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I've said quite a few things here that I have never said anywhere else.. I suppose adding to that list couldn't hurt.

As a short aside, I do acknowledge I have intentionally misrepresented some of my beliefs in an attempt to "test" those around, to see if they really are who / what they claim to be. I apologize if I have offended anyone during this process. It is a very annoying issue I've had for as long as I can remember, and it stems from... "trust issues"...

This question is very lengthy, and involves a lot of random details from events from my childhood and/or my dreams. So if you aren't into fantasy novels I wouldn't advise reading on. =)

To start: Since my childhood I have had dreams of my own death, or of me being injured. Of course in the past when seeking advice others have said "Well everyone dies in their dreams sometimes, but it's OK because you wake up." Well.. yea. That's true. But my dreams were a bit unusual.

The first one I can remember clearly enough to explain was around the fifth grade I suppose. I dreamed that I was at my school, in a perfect dream recreation of a playground and surrounding classrooms there. Unlike other dreams where different scenery would often blend together or be out of place, this dream was 'perfect' in every detail I could notice.

Pretty simple, playing with friends, ran past a curb, caught my foot and landed on a knee, causing it to bleed and hurt, severely. Another severe annoyance I've always had, I've always felt pain in my dreams, usually in extreme detail. So I woke up in tears and sweating, reaching for my knee and curling as a child normally does, the same as I had in my dream.

This wasn't abnormal, didn't particularly phase me, I had dreams where I actually "felt" senses regularly. A few days later in school (not the immediate next day, but less than a week later) I was playing with some friends in the place in my dream, and I noticed a few of them said something that reminded me of my dream. The teacher blows a whistle, time to go back to class. I intentionally went a different way than I had in my dream, just because that "deja vu" feeling made me feel odd. I ended up being bumped by another kid a few steps before the curb, I didn't fully recover my balance, and I ended up skinning my knee after stumbling over the curb.

I know there was at least one dream of this nature before, but I was too young and sick at the time (with a very high fever), and the dream was encompassed by nightmares because of my fever that made it difficult to follow.

As I got older I would get dreams like this, not often, but frequently enough that it has always been something I remembered and noted carefully.

The one other example I am going to share at the moment was when I was much older, around the age of 19 I suppose. In the dream I was driving in the car with my long term girlfriend past a golf course on a road I have known since I was a child, though it has dramatically changed over the years. In the dream I saw a shimmering light ahead of me in the distance, and I couldn't identify what it was. As I continued driving on the road I kept seeing this light, at approximately 5 feet off the road, always in the distance ahead of me before the next turn in the road.

Finally I was in the middle of a straight away and the light went flying through the windshield. Time froze for a moment as the glass broke apart into shards (in a very television-esque non life-like sort of way, I believe. It is my understanding that windshield glass will not shard and instead crumples), making a circle the size of a basket ball in my windshield. I felt a burning sensation in my chest, then my whole body felt like it was being crushed, and I woke up. (the shards stayed suspended in air, I never saw or identified the light, it just left a trail that I couldn't identify) Again, waking up in a cold sweat but feeling very hot and shaking uncontrollably.

That same day, I was driving on that road and arguing with my girlfriend. I got an odd feeling of deja vu again, and in the middle of us both yelling at one another I went silent and looked around at our surroundings. I saw nothing, and continued driving as normal in silence. A few seconds later a golf ball bounced on the road in front of us, going flying off into the air above the trees.

What confused me about this was, even if the golf ball had hit our car on the roof (it was coming from too high of an angle to go through the windshield in a front-facing manner, and if it went downwards it would not have hit me or likely even harmed me) it would not have broken my roof, let alone hit me.

I've had other dreams varying in intensity and circumstance. Due to the nature of some I cannot go into too much detail on some, but here are a few examples. (These are merely explaining dreams wherein I had violent or extremely painful injuries or death, or dreams that ended up having some real life event that seemed relevant.)

Getting attacked at school by a masked adult and being beaten to death. (this dream hurt...) A few days later a small higher classman punching me in the forehead (completely harmless), I grabbed him and pinned him against a locker, etc etc. Apparently he was paid to do it by a smaller boy who I had gotten in trouble for being a bad person.

