Orb-weaver spiders are brilliant at building spiral wheel-shaped webs...the prunus genus of trees are prolific producers of plums, cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds... the bloodhound is a large breed dog with an extraordinary keen nose ten to one hundred million times more sensitive than the human nose...humans have a highly developed brain which enables them to play a dominant role on this planet.

my question "are humans privileged by nature?"

asked 07 Aug '11, 04:33

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blubird two

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Absolutely everything is privileged by nature. Gaia rocks. Love and Light


answered 07 Aug '11, 10:25

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@Shift Happens-thanks for the gaia reference,love and light

(07 Aug '11, 15:08) blubird two

I tend to think at times that everything else in nature is privileged and we humans aren't. Everything else in nature knows how to just Be...humans are the only ones who mess things up with fighting, worrying etc. We've let our lower mind run the show istead of listening to the higher one.

Yes we're privileged in that we've been given a higher state of intelligence and awareness but unfortunately we haven't always used it to the best of our ability, but often to the detriment of our fellow human beings and all the other life we share the planet with...hopefully we're beginning to wake up and move in the right direction :)


answered 07 Aug '11, 11:30

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@Michaela-"just BE", yes i like it :)

(07 Aug '11, 15:12) blubird two

everything is in balence or try to be. we are gods big powers means big responsability. experience and enjoy.


answered 08 Aug '11, 08:44

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white tiger

@white tiger-yes, big power=big responsibility

(08 Aug '11, 08:55) blubird two

the hierarchy is not of priviledge, but of experience and greater knowledge;
each living form with its own individuality yet with a universal purpose.
to thoroughly develop its current stage of consciousness,
therefore making itself ready to move on


answered 08 Aug '11, 12:56

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