The past month or 2 I've really gotten a handle on deliberatly raising my vibration and just working on my vibration in general.

From focus blocks to guided meditation to positive aspects and I've been able to access my vortex consistantly.

Now, I've been asking for some things in my life and I can feel the formation of them in my vortex. New business opportunities, more abundance, more time and freedom, a dynamic working environment and higher income potential.

My brother works for a company that will provide all that I have listed above and they "just so happened" ;) to be holding an open house this weekend.

There are a few things that could hnder me getting the job. Like having a car. However, I do believe this is a vibrational match to that which I am wanting.

What should I do to get out of the way of this potential manifestation and allow it into my experience?

Thanks for you thoughts, questions are welcomed.

asked 01 Feb '11, 17:47

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Chris 2

After reading a lot of "Ask and it is given" and listening to Esther on U tube AND reading thru a lot of Stingray material i have come to this conclusion.

Think the thoughts that make you as happy as you can possibly be.....leave the rest.

I know thats very oversimplified,it doesnt contain any SPECIFIC advice.

It would seem that when we are in a joyous state ( or as near as we can get to this ) then its an indicator that God/Source/Universe is looking after the details for you.

I try to just forget about details and even manifestation.I wont contemplate much about HOW, WHEN and WHERE.

And in any case,whats more important than being fulfilled,joyfull and happy. Its an end unto itself,and actually IS a manifestation of Gods bounty.



answered 02 Feb '11, 11:27

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Monty Riviera

I would agree with that, Graham

(02 Feb '11, 20:53) Stingray

Yes, and excitement and joy are a complete package. Not only does it feel good to be passionate, but all the micro and macro-organising components of having a blissful life are organised as you frequent that state. Unfortunantly, yes, it really is too easy, and the physical mind craves complication. Yet the physical mind is not designed to understand, leave that up to Higher Mind.

Life is awesome when you follow your excitement and don't worry about details or fret about.

(17 Aug '12, 03:22) Nikulas

There are no hinderances. That car thing is an illusion. You are the only thing that can get in your way. Think about it.

And oh by the way...congratulations on raising your vibration. I can feel it from here! :)

Be well Michael


answered 01 Feb '11, 19:42

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jim 10

Hi Chris,I am going through a similar experience and what I have been doing is to ensure that I am raising my vibrations or "staying in the vortex". Things are beginning to change and I have to resist from worrying about what will happen next. So that is my advice to you stay in the vortex and resist from worrying about how it will all come together. The greatest thing about being in the vortex is that I feel good all the time. It feels like a natural high.


answered 01 Feb '11, 23:17

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Perhaps, it would be wise for you to stop trying to look for a needle in the Hay Stock, be yourself, and you will do fine!

Note, all your needs are taken care of, and you are right where you are suppose to be, in the time, and in the moment!

The job and the car will come when you are aligning with your vibration match, and when you are open to receive with gratitude!


answered 03 Feb '11, 03:47

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Inactive User ♦♦

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