I had a life changing shared death experience last year (since my last post) with - and this is going to sound strange - my dog! I loved her so completely and we had a very close unconditional relationship that can only be understood by others who have close relationships with pets. I was with her every day for 15 years and we were like one. When she died, I prepared myself to feel grief. I carried her body to the spare room in our house, and I went to bed feeling sharp loss and thinking how difficult the coming days were going to be without her.

As I lay there, the room changed and I felt a very strong beautiful presence floating just above me and it was impressed on my brain as a hexagon shape, which I thought was weird. I thought, 'what's going on?'. Then the presence 'downloaded' into my brain communication in the form of absolute pure and indescribable love. Then my dog's presence came through the wall to the spare room in the form of a light and stopped next to the hexagon presence. She then downloaded into my brain equally strong gratitude and love and a kind of movie, but all at once, of her life.

This experience was more real than real life and the feelings downloaded were stronger and more - just more - than anything I've felt before.

All of this happened in what seemed like about 20 minutes but time seemed to not be the same so I don't know.

I'm very spiritual and have had some very real feeling spontaneous 'awakenings' before but this was the most bizarre thing that's ever happened to me. I'm not religious at all. I'm interested in physics and particularly quantum mechanics and all the possibilities it creates. I believed, before this, that consciousness is ever lasting and that our brains are receivers, not creators of consciousness. I've always had such strong beliefs about this but at this moment, when this happened to me, my belief changed instantly to knowing.

I have to say, the difference between belief and knowing is the most shockingly profound thing. I had no idea. My whole life changed.

I'd like to help people with grief, even if it has to be pet bereavement because my experienced happened to be with a dog!

Does this help anyone? Does anyone need any help with grief? How can I help?

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You are already helping people to not fear death simply by this posting on IQ ... it's a very touching experience that you communicate to all those that read your question.

From a metaphysical point of view i find it extremely interesting, especially the "hexagram" , "6" the symbol of love and harmony ... animals have 7 energy centers and a vastly intricate system of subtle energies just like us, and so can communicate through the blueprint of life, the tree of life, the universal hologram if you prefer. This graphic is a stellated hexagram

alt text

it well known in the domain of vibrational treatments to act as a relay between the visible and invisible worlds, it transmits beneficial energies to those that are in need ... it is no surprise that your avatar is a light bulb :)

here is a ref. servranx



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Hi Blubird, Thank you for your kind reply. Wow! That's so interesting about the hexagram - and strange as I didn't know shapes had this kind of meaning. The shape I experienced was a straight sided hexagon, like a honeycomb, but still six sides. I have tried to look this up to see if anyone else has experienced it but can't find anything. Your message is the first I've had with any kind of connection.

You've given me a lead to follow and I can go and find out more about the domain of vibrational elements which I haven't heard of before. It's very interesting that this shape is considered the relay between the visible and invisible worlds and even though my shape isn't the star shape, the six sided shapes are related.

I'm not used to thinking about things this way, I have to admit. I'm certainly not closed to it, though, so will find out more. I usually try to work things out scientifically, and I did find out afterwards that it might have been a hexagon because it is the easiest, and structurally strongest, shape to create - which is why it's so present in nature - beehive honeycombs, snowflakes, crystal structures and even the shapes on the shell of a turtle.

All of this stuff has been such a revelation to me and after several 'awakenings' I've been struggling with it and I admit I kept it all a secret because most of the people I know are reductionist/atheist and I wanted to be liked and respected as a scientific thinker and what they see as 'sensible' person. Now, after this major experience, I guess I'm kind of 'out'. :-)

KNOWING absolutely, from experience, that we go on after death makes a huge difference to the way you think about life! I can vouch for that.

One book I've read recently that has really helped me is The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake. I'd recommend it absolutely to anyone - even reductionists!

Thanks again Blubird - it's good to know I've helped. So have you! x

(29 Jan '13, 04:31) Dandelion

@Dandelion, the answers box should only be used to provide answers to the original question and is not intended for making comments. If you wish to make a comment on an existing answer, please click on the "Add New Comment" link available under each answer. Thanks. I'm converting your "answer" into a comment.

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yes Rupert Sheldrake a brilliant mind ... i'm pleased that this has meaning for you ... i'm not surprised that no one yet has given any points to my answer because it delves into the domain of a quasi taboo subject, that of sacred geometry


(29 Jan '13, 04:54) blubird two
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