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I feel like a presence within Nature is calling me. Is it my own spirituality or something else?

I don't know why but ever since I was a child I always fought that nature was calling out for me, it was like it was a real person, a friend.But now the feeling feels stronger, I have this gut feeling that its calling out for me again, six years have passed since I last fought this but now it feels a whole lot stronger. I did some psychic tests online because I could tell what people were going to say and when it was going to rain and so on.... And they all told me I most likely had a high psychic ability ( some of you might not believe in psychic abililtys) Before this when I was 11 I was reading a book at night on my bed and I felt a real hand on my left shoulder, when I turned around nothing was there.. This might just be my imagination or a ghost but why do I feel like this?

asked 09 Jul '11, 12:35

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You are like many that have a strong(er) connection to Gaia (Mother earth). Which is really just a part of you. You are earth so you have a connection with yourself.

What many seem to forget that Earth is a sentient being and we are just a part of her. She was here before us and she will be here way after we are gone. But in all actuality we are just an organism that IS a part of the whole.

It's like the pinky toe saying "why do I feel like my heart is calling me?" I would be glad that your connection to her is strong when many feel so disconnected.



answered 09 Jul '11, 14:29

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stop fighting it . experiance and enjoy. wait till a tree say to you do not piss on me. well have fun.


answered 11 Jul '11, 04:03

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white tiger

We feel great pleasure when in harmony with nature...flowers, trees leaves, birds, rabbits... are so wonderful. The more perceptive we become the greater the pleasure...nature seems to call us and take us to a higher and finer dimension.


answered 10 Jul '11, 17:28

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blubird two

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I think I echo White Tiger's words in saying "Stop fighting it"

When nature calls you have to go, especially since it is a feeling you are getting from within yourself.

Well....ok on a serious note, you are probably becoming a better listener to the layer of information that is below the noise.

No, not that noise, it's the noise of the mind.

In the ancient traditions and communities, the elders have always communicated with nature.

That ability must be dormant within every one of us.

Maybe some, like you, are just naturally able to awaken these lost abilities.


answered 29 Aug '11, 17:29

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The Traveller

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