when i was a baby i lived in some apartments and like all kids do i drew on the wall well these drawings had faces in them and one day my dad walked in the room and was so shocked at what he saw i had some how drew faces all over the ceiling and i couldn't even reach the ceiling jumping on my bed. that was when i was 2

when my family and i moved we moved to a old trailer had no idea how haunted that trailer was till the room i was originally sleeping in my sister was moved too and i moved to her old one my parents had to move her back so we made the switch again one night my parents both seen a man with a long beard pop his head out of my bedroom the door was closed and i was asleep. as i got older my parents divorced and i went with my mom but went back to dad at age 11. my dad told me how he would hear music and as he tried to find it the music stopped. he said it helped him write lyrics. i set the room that head popped out of as a game room when i was 15 every time i went in there i felt something squeezing my head so i left the room. one day i heard a man yell "PAUL!" Paul was my dad's name something was yelling for him it came from the front door and i looked but no one was there. things would come up missing i always blamed my dad thinking he put it somewhere. when i was 17 not to long before my dad past away i seen something all in black out of the corner of my eye's it was hiding it's face and hands when i looked it was gone.

after my dad past my teacher took me in as her own for a year i kept hearing footsteps i told them that that house was haunted they told me that it was creaking in the floor boards from the dog's or the water pipes. i knew better when i left with my grandma in July of the next year my teacher who is now my step mom told me what the dog did. that dog use to always go down stares to catch the ball but when someone tossed the ball down the stairs it happened for 2 weeks that dog would cry and whimper as she looked up at the ceiling and always backed away she would not go down those steps.

in the trailer i lived in with my grandma something every night would be breathing in my ear while i tried to sleep it scared me to be honest it felt demonic.

we moved to the front of the park here's where it get's interesting 3 day's after we moved in i was laying on my bed and i heard a loud thump by my feet i sat up to see my bottom dresser drawer on the floor. i told my grandma the place was haunted but she didn't believe me good thing though cause it turns out i'm the one that's haunted. i ignored it for 2 year's till i started going to cemeteries with a friend that does genealogy. the first day back from that cemetery i seen a boy about average weight 5 foot 7 or 8 standing in the door way of the guest bedroom in blue jeans and a green shirt i jumped and looked up when i did he was gone i knew then to stop ignoring them that night i felt something watching me and breezes all around me i flipped out and turned the light on in my room. i started using an EVP and i am addicted to it these spirit's are very intelligent they eavesdrop and bring up a subject i spoke with my grandma about earlier and they chit chat back and forth with each other sometimes they argue with each other. they play with my hair tickle me when i tell them to stop they get more aggressive with the tickling but they mean no harm iv'e spoke to these invisible people for a year now. there's been times iv'e heard them say my name tell me i'm stupid and laugh at me. i truly believe that i am haunted cause they follow me everywhere as well. I use to think I was psychic but now i don't know if i'm psychic or a medium.

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Thank u for asking this and sharing what ur experiences are. we love u greatly for this.

(25 Sep '12, 19:07) TReb Bor yit-NE
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you are neither. You are both. we all are capable of these energies and gifts. We just must allow the energy to flow in the way of least resistance. You are only either tapping into an energy in a way most can not OR you are tapping into connecting only to energies that are strong enuff to manifest themselves physically. Listen to this and hear what happened to this woman. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x6HDgDCse4

love n light,



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