Voluntarily jumping off of a bridge, not 'that' painful though. Sharp pain for a fraction of a second after waking up, a headache, and feeling freezing cold despite it being summer. Just worth noting I suppose because it happened during a time in my life where I strongly considered the idea to be a possibility.

When I was very young I had one dream (no correlation to real life or anything like that, just a crappy dream) where I was running trying to not be crushed by a ton of boulders that were running around a track wherein I was trapped. Each time a boulder hit me I felt myself being thrown backwards, the wind being knocked out of me, hitting the ground, etc.

I've also very often had dreams reliving an experience as a child where I was drowning, around the age of 5 or 6. There was a girl next to me on a wakeboard who tried to help, and my mother ran into the lake fully clothed to save me. Whenever I relive the dream it is more uncomfortable than the real situation was. In the real situation I was panicked and trying to struggle to stay above water, but in the dream there is more water in the lungs feeling and coughing and a 'strangulated' feeling.

Anyway: I told you all of that to ask you a few questions coupled into one, the main question being "Why does this crap keep happening?"

Suffice it to say, it's more than mildly inconvenient. For a short period of my life while I was with a girlfriend I almost had no dreams like that, at least that I could remember upon waking. My girlfriend told me I twitched a lot in my sleep regularly, usually more on nights I remembered having nightmares. But the nightmares didn't usually have too much pain in them, mostly just fear (either physical, emotional, whatever).

So.. Few people I know has ever said they feel physical senses while dreaming, and those who did it was very rare and not serious. Any thoughts on why it would hurt or anything of that nature?

What about the unusual correlations between dreams and real life events? My personal explanation has always been that my dreams are based on locations I actually live in, so it is likely that some dreams would end up being similar to something that might happen in real life.

The thing is that most of my dreams that aren't of this nature don't even happen in this "reality", I would always dream about fantasy realms wherein I could perform magics and things of that nature. And in those dreams I could always change everything around me to fit my will, as long as I noticed I was dreaming. Of course this meant I would always immediately start flying anywhere I wanted to go as soon as I realized it was a dream.

And all of this brings me to a final cumulative point that isn't really a question because I don't think anyone can say anything to help it, but who knows. I've always had the feeling of an impending doom, my death. As a child it felt very distant, but something that was always there in the back of my mind if I listened for it. Over time it drew closer, but I became better at blocking it out of my thoughts. This feeling has come to a strength in the past years that has led me to believe that my death would come within 15 years, 12 years, 7 years, etc. At this particular moment it feels even closer than that, though I couldn't put a number on it if I wanted to (which I don't).

So I wonder.. Do you think this is actually death coming for me? Can I fight it? I've tried with some of my deja vu situations to avoid my fate, and sometimes it even worked. All of this is extremely confusing for me, and it's something that I really stopped talking to people about at a moderately young age, because everyone said I was just being a child or something along those lines. Or had a wild imagination, etc.

Part of me thinks that all of this is just dreams, and it all means nothing. Most of the time I completely ignore the concept and refuse to entertain any possibility of any of it being real. But there is always this unsettled feeling deep inside that haunts me.. So really I'm just very, very confused. Any thoughts, opinions, or comments are welcome, from a physical, mental, spiritual, or even psychiatric point of view. For the record, shrinks are always fascinated by talking to me, if that is relevant, though I have never actually seen one "properly", just informal talks with friendly people I encounter.

asked 20 Dec '11, 12:49

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I have not read the whole question. I have gone back and tried to find where you intentionally misrepresented some of your beliefs. I am now confused and unsure of what you have written that you believe and what you have written that you don't believe. How now do I trust that what you say is what you mean? Why should I read anything you wrote after you said you wrote stuff that is a misrepresentation of your thought?

(20 Dec '11, 14:42) Fairy Princess

Ah. That was not intended to reference this post. But to answer your question: You have no more or less reason now to believe anything I say than you had before. I am a stranger on the other side of the internet, and that's all I will ever be to most of the people here. The 'misrepresentation' I referred to involved a different account here. I have multiple accounts, and another of them was identified by a moderator here. It was a bit shocking because I figured that they either were already aware of it and not saying anything intentionally or simply not.

