightmares for you, whatever you do about what is going on in your head and heart, the one truly consistant thing I've noticed is that nightmares always seem to herald a distinct period of signficant growth for me. Often uncomfortable, but always truly benefitial times. I like to think of them that way, and to compare them to the times in my life that were so bleak and grey, that for years, I did not dream at all. The nightmares are definately better.

There's something about nightmares - at least I know when I have them, I feel fully alive. Not sure if anyone else feels that, but in a very convoluted way, it's a very life-affirming feeling to me.



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What a terrific answer, Grace. You nailed it for me, I think! Bless you!

(12 Sep '12, 10:41) Jaianniah

@Grace without darkness how would we know light...

(13 Sep '12, 02:22) ursixx

Thanks, @Jai. I'm glad you liked it. :)

(14 Sep '12, 18:53) Grace

@ursixx - Indeed. I think I have a lot of light ahead of me now... :D

(14 Sep '12, 18:54) Grace
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Just maybe,I could be wrong,, you are constantly looking outside your own godself for an answer.Your HEART holds all the answers to your guestions.

Love and Light.


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It could be just you going through some emotional processing. We do a lot of that in our sleep.

The good thing is Abraham say, that you do not create while your dreaming, it's really just a manifestation of what you have been thinking in your awake state. 

However once you start talking about it, thinking or discussing it, then it has the power to affect your future creation's.


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