Beside meditation, what other relaxation techniques do you know? Especially to relax before going to sleep, as I started suffering from sleeping disorders and the Dr recomended me to try that.

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!


asked 18 Nov '10, 16:22

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Dear one,did you ever consider that you might be channeling instead of hallucinating? The doctor wouldn't know a thing about it. I'd highly recommend looking into this possibility.

(19 Nov '10, 14:27) daniele

I have only had the hallucinations at night, while I should have been sleeping, and I have seen it was daylight and I heard my mum making breakfast. I awoke (a way of saying it, my eyes had been opened all the time) and it was the middle of the night. Does it make any sense? Your point is very interesting though, and if you could expand a little in 585 characteres I would consider it as a possibility. I wouldn't mind if I was channeling! :) Very valuable input! +1

(19 Nov '10, 15:14) BridgetJones09

Your above description seems like you've tapped into a parallel reality of sort. Keep in mind we each have different needs. I also enjoy sleeping, 11 hours a day is nice. I'd seek the advice of a trusted shaman or channeler, they'd be more capable of helping you.

(20 Nov '10, 11:45) daniele
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Deep inhale, Exhale Ahhh. Do this three or four times, and continue breathing deeply.


answered 13 Dec '10, 21:07

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Exercise is a great way to balance your mind and improve your sleep patterns. In addition to keeping you physically fit, exercise and eating right will definitely help you sleep better.

Avoid caffeine or other stimulants eight hours prior to bedtime.

Reading something light before going to bed is a great way to get sleepy.

Failing that, the best way that I know of to go to sleep is to do some visualization exercises in bed. Imagine some scene that makes you feel good; perhaps a nature scene. Imagine it vividly. This will cause your brain waves to slow down; once that happens, you will slip right into sleep.

I cannot sleep if I'm hungry, so a slice of whole-grain bread and a small glass of milk right before bedtime works wonders.

My favorite meditation technique is listening to music from the "ambient" genre. This type of music sounds almost like light noise, but it is interesting enough to gently occupy your mind while you let it drift.


answered 18 Nov '10, 16:56

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good practical ways!

(18 Nov '10, 21:07) Back2Basics

bread and glass of milk! just like my husband!

(18 Nov '10, 21:57) daniele

@Vesuvius: It seems I misled you, and everybody else...Sleeping disorders don't only comprehend Insomnia. What I am suffering from (Gee, it's a bit embarrasing...) I sleep a lot during the day, and also at night, I have had auditory as well as visual hallucinations, arms movement (according with what I am dreaming of) etc. Dr says I am sleeping, but my brain is too worked out and not resting. I can try visualization though, and I'll try ambient music as well. :)

(19 Nov '10, 13:06) BridgetJones09
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One glass of Gin and Tonic and an uplifting read.

I say this because i have trouble getting to sleep. At least if ive read something positive im thinking some constructive thoughts as i lay awake.

I nearly always read something from PSI Tek or perhaps something like ask and it is given just before i turn the light out.

Again i would stress that if your stuck with being awake you may as well make the best of it.If you can do something to drop off then good too. If you do both...even better.



answered 18 Nov '10, 20:37

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Monty Riviera

Gin and Tonic sounds good! :) I have explained better in my comment above. You can edit your answer accordingly if you feel like doing so. Thanks anyway! :)

(19 Nov '10, 13:08) BridgetJones09

Ah, relaxation methods. To be honest the G and T DOES help me do that. I understand the question now.To be honest im not much good at relaxing. My mind works away SO much the best i can do is sort of divert it into thinking good stuff.Sometimes i just cant relax. Even when my bodies tired my minds racing away. Tried the meditation route but not with much luck.

(19 Nov '10, 16:27) Monty Riviera

Ive started reading "ask and it is given" im so fascinated by the book that i spend half the night thinking about it.....its made it worse!! But in a great way.

(19 Nov '10, 16:29) Monty Riviera
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One way i relax that also puts energy in me is exercise, followed by mediation. Try it out as an experiment! Go for a run and push it slightly more than you have in the past. Then take a nice cold shower. Get into some comfortable underwear, sit down and meditate!

However, since you are looking for an answer - meditation, perhaps you could watch a comedy, play a board game with friends, have some wine, listen to your favorite music.


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What has worked for me is the following, depending on how tired I truly am, I'd massage myself with scented olive oil then take a warm shower, or a nice long bath with lavender. I like to sleep in pitch dark, so whenever I need to relax prior to going to bed, I light up incense in my bedroom. Another thing that I found helpful is sleeping without a pillow.

Thank you, namaste


answered 18 Nov '10, 22:12

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Thank you, daniele! Scented oil sounds like heaven! :)

(19 Nov '10, 13:09) BridgetJones09

Well there has already been a lot of good ideas. This is probably back asswards but when I have a lot to do the next day I get excited. I set my alarm at 430 AM so I have an hour to meditate. Then I realize how much a good nights sleep is going to help. The I get excited about going to sleep and how much benefit it will give. I love going to sleep. I feel how good the blankets and pillows feel. Boom I am asleep before I know it.


answered 18 Nov '10, 23:55

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I misled everyone accidentally :P Read comment to Vesuvius. Your answer is appreciated nonetheless! :)

(19 Nov '10, 13:11) BridgetJones09
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