(20 Dec '11, 20:33) Snow

But since the correlation was made I felt it enough of a justification to point out that there were certain things I said that were untrue. Nothing extreme, mostly regarding my distaste for religion and Christianity. Though I do not personally align myself with mainstream religions, which is a very true statement, I actually hold no resentment towards them and believe they've served a very important purpose in history. But that is neither here nor there. I encourage you to ignore anything [or everything] I have to say at any point in time if that is what feels right for you.

(20 Dec '11, 20:36) Snow

Unfortunately for me one of the results of constantly 'testing' people is I will often upset them, and that is just a consequence that I personally am able to say is worth it to me. Thus is the nature of being an untrusting person, it leads you to make decisions that pass on your lack of trust, and in turn those you do not trust will not trust you. But there isn't anything else I can say about it to change anything. So I am only explaining because you seemed to be interested enough to express your discontent, so I figured you may want an explanation.

(20 Dec '11, 20:37) Snow

@FairyPrincess: Everyone is dishonest, to some degree or another. But few are willing to own up to that dishonesty.

(20 Dec '11, 21:39) Vesuvius

yes, u r rioght ,w hen u own up to it, u are willing to see it and that is an automatic will to chance, so congatulatons on change!!! love n light

(21 Dec '11, 12:19) TReb Bor yit-NE

I am glad it was with a different user name. That makes it easier for me. I sometimes need to go back and read a person's other posts to understand where they are coming from in a post.

(21 Dec '11, 14:31) Fairy Princess

@Vesuvius- I make an effort to be honest in what I say. If someone says stuff they don't mean, how do you know when they do mean it? A place for spirituality is a place that I would expect people to be honest. If someone comes on here and says they have walked through walls and describe how they did it and stuff, it would be quite disappointing if it weren't true. I guess my psuedonym should have been Gullible.

(21 Dec '11, 14:34) Fairy Princess

Of course. I suppose I should clarify an important point: Who I introduced myself to be as "Leo" was completely true from a historical / growing up standpoint. The primary misrepresentation there was merely the fact that I had any dislike or hatred towards anyone or anything in particular, such as religion. And so my attitude, my 'tone of voice', or any 'emotional' responses on the topic were fabricated. In this particular case it was more an exercise in exploring myself, to see if I was suppressing negative emotions regarding that topic or not.

(21 Dec '11, 14:36) Snow

Regarding my beliefs or statements regarding supernatural experiences, they've all been as perfectly close to the truth as I am capable of explaining with words. The issue of course being some things are hard to explain with words (such as the concept of seeing "colored fog" or perhaps "auras" when meditating). But otherwise the only thing really worth noting that wasn't true about me is my emotional range. I'm an extremely happy and positive person, and it requires an incredible amount of negative input to get a negative response out of me.

(21 Dec '11, 14:39) Snow

Thank you for the clarification. And like I said, I am glad that it was a different username, not a jumble of beliefs in one "person".

(22 Dec '11, 18:43) Fairy Princess
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Well, Mr. Dragon, you have presented me with two issues to address: the trust issue that you have, and your bad dreams.

I cannot say it makes me happy (as Fairy Princess has said) to think that you would come here and "test" us in any way. But I have decided to give you the benefit of the doubt, because you seem sincerely worried about your dreams. In the future, though, I would not "test" us anymore.

Your dreams are vivid and scary, for sure! I have similar troubles with vivid dreams, and just like you, the docs all want to psycho-analyze me and I have heard everything about myself except how to stop the dreams! Is that what you want? If so, perhaps you might indeed see a psychiatrist. He or she could help you a lot in regards to getting you to sleep without such disturbing nightmares.

Dreams are the brain's way of processing our feelings and daily events. I would guess from your dreams that you never feel "safe". This makes me wonder a lot about what happened to you as a child- this is perhaps your childhood rearing up in your sleep. I am not a doctor or anything, but I would continue the self-hypnosis, and try to instill in yourself that today, you are safe. That feeling of impending doom I can relate to a lot. I have had it- I call it anxiety.

I guess, when you roll all of this together, I would have to say that perhaps you would be wise to seek professional help. Your dreams are telling me that your life seems hazardous and unsafe to you. Why? That's a question only you can answer. But a psychiatrist or psychologist should be able to help. A sleep study would also be very interesting- this would make sure you do not have any sleep disorders that are causing the dreams in the first place.

