I am very concerned that a building I go to every week is haunted. A lot of strange and bad stuff has been going on there. People fight more there; people get hurt there; people sense evil there; the building "feels" wrong somehow.

How and when do you make the decision that the building is truly haunted? In case you were wondering about ghosts---yes, there is one, and he is a really bad dude....

I know, this sounds totally crazy!!! But I am talking about a real place, and I am very concerned.

asked 21 Jun '11, 04:53

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I don't understand your question. You are asking how to know if a building is haunted, but then you said there IS a ghost and he is a really bad dude. So, doesn't that answer the question, yes, it is haunted?

(21 Jun '11, 13:59) Fairy Princess

Good point...I guess what I am asking is more about negative energy...There is a ghost, but is the BUILDING itself a place of negative energy, or is it just the ghost? I guess that is what I mean...I need to know so I can clear the place...Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>

(21 Jun '11, 15:03) Jaianniah

Would your procedure be different either way? What other kind of negative energy is there? Sorry, I turned your question into new questions.lol

(23 Jun '11, 12:38) Fairy Princess
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Maybe its the people and not the building. Just reading your question you mentioned the people more than the building. Maybe the energy of these people have affected the space.

Either way it sounds like you do not need to be there.



answered 21 Jun '11, 05:53

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find the ghost and tell him to find the light and leave god is waiting for him! even if he stay there it will not do anny good!you can also tell him that he is dead maybe he does not know it! if he is bad he might try to scare you do not fall for it! stay calm! it would just give him more energy! you said it your self people fight get hurt! so something is giving them bad vibe to act on! and if you do not have enuff faith to do that as micheal said leave and do not go there!


answered 23 Jun '11, 02:03

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white tiger

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