I have the utmost love for all of humanity. Yet at times I do not like some people in way of personal preferences.

Can you prefer not to be with or interact with some people and still have love for them and their well being?

asked 04 Jul '11, 06:05

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Love them for they are. Not who they are.


answered 04 Jul '11, 09:28

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Yes. We can love people and not the way they behave. That is one mistake many parents make. Identifying the child as "Bad boy," instead of "that was a bad thing to do." People need to feel loved, even when they act bad. I think less people would behave as badly if they felt loved.


answered 04 Jul '11, 13:46

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Fairy Princess

We are not saints just normal humans in quest for spirituality so I don't really think it is in our capacity not to like certain individuals even though we generally love humanity. If we don't like someone we don't have to force oursleves to love them, we can simply chose not to interact with them but the important thing is that we don't start having negative thoughts about them. Also I do think if there is someone in your life that you don't like but cannot really ignore for any reason ask yourself why you have manifested them in your life and what lesson does life need to teach you through them?


answered 07 Jul '11, 09:14

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I Think Therefore I Am

Great point. I always look for the lesson life wants me to teach. On the other hand, sometimes I feel I do not want to learn a particular lesson and that life is somewhat taking away my sense of freedom...

(07 Jul '11, 11:33) Asklepios

I think and feel the same as you. You can have the love for humanity, but there always will be individuals that do not deserve your attention. This is absolutely normal. As everything in this world is dual, so is good and evil. You do not love evil, but you accept its existence, which is necessary for the good to develop, through hardships or by other means.


answered 04 Jul '11, 12:12

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most people judge other and that is in them self. so what they do not like is stuff in them. and they do not see it. and they do stupid decision. some other do evil things and they know it is from them and they do not care of the effect of what they do. so yes sometime it is hard to love or like some people like that. but view it like this it is not your problem it is there problem. one day they will realize what they have done but it will be to late.


answered 05 Jul '11, 03:54

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white tiger

That's a good point White Tiger, others are responsible for themselves and their own actions. It's easier to love others wholly when we realize they are on their own and their actions have nothing to do with us.

(07 Jul '11, 18:09) LeeAnn 1

I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to his conduct, according to what his deeds deserve."

(23 Aug '11, 21:24) white tiger

Yes look at people like Adolph Hitler. You feel sorry for and you pray for people like this that God opens people like this eyes and softens their hearts. That God shows them the evil that they do is not pleasing to God or humanity.

I am reminded of when Jesus wept for the Roman soldiers Barbabas killed. He said "Why do you weep for them they are Roman soldiers, they would kill you! They hate you Jesus!" Jesus responded "These were people, human life!"


answered 07 Jul '11, 17:08

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Wade Casaldi

Great question, and indeed the answer is yes, and “it is called tough Love!”


answered 08 Jul '11, 04:30

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