I hope this helps you!

Peace, and many Christmas Blessings,




answered 20 Dec '11, 16:19

Jaianniah's gravatar image


I already apologized, and I could do it countless times more but it wouldn't help anything. I truly am sorry, especially towards you in particular. Regarding my childhood... It is funny that you always reference that. I avoid the subject because it annoys me more than anything else, not because I think it is actually serious. I had problems in my childhood, like everyone else. None of them bother me, even the 'bad' ones, because I have far too many friends who have had worse things happen to them and I've had to be there to support them.

(20 Dec '11, 20:43) Snow

The only real qualms I have worth complaining about is that I was molested by an older family member (who was still a child himself) when I was very young. The thing is, it was an extremely short and uneventful process that actually doesn't bother me nor has it ever. He got caught, thrown out, etc etc. It has since then caused me at times to feel very unsettled when in the presence of older males, but I acknowledge that this is just my mind playing tricks on me and shrug it off with relative ease (usually).

(20 Dec '11, 20:46) Snow

Regarding the feeling of being unsafe: Yes, I do feel unsafe more or less at all times, whenever I am unable to block out that 'feeling of impending doom' that I referenced before. The problem is the feeling has been growing over time and becoming more and more difficult to control. In the past I never bothered actually seeking 'help' because it was such a small problem that I could handle it with little difficulty myself. And yes, anxiety is a good way to explain the feeling, though it is lest "chaotic" or "paranoid" in nature.

(20 Dec '11, 20:58) Snow

When consuming excessive amounts of alcohol there have been times where I would get a feeling of anxiety slightly similar to the "feeling of impending doom" I continue referencing, but the anxiety would be very panicky, very "jumpy", like I could not sit still and I had to try and back myself into a corner (in a room, actually into a corner) so I would be safe. The doom feeling I refer to isn't actually something that even "scares" me per se. I mean yes, the idea of dying scares me, especially considering the nature of my death as depicted in my dreams, but I have a feeling of 'acceptance'...

(20 Dec '11, 21:00) Snow

That stops the 'anxiety' from actually making me feel panicked or try to seek a way to escape it in the physical world. It's more of an idea like I'm watching a car crash in slow motion and there is nothing I can do to stop it, so I'm just stuck watching it happen. I don't feel personally invested in the car crash beyond the concept of "I would prefer to not die sooner rather than later", but it doesn't really unsettle me because the idea of dying in and of itself doesn't concern me. Dying painfully doesn't sound enjoyable, but just falling into death is a concept that is fine to me.

(20 Dec '11, 21:03) Snow

I, too, was molested...I have issues with safety despite the resolution of everything...I guess that will always be with me to a certain degree. The trick is to not let it control my feelings or choices! That is the rub. My subconscious is rather unforgiving in regards to safety, despite what my conscious feels. As for forgiveness, you have it from me...I understand completely. Do not fret! Blessings,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Dec '11, 21:04) Jaianniah

Perhaps the feeling of doom has to do with something that your brain is holding back, and will come out with more may feel like "death" but actually will be the start of a re-birth. Perhaps this will help you put a positive spin on that feeling. It may NOT be about death of the body, but of an idea of safety, or some such similar thing!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Dec '11, 21:07) Jaianniah

I would like to add that Wade is a great lucid dreamer, and could help you there...I will ask him to look at this question, and hopefully he will answer later. he has to teach Karate tonight, though. He will come on later!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Dec '11, 21:19) Jaianniah

As always, much appreciation. =) The different 'spins' on the reason for the feeling is especially inspiring. I personally use the same methods to contradict people who claim the mayan calendar predicts apocalypse. My counterargument being that the calendar is a circle, and the 'end' is actually a new beginning, and likely represents the beginning of a great new era for humanity. Hopefully my feeling of 'doom' is actually something good. Maybe it's that rebirthing of humanity I was referencing a moment ago.. hah. Hopefully! Who knows? ^_^

(20 Dec '11, 23:49) Snow
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ok well from what i have read you still have fear that is one of your problem that you most deal with. after you will see more clearly. well you have prophetic dream you dream stuff and it happens in real life. but some part of your dream represent some things that you do not understand like the light the circle and the glass shatering. so be the light be the circle and shatter those veils in your window of perception. and deja vue means that you are on the right track i see them has marker to know that you are where you are suppose to be. experience and enjoy


answered 21 Dec '11, 02:25

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white tiger

I hear a cry for help ... try one of these ...

