In the Master Key System chapter 7, section 20, author Charles F Haanel states:

There are many who have come to an understanding of this wonderful power, and who make serious and conscientious efforts to realize health, power and other conditions, and seem to fail. They do not seem able to bring the Law into operation. The difficulty in nearly every case is that they are dealing with externals. They want money, power, health and abundance, but they fail to realize that these are effects and can come only when the cause is found.

But then in section 24 he states:

What, then, is the correct principle? Concentrate on the things you want, not on the things you do not want. Think of abundance; idealize the methods and plans for putting the Law of Abundance into operation. Visualize the condition which the Law of Abundance creates; this will result in manifestation.

He states do not focus on the world without but then says to focus on the world without???

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What book? Please edit and name book in the title of your question. And welcome to InwardQuest

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I'm sorry... The Master Key System

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In the first sentence you specified, he talks about people who focus on making money, having power, having health and abundance WITHOUT any cause. Which means that without any cause to support all that effects, it is futile to expect to have them. For example, why do you think you want good health? Many people will just wish for better health without having good intentions like 'make this thought a reality', etc.

In the next sentence you specified, he talks about the principle of concentration; which is obvious for us to understand because the more we concentrate on something the better we can do that task effectively. This sentence applies to situations where we apply it so that we get good results from that situation.


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yes , i too have studied the master key system and it can be heavy going sometimes ,

the depth of thought and the way it is presented can be confusing .

when you finish all the 24 readings , things will become clearer .

in the meantime remember the key words for chapter 7 - The Power of Your Imagination .

happy continuation


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blubird two

The world without is the physical world meaning all that can be perceived by human eyes. The world within is my own personal space that cannot be perceived by human eyes. The world within is the space that appears to exist within and it's where thoughts and emotions appear.

To consciously create I consciously create the vibrational energy of that thing I desire through thoughts and emotions which are really different ways of expressing the same energy.

Focus on the world within @Joe Alvarez, as I said as blubird two "remember the key words for chapter 7 - The Power of Your Imagination"

alt text


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@Joe Alvarez, And anyone reading this post, 12-20-22 These two sections are not contradictory but complimentary. Section 20 emphasizes that money, health and power are external happening as a result of a 'cause' within. Section 24 emphasizes to visualize and focus on what you wish to have rather than what you do not. Here it does not mean that you visualize it in the external world. It means you idealize, visualize, create mental images of what you want, concentrate on it. Iterate on improvising the inner image. In your inner mindscape, if you want a home, visualize a beautiful home with all it's finest details. Do not create images of poverty, lack of any sort. 12-21-22 - After thinking through your original question - Should we focus on external or not - Haanel did not ever advise to try and fix the external world, appearance or conditions in his 24 parts. However, out of common sense I am writing this that we can change the external conditions but they are not permanent. For example, if you are feeling hot, you open the window to let air flow in so you are relieved of the hot condition. If you are suffering from headache you use a pain killer. but in any case, any attempt to change the external condition is like fixing the symptoms and not the cause.


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