I dont know this person but I saw him eight years ago and since then I cant stop thinking about him. He is never out of my mind.I feel a lot for him . whenever something wrong happens to him I start crying. I dont know why I feel so attached to him. I have never met him but then also my love for him is so much that I have stopped thinking about myself only i think about him. Please help me.

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have you read? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/13157/how-do-you-stop-loving-someone

(29 Jun '11, 06:26) ursixx

Is this person a celebrity? /A well known public person or just someone regular?

(29 Jun '11, 07:12) ursixx
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At the risk of sounding a bit obvious, why don't you arrange to meet up with him (somehow) and see what happens?

When I first met the person I'm currently married to, I couldn't stop thinking about her either and, I found out later, it was the same for her too...but neither of us wanted to admit that :)

We didn't know each other at the time either but circumstances gradually transpired for us to get to know each other more and more.

But even if those opportunities hadn't transpired, I would probably still have artificially created a few because of the strength of that feeling. And I don't see any problem with you doing the same to, at least, find out whether you "get on"?

Maybe on meeting him finally, you might decide he isn't what you thought and your "love" for him might vanish...and then your problem is solved anyway :)


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@Stingray- I'm only asking because, this was posted well over a year ago, and you've evolved a lot since then; would you still recommend doing this approach even if it's perhaps inspired action? Or would you just LOA do the work for you, knowing the universe has endless back up plans, and if you miss you're 'moment', you'll have plenty more to come...I mean, if two people are in sync with each other, LOA will put them in almost inevaitable scenarios that may define most chance and luck, right?

(28 Aug '12, 08:27) Nikulas

The thing is, I've been thinking about this girl quite a bit; I haven't seen her in about a month, and I've only met her like 3-4 times, but the connection we had was amazing.

I have met perhaps 3-4 other girls since that time has passed when I first saw her, and these others, though I still would love to date them (and some even really like me alot), aren't giving me the same sort of excitement this one is. Follow inspired action, or let LOA do it even easier?

(28 Aug '12, 08:55) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "Follow inspired action, or let LOA do it even easier?" - I know on IQ sometimes there appears to be an implication of a difference between "inspired action" and "allowing without action" but I don't really view it that way in my own life. Even doing some vibrational work is still an action, even asking this question is still an action. I would even say that just deciding to think a better thought is an action. Even better if these actions are clearly "inspired" also but...

(28 Aug '12, 09:25) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...as Abraham say, you can't really get it wrong (because you'll never reach a place where you have got your life done). If you feel any kind of interest or urging in doing an action (such as contacting a girl) then I don't see a problem with it. Action would be better viewed as a way to physically enjoy the path to the coming manifestation because the joy is in the journey anyway. You'll probably discover that much of the thrill in a relationship is during the "chase" :)

(28 Aug '12, 09:29) Stingray

@Nikulas - We'll all eventually get our manifestations anyway (because they are already waiting for us in our Vortex), "inspired action" just allows you to prolong the deliciousness of the coming experience...because when you finally get the manifestation, you'll be bored with it pretty quickly :) http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5839#5850 The day will come, Nikulas, when you'll be telling us how tedious relationships are and how you had so much more fun being single :)

(28 Aug '12, 09:32) Stingray

@Stingray- Thankyou. Some very, very different and clever points I've never really been able to view in the way you have presented here, such as, "deciding to think a better thought is an action."

On a true, but perhaps comical note, you'll probably be able to notice how I was in very, very high vibrations when I posted this...I guess what I'm picking up is without a doubt inspired action. Thankyou again, Stingray, you made my night!

Yeah, I'll be so annoyed with the kids in no time :)

(28 Aug '12, 09:39) Nikulas

@Nikulas - You're welcome. Always glad to help :) Yes, I've been noticing (or "feeling") just how far you've come since you first came to IQ. You're really a powerhouse of vibrational energy these days...and I think that inspires many people here even if they don't say it openly

(28 Aug '12, 09:42) Stingray
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Dear Av, I had the same experiance with my now husband. For 7 years I couldnt get him out of my mind and even had a number of dreams about him. We worked for the same company but not the same section. I would get upset with myself thinking what on earth is this all about? Why doesnt theis person get out of my thoughts and dreams. Well 7 years later we had the opportunity to work together and within a day or two the thought just hit me "You are looking at your future husband" and from then on I knew with certanty that I would marry this man. We married a year later.

You never know what it could mean in your case but try and make contact with the person and see where it leads. If it leads to friendship good and if not seek help for the problem.


answered 07 Sep '11, 07:03

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Paulina 1


cool story! It's a shame the questioner seems not to be active here. Your answer would have been /is helpful. :D

(07 Sep '11, 07:08) ursixx

Where ever attention goes, energy flows.

Perhaps you can find something else to attach to??

It doesn't sound like this person has any interest in you, perhaps you can move on?

In what way do you care for the person, in a way that has some benefit for you or totally for the other person?


answered 02 Jul '11, 02:37

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