... blubird


answered 20 Dec '11, 13:16

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blubird two

edited 21 Dec '11, 04:38

Mildly confused here. These talk about physical healing. My dreams are the biggest issue. When I wake up the pain goes away in a few seconds at most, and my temperature and breathing will normalize in no more than ten or twenty seconds.

(20 Dec '11, 13:30) Snow

The dreams on the other hand sometimes last hours or even days. I've had a few good and happy dreams that lasted what seemed like weeks worth of memories.

(20 Dec '11, 13:30) Snow

Hmm. Listened to the self hypnosis mp3. I have to admit that was an astonishingly effective exercise. Usually I have to spend quite awhile getting myself into that kind of state of mind, and it always had to be outside and very comfortable.

(20 Dec '11, 13:40) Snow
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I suggest learning EFT and/or It is an amazing tool to eliminate negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, etc... There is an advanced version called Matrix Reimprinting. Once you know how to do the EFT, start doing it every day to begin to clean things up. I have come a long way using EFT myself. I had many traumatic childhood events to overcome. It took awhile to notice real results. I notice small changes at first, but then small changes became huge changes. It is amazing! Blessings


answered 20 Dec '11, 23:08

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Fairy Princess

There seems to be more than one question in this question. One being how we feel about you intentionally misrepresenting yourself, this one I'll answer firstly.

The point of view you give can be valid or invalid to you, this is your choice of if you want to rightly represent yourself or misrepresent yourself. However one point needs to be clear even if you misrepresent yourself through your post you are correctly representing an opinion maybe (not your own) but there is always someone out there that would say, "Yes he took the words right out of my mind!" Someone that would totally agree with something you posted that you do not even believe, so although you may have incorrectly represented your belief you have hence represented someone's belief correctly and therefore posted a valid point that someone believes and agrees with even if you do not.

I believe that we tend to get upset if someone is here just to make a joke of the site. A while back someone posted a question about enlightenment through drugs, it is stuff like that that is upsetting because this is a serious site and someone tries to have a few laughs at our expense.

Second Question

Yes these seem to be precognitive but not all of them. I believe you are doing the right thing in attempting to change the outcome when you feel that Deja-vu come over you. I believe similar to the butterfly effect you could create a change for your whole future for the better with these dream experiences.

Third Question

No most do not experience pain in dreams, I can't think of a dream that I have felt pain. I have died in many dreams in many ways, some horrible that I actually woke up from the dream. This leads to the next question.

Fourth Question

I have died many times in my dreams in many ways over the years. One of the first death dreams I remember I was taken by some Satanic cult and thrown into a grinder, ground up, then my blood when down a crazy straw like circling tube and drained into a golden cup with jewels on it. At this moment there is a devil sitting in a thrown and he grabs the cup and lifts it to his lips to drink at that point a awoke screaming. I can not remember my age at that time, preteens absolutely maybe early childhood. I had this after watching Vincent Price in Mask of the Red Death, so I believe that movie had an impact on my young mind at the time.

Later maybe teens I remember a chase dream that ended in me being shot with a shotgun! It made a hole clean through me when I looked down at my mid section! Then the words THE END slowly rose in a shimmering fog like letters from the swamp I was standing in. That I believe was influenced by the then popular Tales From the Crypt series since everything was so similar.

Another dream I had that I died in was not a death dream as I didn't die even though I was shot maybe hundreds of times with a Tommy Gun. I walked up to the guy shooting me and took the gun from his hands. I bent and broke the gun and threw it down on the ground. The man asked me trembling "Who are you?" I looked at him and said, "Who am I? Who am I? I am God!" The man fell backward to the ground and took off running away. This was influenced by my spiritual studies at the time, the I Am That I Am, the Christ within.

