Hi everyone, as a person who cannot see the wood for the trees usually, for the past few months I have been getting these things what I call my visions. They happen when i first wake up, I am always fully awake. I cannot meditate for the life of me, ive tried so many times but once I have woken up I close my eyes and they start like pictures flashing in my head. The first one was me lying down and there was very bright sunlight. The next one I was lying next to a man in my bed, it was very cool although I was hot, and I was pregnant and I was having a boy (I was a bit annoyed when I opened my eyes, I only want a girl!!) The next one I was sitting on the end of my bed and I opened my purse and it was stuffed with money, like lots of notes. In my last one, I was looking at someones web site and my laptop started to melt, like liquid. Ive been keeping notes but I wondered if anyone has seen anything similar. I cant train myself to do it, ive tried to, it just happens. Also recently, ive seen roses blooming randomly. thanx xxx

asked 25 Nov '11, 21:00

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Red Shoes

Hi Red Shoes and welcome to Inward Quest. These flashes could posibly be just daydreams or psychic lfashes of things to come. Many psychics have this ability and they get flashes of picture in their minds. It will be up to you to interprit them but allways remember that no matter if they are good or bad flashes you can allways change the outcome if you dont like it. Nothing is so concrete that it is written in stone. Enjoy your gift.


answered 26 Nov '11, 09:45

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Paulina 1

I agree with Paulina Giao.

If you analyse this in terms of the law of attraction, you'll have to accept that dreams are a great way of determining one's vibrational setpoint. Dreams are sneak previews of manifestations about to occur in you life, so it's a great idea to begin documenting your dreams, and paying attention less to the artistic detail and more to the feeling and overall plot.

So if you made the intention to have more money, and now you've had a dream depicting that (and it felt good), congratulations! All this dream explains is that you are in a place of allowing, in other words, expect to get some more money!

As a more general piece of information, if you wake up from a dream and feel good, your vibration is high and you can expect good things to happen.

Now to answer you question more specifically. I'm going to tackle the whole idea of 'visions' by explaining below. Because I cannot grasp or sense these visions in your physical mind or body, I'll just teach about the four states of consciousness and let you decide which one you fit into when you have these experiences:

The four states of consciousness

The four states of consciousness are scientifically just about how many electical cycles run around through your brain every second; beta being the highest amount and delta being the least amount. I'm too lazy to talk about detail here but this is very easy information which you can obtain through wikipedia for those that really desire so.

Also to note, every one of these states are necessary to live life at certain times.

1- Beta- This is waking life. Beta is essentailly necessary to perform tasks like counting, driving a car or typing on the computer. The more 'stress' you encounter, the higher your brain runs electical cycles in order to tend to whatever you must deal with. Caffience is a drug which stimulates certain brain anatomy to kick the user into a more beta state.

2 Alpha Experienced when in a gentle relaxation, such as reading a book whilst lying down, passivly watching the rain fall or sometimes even during rythmic activity. To be alot more correct, Alpha happens when you're getting comfortable for bed and just started to settle in. Novices at meditation will perch around the alpha state.

3 Theta Extreme relaxtion, light sleep or deep meditation.

4- Delta Only summoned during sleeping. You have zero awarness in this point, compared to the other three.

So, now I would determine where abouts you rest in one of these four in relation to your visions. It's certainly not beta, for if it is, then you are creating this images in your mind at your own will (even if it doesn't seem like it, it is, because then I would label it as habitual thinking).

Long answer but hope this helps :)


answered 26 Nov '11, 14:50

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Hi - Funny about regional differences - where I'm from - we say "can't see the forest for the trees".

Your dreams really only have meaning to you . As blubird said "as for interpreting your visions, only you can do that." There is NO such thing as universal dream meanings - when it comes to dreams, one size does NOT fit ALL. However, with that said and if I may venture a "feeling" - your 2nd dream involves your creative side (birth of a new idea) and faith. Your 3rd dream is about trust and once again, faith. As for your visions of roses - there were NO thorns! - you can take it from there.....

I think you are truly gifted and you have a natural talent for" visualizing". It comes fairly easily to you and with practice you can develop it. I definitely think this is a skill you should expound upon. When you see roses - do you also smell their scent? If not, can you?

You didn't ask - but - if you want to learn to meditate - the first step is "STOP saying you can't meditate!" I would like to make a suggestion - give your left brain a rest and start trusting your right brain. I think you are analytical and detail oriented but also very, very creative. Try putting your faith in your right brain. I'm guessin' you are always thinking and it's hard to slow down your thoughts. Do you place extremely high expectations on yourself - tending to be more of a perfectionist than not? If so, it sounds like you may be too hard on yourself - self critical as well as inclined to second guess yourself in addition to being impatient? Am I right? I know exactly how hard it is to quiet the mind.

Try this - close your right nostril with your right finger, breathing in through your left nostril and either breathing out through your left nostril or your mouth. Keep your left palm open to "receive". Concentrate on your breathe. Let go.... If your mind wonders, it's ok. It's part of the process. Don't quit - don't chastise yourself - it's ok - be gentle with yourself - acknowledge your thoughts - but then bring yourself back to your breathe.... Breathe and just try to let go..... Breathe ... Start slowly - 30 seconds today, 45 seconds tomorrow... be kind to yourself and be patient.... Have faith - You will be successful, Red Shoes!


answered 27 Nov '11, 08:18

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Ele, I like your answer and it was thoughtful of you to teach meditation.

(29 Nov '11, 21:18) Paulina 1

Sorry it took me so long to respond and thank you - thank you Paulina - that was nice ...

(06 Jan '12, 00:49) ele

Hello Red Shoes, visions are like daydreams and dreams, they can be considered as being expressions of your desires, emotions or fears ... a recurring vision acts as a manifestation coming along ... as for interpreting your visions, only you can do that ... a good feeling about the vision indicates your on the right track ... giving birth to a baby and having lots of money seems like a pretty positive manifestation to me! Have a great day


answered 26 Nov '11, 06:42

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blubird two

I agree with you Bluebird this seems like good stuff.

(26 Nov '11, 09:38) Paulina 1

own your skills. only you can do that job. experience and enjoy.


answered 26 Nov '11, 07:01

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white tiger

True words White Tiger.

(26 Nov '11, 09:39) Paulina 1
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