We all know and it's proved that animals can predict earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, etc. They usually get very nervous without reason or wild animals go absolutely quiet. If we only payed attention to this signals a lot of lives could be saved.

My question, however, is about pets. Let's say (to name some) cats, dogs and horses. Horses can get extremely nervous about 'nothing'.

My dog (Ruby) has been lately deeply absorbed in looking under the wardrobe, chest of drawers and a chink between some boxes (all in my mother's bedroom). We've checked and nothing's there. Not anything we can see, anything big as a cockroach, or small as a red ant. She stares fixedly at some point, and we cannot make her stop.

Last night her eyes went from staring under the wardrobe, to suddenly look under the chest of drawers, to finally sat and stare at the chink between the boxes, as if something was moving between these places. This lasted more than half an hour. This time I decided to live her alone and only observe her.

Could there be an explanation for this behaviour of pets? A non 'supernatural' one? Or they truly can 'see' things from another planes of existence?

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter!



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"it's proved that animals can predict" -- [Citation Needed]

(14 Sep '10, 14:13) Vesuvius

I'll change it to it is said. :S

(14 Sep '10, 14:39) BridgetJones09
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I'm sure it's very possible since I don't think they experience resistance in they way we humans do, and I think it is only resistance that prevents us from experiencing other dimensions. Because of this they are probably more open to perceiving non physical. We do know that they can hear way beyond our capacity and as you pointed out they can sense when natural disasters are going to happen so they are obviously way more tuned into that sixth sense than most of us humans.


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They use their senses better than we do, and their senses are much sharper than ours. For example, their sense of smell is estimated to be hundreds of times better than ours is, thus the reason they can be employed for search and rescue, detecting bombs, drugs, and so forth. And they don't filter their responses as we do....as Michaela mentioned, they have no resistance to contend with.

It's possible there is some small animal or insect moving behind the wall, or under the floorboards, that the dog detects, but you can't see. Sure, there could be a supernatural cause, but I would rule out the physical reasons first, since it is more likely something fully explainable!

I love dogs and have been working with them for years, and have 3 of my own. Ruby is just being observant and a good girl!


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Thank you! Ruby is very pretty. :) I wish I had three dogs! I love them! :)

(14 Sep '10, 14:41) BridgetJones09

yes they can my dog was not passing in the middle of the room and was walking near the wall at the same time we add a rocking chair rocking by it self in the house! another time walking the dog in the after noon in the wood the dog stopped and pointed so i looked and there was something 6 feet high floting 1 feet from the ground!translucent! more bright then the sun! and whiter then snow! passing in front of us 10 meter away!then the dog went after it and it just vanish! so yes animal see or sense them! and cesar always say in is show that dog feel energy!


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If people can see things in the nonphysical plane, as many people can, I see no reason why a pet would not be able as well. The energies that people see as auras, the chakras and channels, astral travel, communicating with spirits...while I'm sure there are plenty of phonies out there, I am equally sure that there are those who legitimately have these experiences that science and rational deductionalism (based purely in the physical world) cannot explain.

But, just like good ol Samuel L Jackson said, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absense.

So sure, your dog could be curious about a spirit mouse or a peculiar trickle of energy, and sure it could be something much more commonly accepted as plausible like something behind the wall or a strange scent. No real way of knowing, so the best is to open yourself and seek your version of the truth.


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Totally agree with you. Thanks! :)

(20 Sep '10, 12:32) BridgetJones09

Peace yes, i believe some can. The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said that when a rooster wakes up in the earl dawn, it see's the angels (at their time of descending), and when a donkey makes a loud noise it saw a devil and that's why you are recommended to ask Allah to protect you if you ever hear a donkey's noise. May Allah guise and protect us.


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yes they can! I can see energy.. and when there is a bunch of little lights in front of me, my beautiful dog and companion usualy goes and smells it.. every time!!.. when he knows there is a lot going on around me energy wise he sits next to me and smells around and guards me.. animals are awsome and they can see and sense things that most humans can.. and also give the owner unconditional love :)


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I cannot say for sure, but personally I do believe they can, and I have always heard the old flocks talked about animals having the sixth sense.


answered 16 Aug '11, 02:55

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