Another death dream I have had I was fighting with a guy that had a chain saw. I got tired of fighting him and decided to take his arms and his chainsaw and cut myself in half for him. I took away his power over me and after I did this I looked at him and said, "Ooow was that suppose to hurt?" He dropped the chainsaw and ran away screaming. Note there was no pain or blood more like cutting a beam of light in half. Again influenced by my spiritual studies that we are all light.

Another death dream I had I was fighting a whole town of people and I was doing well until a ninja surprised me and jumped out of a basket and cut my throat ear to ear. This was bloody and I saw myself die. I remember getting mad and saying, "This ending sucks!!!!!!" I then said, "STOP!", "REWIND!", "PLAY!" I was back in the fight and came to the last guy that again popped out of the basket but this time I beat him too! This was influenced by "Movies" and my VCR at the time.

Another death dream I had, I was pulled up into a space ship and the top of my head was cut off, my brain was removed. I saw my body fall to the ground lifeless, but I was still alive as a brain. Next my brain was put into a new Alien body, it was actually pretty cool.

One more that I can think of is I was flying and lost power and fell through the top of a building two floors and a basement. I landed in some subterranean level that was all wavy and colorful. It had two ways to go, I was on a cat walk, one way and the other way both looked like they went as far as you could see and beyond. Not knowing which way to go I climbed up out of the hole instead.

This leads to the fifth question.

Yes you can control your dreams, you have to realize you are the creator of your experiences you have in your dreams to be able to control them. Many of my control dreams came from practicing techniques of new thought molded to what I wish to be. Things like I am powerful because God and I are one.

In the future please try to ask one question in each post.


answered 21 Dec '11, 08:47

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

Regarding the number of questions per post: I mean this question genuinely, and whatever answer you provide I will follow as strictly as I can from this point forward: Should I have actually separated my questions regarding feeling pain in dreams, which sometimes resulted in death, and sometimes could have correlating real life events happen afterwards? The fifth question wasn't a question, nor was the first. I actually did not 'need' a response regarding my actions, because as I mentioned I decide that the potential consequences to my actions are worth the risk, and so I accept any outcome.

(21 Dec '11, 14:16) Snow

Regarding individuals making a joke of you or the site: Sounds like you guys are allowing the opinions of people who don't matter to bother you. =P Jokes aside, that is why I expressed the point that I don't believe people appreciate what TReb does enough. Regarding enlightenment through drugs: Well, I am not sure what you're implying on the topic, but I suppose I will clarify a few points regarding my spirituality. Some of my mentors have been native Americans, hippies, or even people who believed in opiates. Some shared with me 'spirit quests' experienced while under the effects of [...

(21 Dec '11, 14:18) Snow

...] peyote, salvia divinorum, or even LSD or drugs of that nature. Some of the wisest people I've come across in life consumed drugs of all varieties, even the more extreme ones. They are healthy, both mentally and physically, they are good and sound people, etc. I have friends of this nature whom I trust more than my most uptight and 'proper' Christian friends.

(21 Dec '11, 14:21) Snow

Yes if you did separate them into many specific questions you would have so much clearer answers for each plus earn points on all of them as a side benefit. With your experience of "drug experiences" a great question for you to post could be something like "Could drug experiences be enlightening?" Or something like this would make a good question. It is difficult though when most spiritual people consider drugs an abuse of the body and mind. For me personally I used to think name one person that even got enlightened from drugs. But you brought up some good points though...

(21 Dec '11, 15:10) Wade Casaldi

It would be interesting but I am not sure if it would be taken seriously or even may get closed. The hallucinogens of drugs seems to me not enlightening because it is your brain flipping out creating dreams while awake it seems more to me to be a hindrance and fooling ourselves into thinking it is a spiritual experience unlike days of meditation bring.

(21 Dec '11, 15:15) Wade Casaldi

well i will tell you something that both of you need to ear. drugs is like taking a bus ticket because you do not know how to drive. or drugs is like if you would not know how to exit a car and you put dynamite under the seet sure you are going to experience something. but would you not like to get out of the car using the door? or would you not like to know how to drive the car and be able to go where you want to go? and yes some people can use drugs for spirituality but those people usely know how to drive and exit the car they do not need the drug for that reason.

(22 Dec '11, 00:29) white tiger
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