I live in a 2-story apartment with my wife and two little kids. One of the kids (now 5 years old), for the past 3 years has been waking up around 11pm almost every night crying, and can never explain why. He is distressed and won't go back to sleep unless somebody stays with him or if he's moved to our bed. I always thought it was something weird with his sleeping cycles, as otherwise he's a perfectly normal and happy boy. Then I noticed that when we travel, this never happens. Usually for the summer holidays mom and kids go to another place for a month or more, and also there it never happens. So it's linked to this place.

During those periods when I'm home alone (even before the kids were born), I usually feel uneasy physically going to bed and I can even pinpoint the area in the hallway out of my door that bothers me... a few times it happened that I was so distressed that I went sleeping in front of the TV in the living room downstairs, even if I truly hate that.

Then the other night the little one (3 years old) suddenly woke up screaming at around 2am, which never happens (he's a fantastic sleeper). When I asked him what was going on he told me "there is somebody in the room bothering me". Holy cow... it can well be a coincidence and maybe it was just an insect or something, but still...

So I'm wondering what I can do to deal with this "presence". I considered making contact a couple of times but I'm scared to death of getting in touch with something that emanates such a bad vibe... yes, I'm probably an immature chicken but among the other things I'm too afraid of making things worse in the place we live.

I also considered getting a Feng Shui master or similar, but here is full of crooks asking tons of money, and you never know if they do anything at all. Even worse, sometimes they invent stories and want even more money to send whatever problem away. So I don't know what to do...

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

asked 28 Jan '15, 21:25

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Hi Maugi,

I will suggest, psychic cleaning of your room. You can do that.

  1. Mop the floor area with salt water.
  2. Bathe in salt water everyday. You and your child.
  3. Use incense with prayer chanting and give intention to disintegrate all the bad energies in the house.
  4. Play any prayer audio or anything similar when you have the feeling of the bad presence.

answered 29 Jan '15, 03:44

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Thanks Perfection. Bathing in salt my son everyday it's probably worse than the presence itself though :)

(02 Feb '15, 22:23) maugi

lol.. i hope you feel the difference soon!

(04 Feb '15, 05:26) Perfection

I personally don't have much advice, but I think you might find this video helpful and maybe it'll help you get forward with this challenge of yours:


edit: almost got a heart attack listening to this video with headphones, because at about 3:27 it sounded like somebody whispered something in my ear, but it was just a sound in the video. lol.


answered 29 Jan '15, 12:14

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edited 29 Jan '15, 12:17

lol, thanks for the warning! It is spooky indeed... I'd probably have had the same reaction!

(02 Feb '15, 22:31) maugi

to: immature chicken

yes I have idea call a paranormal investigation team like taps.


they will check your house for the cause of the disturbance it could be magnetic field that affect you physically or mentally,

could be bad dream called night mare


or a shadow man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a34oh16Cerk

etc.... and they will even stay the night to see what happens and give you a report.

if it is something bad, be the light that you can be, the darkness cannot stay in the light.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.


answered 05 Feb '15, 07:46

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white tiger

edited 05 Feb '15, 08:22

this presence was there before
you with unresolved issues,
perhaps it is a silent
cry masked in making fearful

a history search of
prior tenants to
understand what may have
happened, then resolve


answered 06 Feb '15, 18:10

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